RFP for Selection of Agency for Establishment of Smart Classrooms at Different Govt. Schools / Colleges of Tumakuru

RFP for Selection of Agency for Establishment of Smart Classrooms at Different Govt. Schools / Colleges of Tumakuru

Organization: Tumakuru Smart City Limited (TSCL)

Apply By: 27 Jun 2019

RFP title: RFP for Selection of Agency for Establishment of Smart Classrooms at Different Govt. Schools / Colleges of Tumakuru

Deadline: 27th June 2019

Background Information

Basic Information

Tumakuru Smart City Limited (TSCL) (“the Purchaser”) for this Government procurement competition invites responses (“Tenders”) to this Request for Proposals (“RFP”) from OEMs, Agencies/Implementation Agencies/authorized Partners (“Bidders”) for the provision of Hardware and Software as described in Section 5 of this RFP, “Scope of Work” (“Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Digital Classrooms at different Government schools/colleges in Tumakuru”). Any contract that may result from this RFP Process will be issued for a term of (“the Term”) which would include the hardware and software supply, warranty and AMC support.

Project Background

Tumakuru, the district headquarters of the Tumakuru District, is located 70 km northwest of Bangalore spread over an area of 48.60 sq.km. Tumakuru with a total population of 3, 05,821 as per the 2011 census is majorly an agricultural based economy but also derives its economic base from industries in and around it. Tumakuru has been selected as one of the Smart Cities under the Smart Cities Mission of the Government of India the second round of the competitive selection process by the Ministry of Urban Development.

An SPV, the Tumakuru Smart City Limited has been constituted to carry out the implementation of the Smart City plan.


  • While every effort has been made to provide comprehensive and accurate background information and requirements and specifications, Bidders must form their own conclusions about the SI support required. Bidders and recipients of this RFP may wish to consult their own legal advisers in relation to this RFP.
  • All information supplied by Bidders may be treated as contractually binding on the Bidders, on successful award of the assignment by the Purchaser on the basis of this RFP
  • No commitment of any kind, contractual or otherwise shall exist unless and until a formal written contract has been executed by or on behalf of the Purchaser. Any notification of preferred Bidder status by the Purchaser shall not give rise to any enforceable rights by the Bidder. The Purchaser may cancel this public procurement at any time prior to a formal written contract being executed by or on behalf of the Purchaser

Key Requirements of the Bid

Right to Terminate the Process

Purchaser may terminate the RFP process at any time and without assigning any reason. Purchaser makes no commitments, express or implied, that this process will result in a business transaction with anyone.

This RFP does not constitute an offer by Purchaser. The Bidder's participation in this process may result Purchaser selecting the Bidder to engage towards execution of the contract.

Preparation and Submission of Proposal

Proposal Preparation Costs

The Bidder shall be responsible for all costs incurred in connection with participation in the RFP process, including, but not limited to, costs incurred in conduct of informative and other diligence activities, participation in meetings/discussions/presentations, preparation of proposal, in providing any additional information required by Purchaser to facilitate the evaluation process, and in negotiating a definitive contract or all such activities related to the bid process. Purchaser will in no case be responsible or liable for those costs, regardless of the conduct or outcome of the bidding process.


The Proposal should be filled by the Bidders in English language only. If any supporting documents submitted are in any language other than English, translation of the same in English language is to be duly attested by the Bidders. For purposes of interpretation of the documents, the English translation shall govern.

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