RFP for Supply, Installation & Commissioning including Operation & Maintenance for 5 years of E Toilets.

RFP for Supply, Installation & Commissioning including Operation & Maintenance for 5 years of E Toilets.

Organization: Puducherry Smart City Development Limited (PSCDL)

Apply By: 23 Aug 2019

RFP title: RFP for Supply, Installation & Commissioning including Operation & Maintenance for 5 years of E Toilets.

Deadline: 23rd August 2019

About the organization

The vision of Puducherry Smart City Development Limited, the U.T of Puducherry is “Transforming Puducherry into a global tourism destination by leveraging its heritage, cultural, spiritual and educational advantages. Enhance the quality of life of the citizens by providing efficient urban mobility, smart civic infrastructure, smart service delivery and participative decision making.”

Name of Work: Request for proposal for “Supply, Installation & Commissioning including Operation & Maintenance for 5 years” of E Toilets” under “Smart City Mission” at Puducherry City.

Scope of Work

The scope of the Project is to procure and supply Modular E-Toilets to Puducherry Municipality to use them at prominent places where there is absence of adequate toilet facilities.

A self-operating modular E Toilet

  • Is a pre-fabricated public toilet made of steel and is integrated with userfriendly electronic interfaces, to ensure cleanliness and hygiene to every user. This is unmanned & automated and have remote monitoring capabilities and it’s the status of working can be tracked over web.
  • This incorporates full-cycle approach in sustainable sanitation by integrating electrical, mechanical and web-E technologies.
  • It controls entry, usage, cleaning, and remote monitoring capabilities with multiple revenue options

General Features

The Modular Toilet has following general features:

  • It is generally placed on a basic civil / metal construction base
  • It is a pre-fabricated made of Stainless steel
  • The unit can accommodate Indian /European style closet, health faucet, lights, status display &instruction boards, etc
  • The capacity of the water tank erected on roof top will be 225/300/500 lit
  • The tank is connected to the three flushes (pre-flush/platform washing/ after use flush) in the unit
  • There is display light outside the toilet unit, which shows whether the unit is ‘Occupied’ indicating with Red light or ‘Unoccupied’ indicating with Green light
  • Sewage treatment: The waste is collected at Bio digester (DRDO technology) kept at the bottom of the Toilet , which is an anaerobic treatment system. Alternatively, it can be connected to the existing sewer line or septic tank
  • Functional arrangements
  • The user can enter by inserting coin in case of pay-per-use or press the switch for free access and close the door manually, similar to a conventional toilet.
  • Upon entering the toilet, indoor lights will be switched on automatically. Pre-flush system will wet the closet initially. Manual flush cock is also available to activate to flush the Toilet. Besides, the system will automatically flush after the exit
  • After using the Toilet, the exit from the unit is completely manual.
  • An automatic floor cleaning mechanism is also provided through which, the floor will be cleaned automatically. The floor cleaning can be activated either through a push switch or it can be programmed to function after a specified usage.

Other features

It is connected over a GPRS network. This ensures, real-time monitoring of the usage and health status of the Toilet. This can be viewed and managed over a web interface for ensuring minimal downtime and standardized maintenance operations. A dedicated team of Service Engineers attend to technical trouble shooting of the e-Toilets.


Legal Entity /Years of operation.

Specific Requirements: The Bidder shall be a single legal entity (firm, company etc.) to implement the project(s). The applicant shall be in existence for at least 3 years and should have performed similar nature of work.

Documents Required: Copy of Certificate of Registration and copies of valid PAN, GSTIN, as per statutory requirement.

Financial eligibility:

  • Specific Requirements: The Bidder should have average annual Turnover of Rs. 1.0Crores during the last 3 audited financial years.
  • Documents Required: Certificate from the Statutory Auditor /Chartered accountant
  • Net Worth OR Solvency Certificate:
  • Specific Requirements: The applicant should have positive net worth in any one of the last 3 financial years (FY 2018-19, 2017-18 & 2016-17). OR Solvency for an amount of 40% of the estimated amount of tender.
  • Documents Required: Audited consolidated financial statements OR Solvency Certificate from a Nationalised Bank not older than six months as on the date of submission of the bid.


The bids shall be submitted in Two Bid System. Cover -1 Technical Bid shall be submitted online (e-Tendering) and Hard Copy. Cover -2 Financial Bid shall be submitted online (e-Tendering) only in accordance with the instructions given.

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