RFP for Establishment of MIS of Programmes Implemented by the Directorate of Women Empowerment, Govt. of Rajasthan

RFP for Establishment of MIS of Programmes Implemented by the Directorate of Women Empowerment, Govt. of Rajasthan

Organization: Government of India

Apply By: 06 Dec 2019

RFP title: RFP for Establishment of MIS of Programmes Implemented by the Directorate of Women Empowerment, Govt. of Rajasthan

Deadline: 6th December 2019


Rajasthan is the first State in India to establish a Mission on Livelihoods. In order to address the challenges of unemployment and ensuring gainful and sustainable employment to the youth of the state, Hon’ble Chief Minister created Rajasthan Mission on Livelihood (RMoL) in September 2004. The objective of creation of RMoL was to formulate appropriate and innovative strategies to promote and facilitate large scale livelihoods for the poor and vulnerable people of the state. Understanding the importance of skill development as a vehicle for enhancing employability of working population, RMoL was rechristened as Rajasthan Mission on Skill and Livelihoods in 2009-10.


The Directorate of Women Empowerment (DWE), Government of Rajasthan has requested UNFPA to develop a comprehensive Management Information System (MIS) of various women and adolescent related schemes at the State, District and Block levels. After establishing the MIS and its field-testing, the web-based dashboard will be prepared so as to enable the government official for real time monitoring of the schemes and programmes. The inputs and process level monitoring indicators will also be logically linked with the outcome level indicators (which are available from other sources such as census or surveys) to measure achievement of adolescent and gender related outcomes.


The main aim is to conceptualize the management information system (MIS) of various schemes currently implemented by the Directorate of Women Empowerment, Government of Rajasthan. This will be followed by IT enabled system development to track the key indicators of MIS. The specific objectives are:

  • To review the implementation modalities of the schemes under implementation by DWE in Rajasthan
  • To conceptualize a management information system with key indicators, periodicity and sources of data and feedback mechanisms for the schemes implemented by the DWE
  • To develop tools and formats for information gathering for the MIS
  • To field-test the formats and mechanisms of gathering information and generating key indicators for tracking progress
  • To develop IT enabled system of data collection, analysis, computation of key indicators and generation of real-time dashboard, to be handed over to the Government of Rajasthan

Key Tasks

The process of the development of MIS will require thorough understanding of each schemes, its rationale, context of the programme and the implementation modalities. Goals, specific objectives and changes that the scheme intends to bring about needs to be documented before finalizing the specific indicators, which will form the basis of the MIS. Coupled with this, the approaches and strategies adopted in various programmes will also guide the monitoring and evaluation framework.

Following are the key tasks:

  • Map the various programmes of Women Empowerment and the existing data points on which data is analysed through meetings with State officials of Women Empowerment
  • Undertake field visits to 2-3 districts to understand the existing mechanism
  • Undertake interactions with State/District/Block/GP officials to understand the data source, data collection methods
  • Based on the initial mapping and visits, develop data flow structure of each schemes and develop formats for data collection
  • Identify key monitoring indicators under the MIS and map overlapping indictors across schemes

Role of DWE, Government of Rajasthan

The Directorate of Women Empowerment will mainly facilitate MIS development and its field-testing.

The specific activities will include the following:

  • Approval of the concept note and the terms of reference for the agency
  • Review of the draft MIS tools and systems and provide feedback for the next steps
  • Facilitate field-testing of formats and tools by instructing functionaries at various levels – district, block and GP
  • Review and feedback on the web-based MIS system towards its finalization
  • Facilitate uploading the web-based system on government server
  • Undertake training of the key officials of the directorate the field functionaries on the use of MIS information and providing regular feedback on programme implementation

Instructions for submission

Proposals should be prepared based on the guidelines set forth in Section IV above, along with a properly filled out and signed price quotation form, and Quotation be sent by e-mail to the email id indicated below no later than: i.e. Friday, December 6th 2019 at 1500 hrs (IST).

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