RFP for Creating village level Institutions for managing Community assets in project villages of Gurugram & Rohtak

RFP for Creating village level Institutions for managing Community assets in project villages of Gurugram & Rohtak

Organization: Maruti Suzuki Foundation

Apply By: 03 Jun 2019

Creating village level Institutions for managing Community assets in project villages of Gurugram & Rohtak

Last date for submission of proposals: 3rd June, 2018

Subject: Call for Proposals from Agency for developing sustainable model, asset mapping, routine assessment, setting-up of village level institutions and capacity building of stakeholders for community development projects.

Proposals are invited for undertaking:

1. Asset mapping of MSIL generated assets for routine mapping.

2. Setting-up the village level institutions (10-15 member SHG over 200 HHs) with an aim :

  • Create community ownership for proper maintenance and optimum utilization
  • Each community asset to be managed by village level Group

3. Fund mobilization from users, Govt. agencies, Panchayat etc. (Pl specify, if any other)

4. Establishing good rapport with Panchayat/Municipal Corporation/ village level institutions

The softcopy of the proposal should reach us on or before 28th May 2019, as per the details given in the RFP enclosed.

For submission of RFP or any further queries all correspondence may be directed to: Archita.sharma@maruti.co.in  & keshav.tiwari@maruti.co.in

Maruti Suzuki Community Development Projects

MSIL has adopted neighboring villages for comprehensive social development. Several rounds of consultation with village community members and their representatives have led to the formulation of village development plans covering the critical areas for intervention. These include water, sanitation, common community assets creation and health.

Water: To provide the community with access to safe drinking water, laying of pipeline, MSIL has set up automated water dispensing units (Water ATMs) which provide communities with potable water at nominal rate.

Sanitation: To provide a hygienic environment in the adopted villages, MSIL has undertaken solid and liquid waste management initiatives such as laying of sewer lines, construction of household toilets and household waste collection and disposal. Behavioral change communication and awareness drives are integrated into project execution.

Common community assets: MSIL is committed to improving the overall quality of life in the villages. MSIL has constructed and renovated community halls and paved roads based on the needs of the community.

Health: The MSIL strives to enhance the reach of Government health centres by upgrading basisc infrastructure and making available the equipment required for routine check-up and day to day operation of center.

Submittal Requirements: Responses to this RFP must include the following information:

  • A cover letter/statement of interest indicating the agency’s interest in the project and highlighting its qualifications to perform this project.
  • A summary of firm’s experience in requested service areas, highlighting the agency’s experience working with CSR entities.
  • Statement of qualifications, including related experience with similar types of projects and specific qualifications or resumes of key team members.
  • Scope of Work and Project Proposal with proposed methodology, including a proposed schedule with key milestones and deliverable dates.
  • Detailed budget.
  • Any additional information that the agency considers to be relevant.
  • 3 References with email IDs and contact numbers for similar assignments conducted.

Evaluation Criteria: Evaluation will be based on the criteria listed below:

  • Over all Weightage: 60% - Technical proposal & 40% - Commercial proposal.
  • 3 years minimum experience in carrying out of at least 10 community development Projects in the domain of Corporate Social Responsibility/Sustainability/Community Development for Central Ministry/State Ministry/world bank/NABARD/central /State Public Sector Enterprises or Private Sector Enterprises.
  • Organization structure for executing the project in field, with name, photograph and relevant experience. Resume of key team members will also be assessed while finalizing the Scope of work.
  • Financial value / pricing.


  • Timeline to be confirmed in consultation with MSIL Team.
  • MSIL team’s suggestions are required to be incorporated in all reports.
  • Field data to be submitted in excel files.
  • Detailed report to be shared in the first month and MSIL team’s suggestions to be incorporated.
  • Baseline assessment report to be shared covering all scopes and sector wise analysis.
  • Submission of monthly report and detailed quarterly report to be submitted in 2 hard copies (A4 Size preferably with bond paper and colored prints) and soft copy in CDs/pen drives.
  • Quarterly meetings with MSIL management
  • Annual report explaining the activities and outcome.
  • The data collected including photographs will be the property of Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. and the agency shall not use it in any form without the written permission from a competent authority in MSIL.


  • MSIL reserves the right to reject all or any quotation(s), wholly or partly, without assigning any reason whatsoever.
  • MSIL team reserves the right to allocate the work to one or more agencies.
  • MSIL team reserves the right to request the top 3 proposals for an in person presentation.
  • The agency should have sound understanding of national and international development practices.
  • Only shortlisted agencies will be contacted.

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