RFP for Baseline Assessment to Address Air Pollution in Amritsar and Gurugram

RFP for Baseline Assessment to Address Air Pollution in Amritsar and Gurugram

Organization: UNDP

Apply By: 26 Nov 2019

Context of the Requirement

The United National Development Programme (UNDP) is committed to address the fast-emerging critical issue of Air Pollution in India. UNDP is partnering with municipalities led by the central and state ministries to support the implementation of the National Clean Air Programme. (NCAP)

Air pollution is a significant environmental, health and development issue for India, which hosts 13 of the 20 most polluted cities in the world as documented by the WHO. Air pollution can impact human health, ecosystems and biodiversity, and acerbate the impacts due to climate change, with economic and development consequences, due to amongst others, loss of productivity, increased burden of health care, etc. It has severe health impacts causing various lung, cardiovascular, cancer diabetes, eye and skin diseases, and can impair cognitive development of children. If not adequately addressed, air pollution can lead a national disaster – significantly impacting health and wellbeing of our current and future generations and can negate our development gains over the years. Studies have shown that air pollution is a largest environmental health threat worldwide and addressing this issue in a comprehensive manner can only prevent its impacts.

Keeping in mind the learning from UNDP’s extensive work on climate change in India and the latest scoping Mission on Air Pollution, we aim to work together with development partners, including the private sector through developing a roadmap for operationalizing a coordinated effort through:

  • Setting up a platform on Air Pollution that will facilitate coordination and knowledge exchange between stakeholders.
  • Support select cities in designing comprehensive Clean Air Action plans that can be replicated across the country.
  • Raising public awareness that leads to behavioral changes through data dissemination and public outreach programmes.
  • Demonstrating best practices and capacity building through focused interventions in focus areas- like targeted awareness campaigns, installing ambient AQI monitoring stations in public places, switch to cleaner fuel, greening, etc.

Brief Description of the Required Services

The main objectives of this baseline assessment are:

  • Assessment of current policy framework in place for the two cities to address its Air Pollution, including Clean Air Action plans, financial allotment, capacity assessment, training and monitoring, keeping in mind the most vulnerable groups like the poor, children, elderly etc.
  • Review of the existing studies on Air pollution in Amritsar and Gurugram with a focus on mapping existing solutions and capacities.
  • Listing of initiatives taken to tackle Air pollution in Amritsar and Gurugram with impact assessment.
  • Recommend a feasible action plan along with best practices that can be implemented Amritsar and Gurugram to address Air Pollution.

List and Description of Expected

Outputs to be Delivered

Task 1: Develop a “Study design” for the assignment, which includes outlining the scope of work and methodology.

Task 2: Assess the existing policy framework for Air Pollution and gaps, including gaps that need to be addressed.

Task 3: Carry out a review of the existing studies on Air Pollution in Amritsar and Gurugram and map solutions.

Task 4: Assess the existing capacity of the city administration and pollution control board.

Task 5: List and assess all initiatives by the government and other stakeholders on tackling Air Pollution in Amritsar and Gurugram.

Task 6: Submit a list of recommendations, best-practices and a plan of action to tackle Air Pollution in Amritsar and Gurugram.

Task 7: Submit all deliverables as per timeline.

Location of work Delhi, Amritsar and Gurugram

Criteria for Essential Eligibility/Qualification

  1. A registered/legal entity with overall five years of relevant experience in the field of development & baseline surveys
  2. The team should comprise of at least 1 expert in the field of Statistics.

Criteria for the Assessment of Proposal

Technical Proposal (70%)

  • Expertise and experience of the Service Provider (15 marks)
  • Methodology, its appropriateness to the Conditions and Timeliness of the Implementation Plan (30 marks)
  • Qualification and experience of Team Leader (10 marks)
  • Qualification and experience of Key Personnel (15 marks)

The minimum technical score required to pass is 70%.

Financial Proposal (30%)

To be computed as a ratio of the Proposal’s offer to the lowest price among the proposals received by UNDP. Financial proposal must be submitted separately, and password protected.

Contact Person for Inquiries (Written inquiries only) - Prabhakar Singh Email: prabhakar.singh@undp.org

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The closing date for the RFP is 26 November 2019, 17:30 hrs., IST


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