RFP for Conducting Impact Assessment of Aif’s Market-Aligned Skills Training Programme

RFP for Conducting Impact Assessment of Aif’s Market-Aligned Skills Training Programme

Organization: American India Foundation

Apply By: 30 Apr 2019

RFP title: RFP for Conducting Impact Assessment of Aif’s Market-Aligned Skills Training Programme

Deadline: 30th April 2019


India is one of the fastest growing economies of the world. It is estimated that 250 million people are set to join workforce by 2030. Despite 62% of population in working age group only 4.69% of India‟s population has undergone formal skill training. Also, the contribution of MSME sector is only 17% of GDP as compared to 85% in Taiwan, 60% in China and 50% in Singapore which shows that the sector is being underutilized. About 80% of graduates in India does not posses‟ skills relevant to market which makes them unemployable. It is estimated that 93% [1][2]of workforce in India is engaged in informal/organised sector. There is a need for market aligned skill development programs to address the gap of skilled population.


To implement Market Aligned Skills Training program based on the Rewari model, for training 2,340 women and men by training them on identified skill sets in three geographies with 50% employment.

To establish a robust, follow up system to track their development post-employment for the period of three to six months.

To create job opportunities for the trained candidates by developing training unit into training cum production/ service centre.

To create a replicable and scalable model on skilling and employability of underprivileged youth in the „unorganised sector‟ in small towns that contributes to Government of India skill development mission.

Scope of Work

Need for research

The second phase of MSI supported skilling program is an expansion of the Rewari Model [Training cum Production (TPC) model] which was first conceptualized and implemented in Rewari. The program has been instrumental in changing the skilling landscape on how to tackle majority of the Indian workforce engaged in unorganized sector. The model especially focuses on mobility related challenges for women I Tier-2, 3 geographies.

The need for research arises from advocating this model to the government and other influential players in the market for promoting skilling/entrepreneurship model for small towns.

Research Objectives

Evaluation of effectiveness, efficiency, relevance and appropriateness of the “TPC/TSC model” in small towns in the current skilling scenario.

Evaluating the model‟s relevance to women related issues as this model attempts to resolve many of them. The socioeconomic impact on women empowerment indicators on decision making, aspirations, mobility etc.

Assessing the impact of the programon the livelihood indicators of the trained individualsin all the three categories of employment –salaried job, self-employment and Entrepreneurship.


  • The agency is expected to visit an appropriate number of locations and collect the primary data as well as feedback from all stakeholders.
  • The methodology should take on-board the views of beneficiaries, employers, AIF project team, and of the implementing partner to arrive at conclusions.
  • We expect a mixed-methods study, with a robust and statistically defensible sample size for the quantitative component and a strong and robust qualitative sample as well which can back-up and explain the quantitative results.
  • For the quantitative survey, electronic data collection would be preferred

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