RFP for Development of Compendium and Knowledge Products for Kitchen Gardens Under Soil Protection & Rehabilitation Project

RFP for Development of Compendium and Knowledge Products for Kitchen Gardens Under Soil Protection & Rehabilitation Project

Organization: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH

Apply By: 15 Nov 2019

RPF title: RFP for Development of Compendium and Knowledge Products for Kitchen Gardens Under Soil Protection & Rehabilitation Project

Deadline: 15th November 2019


In 2014, the Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), Federal Government of Germany, launched a special initiative called ‘One World - No Hunger’ (German: Sonder initiative ‘Eine Welt ohne Hunger’, SEWOH) to eradicate hunger and malnutrition. The Soil Protection & Rehabilitation project (ProSoil) under the SEWOH initiative strives to ensure that women apply soil protection measures in independently managed Kitchen Gardens. The Kitchen Gardens under the ProSoil project focus on women at the centre of the farming system whereby all decisions regarding the crops to grow, how to grow, whether to sell or to consume is made by the women.

Through its implementation partners, ProSoil lays focus on improving the skills of the women in managing Kitchen Gardens, encouraging more women to set up the gardens, make suitable cropping choices and use sustainable agricultural practices on the gardens. Furthermore, Kitchen Gardens also provide a platform to pilot innovative agricultural practices, which have the potential for upscaling to the agricultural fields.


To support the farming practice of each farmer with information tailored as per his current cropping practices, the ProSoil project leverages NICE - Network for Information on Climate Ex (change). NICE is a web-based open source platform that enables a two-way communication that links farmers’ need for technical knowledge to the experts on a real time basis. Farmers receive advisories through both digital and analogue channels such as android applications, social media, illustrative posters, village notice boards, SMS, in person interactions and video sharing sites, facilitated by trained extension agents. These extension agents use tablets to disseminate advisories to farmers customized up to farm level.

Scope of Work / Tasks to be performed

The Agency will prepare the knowledge products for both projects’ target group & communication products for ProSoil project’s target group. The products should be developed in line with the identified potentials for cross learnings and knowledge gaps in the extension services.

The detailed sub-tasks include:

  • Interviews: Preparing & conducting interviews with the extension workers and the farmers to identify the need and the knowledge gaps in the subject
  • Preparing & conducting interviews with project partners (ProSoil; 3 NGOs + 5 KVKs/3 SAU, FaNS; 3 institutions + 3 KVKs) to identify need, knowledge gaps and potentials for cross-learnings in the subject.
  • Field visit: Visit Kitchen Gardens of both the projects in Madhya Pradesh (Mandla/Belaghat, & Sheopur/Chhatarpur districts), Maharashtra (Amravati/Yavatmal & Jalna/Dhule/Ahmednagar)
  • Key messages: Identify certain ‘key messages’ to be transported to the target groups of each of the projects, based on knowledge gaps identified during the field visits and stakeholders’ interviews.

Requirements on the format of the bid

The structure of the bid must correspond to the structure of the ToRs. In particular, the detailed structure of the concept (Chapter 3) is to be organised in accordance with the positively weighted criteria in the assessment grid (not with zero). It must be legible (font size 11 or larger) and clearly formulated. The bid is drawn up in English.

The complete bid shall not exceed 26 pages (excluding CVs). The CVs of the personnel proposed in accordance with Chapter 5 of the ToRs must be submitted using the format specified in the terms and conditions for application. The CVs shall of each shall not exceed 4 pages. The CVs must clearly show the position and job the proposed person held in the reference project and for how long. The CVs should also be submitted in English.

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