RFP for GPS Tracking & GEO Fencing

RFP for GPS Tracking & GEO Fencing

Organization: Tanager

Apply By: 10 Dec 2019

Request for Proposal - [GPS Tracking & Geo- Fencing]

RFP Release Date - 19/11/2019

Question/Inquiry Submission Deadline - 30/11/2019

Proposal Submission Deadline -               10/12/2019

1. Introduction

Company Background

Tanager, an ACDI/VOCA affiliate, is an international nonprofit that brings people together at the table, on the ground, and across supply chains to co-create economic and social opportunities that change lives. Working closely with our partners, we align interests to expand market access and unlock the full potential of shared market opportunities that result in reliable supply chains, stable incomes, healthy families, and resilient communities. Established in 1993, we work with the ACDI/VOCA family of companies to make agriculture work better for people. We offer a focused and diligent team of locally based experts and international advisors who work with our partners to reach common goals.

For more information, please visit www.tanagerintl.org .

2. Purpose

2.2 Purpose And Objectives

The overall purpose of this Request for Proposals is to seek services that will enable GPS Tracking & Geo Fencing  to be stronger and more sustainable and provide day today tracking of daily activity of field staff.

Knowing this purpose, Tanager seeks a firm that can fulfill the following objectives upon the end of its work:

The package must enable organization to conduct whole lot of activities at the field level:

  • To assign jobs to Field Force attending to customer needs and marketing demands.
  • With variety of top up mobile solutions that enables Field Force to send, receive and collaborate data and information as they move through the working day.
  • To protect and send accurate Information which is geo-tagged with territorial assignments.

2.3 Details

2.3.1 Period of Performance:

As per the project tenure, the anticipated start date would begin with signing of the contract.

Scope of Work

Software that must work on any (smart) phone 

  • Tracking Field Force
  • Tracking accurate Kilometers covered
  • Tracking Last Location and check out
  • Tracking Start and End time of a trip
  • Battery Level indicator
  • GPS misuse indicator
  • Automatic Start and End day

MIS and reporting software - Desktop Level

  • Dashboard -Desktop Level view of field employees
  • Map Level of Employees for their current location
  • Search employee details
  • Current Battery Levels of the field employees
  • Current kilometers done during the day
  • Travel Route on the map travelled by the employee
  • Time and kilometers view at different points of the route taken
  • Time Break Durations - Colour Coding indicators
  • Travel summery on the Landing Page Dashboard
  • Travel Log

Mobile Level View - 

To provide management to view the employees while on the go. This facilitates management to view from mobile with one click rather than logging on to the Desktop.

  • Current view of field employees
  • Dial the employees from the Green Tick Mark app
  • Route Taken
  • Time and kilometers view at different points of the route taken
  • Battery Levels
  • kilometers covered
  • Current travel Speed of the employees
  • Monthly Attendance of individual employees

Employee Location

After receiving pin pointed locations of the  network, a location icon is to be created. Once mapped, it can be seen on the map and the organization can see their foot prints PAN India.


Geo-fencing is done to understand the amount of time spent by the employees at various customer locations.

Online Training and handholding of Tanager’s Nominated SPOCs (Single Point of Contact) for a period of all working days


Tanager would like to automate their field function with an aim to build strong structure, the key deliverables would be:

  • Control and Monitor the performance of field employees.
  • Optimise field related expenses
  • Have instant reports on the field employee performance
  • Create Business network through building a map of their dealers/distributors and customers
  • Have a clear view on the total distance covered by field employee on daily basis
  • Have various other performance reports pertaining to the field employee like their attendance, distance covered during the business hours etc.

3. Contract Mechanism & Terms Of Payment

3.0 Proposal Structure And Submission Information

3.1 Proposal structure

Proposals must include the following information. Section headers should be as follows:

A.  Proposal format- please see Appendix C below

B.  Budget

  • Detailed budget that covers the cost of staff and other resources required to implementing the scope of work as described in Section B.
  • Budget narrative: Description of budgeted costs to explain and justify the need for costs proposed in the budget.

3.2 Proposal Preparation Information

  • All costs associated with responding to this request shall be the sole responsibility of each applicant.
  • Tanager reserves the right not to make any award from this request without any further discussion or negotiations.
  • Proposals must be submitted in English.
  • Budgets for proposals must be submitted in Indian rupees. The selected firm will be paid in Indian rupees.
  • Sections A, B, and C of each proposal must be submitted via Microsoft Word, and Section D (budget + budget narrative) of each proposal must be submitted via Microsoft Excel.
  • The total number of pages for the full proposal, excluding budget, shall not exceed 20 pages.
  • The application must be signed by an officer of the Applicant organization who is duly authorized to represent the organization in further discussions and/or negotiations on the application.

3.3 Proposal Submission Deadline and Information

Proposals must be submitted by 20:00 IST on 30th November 2019 to rranjan@tanagerintl.org  with the subject line “Response to GPS Tracking & Geo Fencing of Field Staff.”

Tanager is not responsible for failure of transmission by any applicant.

Proposals received after the submission deadline stated may not be considered. Offerors will be held responsible for ensuring their proposals are received according to the instructions stated herein. A late offer will be considered if the cause was attributable to Tanager or its employees/agents, or if it is in the best interest of Tanager and the project.

Tanager reserves the right to accept or reject any or all proposals received.

Applicants will be informed in writing of the decision made regarding their proposal.

Proposals may be withdrawn by written notice via email at any time before award. Proposals may be withdrawn in person by the Offeror or authorized representative, if the representative’s identity is made known and the representative signs a receipt for the proposal before award.

3.4. Questions

Interested parties that have questions or seek clarifications on this scope of work can contact Mr. Rajiv Ranjan Program Manager HR & Admin , at  rranjan@tanagerintl.org . Questions regarding this request for proposals will be answered until 30/11/2019.

Proposals Will Be Evaluated Through The Following Process And Criteria:

4. Proposal Preparation And Submission Requirements

4.0          Eligibility

All applicants must be able to state that they meet the following mandatory eligibility requirements:

  • Legally registered to operate in India and legally able to implement the scope of this award in the state of Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana & Gujarat if awarded. 
  • Does not appear on the Specially Designated Nationals (SDN) and Blocked Persons List maintained by the U.S. Treasury for the Office of Foreign Assets Control, or “OFAC List”.
  • Not listed in the United Nations Security designation list.
  • Demonstration of adequate management and financial resources to perform the contract.
  • Satisfactory records of performance history, integrity, and business ethics.

Tanager reserves the right to request proof of legal registration and/or any other documents to verify eligibility.

Criteria For Evaluation

Tanager will evaluate proposals based on a best-value determination. The successful Offeror will be selected based on the proposal that represents the best value to TANAGER. Superior weight will be given to the technical services than to price, but price remains an important determinant for selection. Evaluation of the proposals may include the following criteria (not in any particular order):

5.1. Eligibility evaluation

Tanager will first verify the following pieces of information:

  • Does the organization meet the eligibility requirements outlined in Section 4 above?
  • Does the proposed activity fit within theTanager’sobjectives described in Section 2 above?

Minimum Offeror Qualifications

Offerors submitting proposals must (1) be officially licensed to do such business in India, (2) not have been identified as a terrorist. In addition, Offeror may be required to provide the following information:

  • Documentation to verify licensure (e.g., tax id, registration certificate, etc.)
  • Demonstration of adequate management and financial resources to perform the contract
  • Satisfactory records of performance history, integrity and business ethics
  • [Insert any other qualifications; see instructions for items that may be included here]

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