RFP for Supply, installation and commissioning of solar based LED street lights in villages of saraiyan, Mirzapur

RFP for Supply, installation and commissioning of solar based LED street lights in villages of saraiyan, Mirzapur

Organization: Indian Oil Corporation Limited

Apply By: 01 Jan 1970

RFP title: RFP for Supply, installation and commissioning of all in one solar based LED street lights in villages of saraiyan, Mirzapur

Deadline: 20th February 2019

Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. has developed a secured and user friendly system which will enable Vendors/Bidders to search, view, download tenders directly from Indian Oil Corporation Ltd., secured website and also enables them to participate and submit Online Bids on the e-tendering site https://iocletenders.gov.in  directly from the website in secured and transparent manner maintaining confidentiality and security throughout the tender evaluation process and award.


Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. invites sealed bids under two bid system from vendors meeting the Bidder’s Eligibility Criteria as stated in the detailed RFQ/Bid Document attached.

Mode of tendering: e-Tendering (Physical Bids will not be accepted)

Bid has to be submitted through our e-Tendering website https://iocletenders.gov.in. Bidders shall submit (upload) their Technical bid i..e Un-priced Bid in Collaboration Folders of e-tendering system and upload filled in Price Bid ( BoQ) as attachment.

The price bid - (BOQ) which is a Microsoft Excel attachment shall be downloaded and quote their prices strictly as per the format without altering any of its content/format. 10.5. Only the Bids submitted on our e-tendering system will be considered for evaluation


  • Documentary Proof in support of annual turnover and execution of single Purchase Order (for similar item) (ii) Supply Record (iii) Catalogue & Literature are to be submitted along-with with technical /un-priced bids.
  • The technical /un-priced bids received without documentary proof of above mentioned Pre Qualification criteria (PQC) shall not be considered for further evaluation.
  • Micro and small Enterprises (MSEs) are eligible for purchase preference as per prevailing Govt. directives / Corporation policy.
  • Domestically manufactured electronic products (DMEP) are eligible for preference in procurement as per prevailing directives of Government of India.
  • The bidder shall upload legible scanned copy of necessary documents in support of required qualification and experience along with their offer as per instruction given in the Special Instructions to Tenderers participating in e-tender.

Submission of Documents:

The Price Bid and Unpriced Technical Bids have to be submitted online only. However, documents which necessarily have to be submitted in originals like EMD and any other documents mentioned in the tender documents have to be submitted offline. Prices should not be submitted in a sealed envelope. Indian Oil shall not be responsible in any way for failure on the part of the bidder to follow the instructions.

Last Date for Submission of Bids:

Bidders are advised in their own interest to ensure that bids are uploaded in e-tendering system well before the closing date and time of bid.

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