RFP for Supply, Installation, Commissioning of water ATM at Mohanbari, District: Dibrugarh,

RFP for Supply, Installation, Commissioning of water ATM at Mohanbari, District: Dibrugarh,

Organization: Indian Oil Corporation Limited

Apply By: 29 Apr 2019

RFP title: RFP for Supply, Installation, Commissioning of water ATM at Mohanbari, District: Dibrugarh,

Deadline: 29th April 2019

Indian Oil Corporation Limited invites electronic bids through its website https://iocletenders.nic.in under single bid system for the work as detailed below from indigenous bidders fulfilling the qualifying requirements as stated hereunder.

Evaluation of Tenders:

  • The tenders will be summarily rejected if requisite EMD or EMD exemption document is not uploaded on e-tendering portal as mentioned in NIT.
  • The bid of the party will also be rejected on the following grounds:
  • Non-withdrawal of conditions imposed in tender document & conditions imposed during negotiations.
  • A bidder who offers unsolicited reduction in the price offer whether before or after the opening of the price part of the tender(s)/bid(s) shall be liable to have his/its/their bid(s) rejected. Bidders may, however, at any stage offer a reduction if such reduction is solicited or if the OWNER gives the Bidder an opportunity to offer such reduction.
  • Tenderer submitting fabricated/ false/ forged documents for the tender.
  • Tenderer put on holiday list during the pendency of this tender.

The procedure for evaluation of tenders shall be as follows:

Only the bids of those parties uploading their tenders before due date and time of submission shall be considered for opening.

After opening the price bid, party who has quoted the lowest rate (L1rate) on landed cost basis will be considered for award of work, with or without negotiation as per the policy of the Corporation.

Negotiations shall not be conducted with the bidders as a matter of routine. However, Corporation reserves the right to conduct negotiations. Tenderers will have to attend the Office of INDIAN OIL CORPORATION LIMITED as informed by Tender Issuing Authority for negotiations/clarifications as required in respect of their quotation without any commitment from INDIAN OIL CORPORATION LIMITED.

In case of tie between two or more bidders at L-1 position, all the L-1 bidders shall be asked to submit discount bid in terms of percentage discount over previous quoted amount in a sealed envelope. Above exercise shall currently be an offline activity outside the e-portal.

The sealed envelopes shall be opened jointly by one member from tendering group and one from Finance. The bidders while seeking revised bids, shall be advised to witness the opening of sealed envelopes.

Other Points:

  • Tenderers to please note carefully the above schedules for different activities for downloading/submission of their bids
  • Any Addendum/ Corrigendum/ Sale Date Extension in respect of the tender shall be issued on our website https://iocletenders.nic.in only & no separate notification shall be issued in the press. Bidders are therefore requested to regularly visit our website to keep themselves updated.
  • All bidders must login and visit their DASHBOARD on regular basis to get the timely updates related to any communication sent in the form of e-mail/SMS by system.
  • Legal dispute, if any, arising during the evaluation of the tender shall be within the jurisdiction of Guwahati High Court pertaining to disputes arising during tendering stage and during execution stage.

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