RFP for Up-gradation of School Toilets, School Playgrounds and strengthening of Anganwadi Centres in Kamrup, Assam

RFP for Up-gradation of School Toilets, School Playgrounds and strengthening of Anganwadi Centres in Kamrup, Assam

Organization: UNDP

Apply By: 24 Jun 2019

RFP title: RFP for Up-gradation of School Toilets, School Playgrounds and strengthening of Anganwadi Centres in Kamrup, Assam

Deadline: 24th June 2019


UNDP and Airports Authority of India (AAI) has entered into a partnership which aims to address the development challenges like improving the health services, education, community disaster preparedness, etc. of the communities in the vicinity of the Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport, Guwahati. The project will be implemented in collaboration with the office of the District Collector, Kamrup (Rural).

With a vision of increasing community resilience, the project aims to upgrade and develop certain key public spaces for instance schools and Anganwadi centres, with a specific focus on strengthening health services by reducing the vulnerabilities due to poor access to health facilities and providing a nurturing environment for the children.

Major activities planned under the project component are:

  • Developing a detailed Inception Report for the activities related to upgradation and strengthening of school toilets, playgrounds and Anganwadi centres
  • Upgradation of 16 Toilets across 6 Schools
  • Upgradation of 3 School Playgrounds
  • Strengthening of 15 Anganwadi Centres


  • Before initiating any on-field activity related to the upgradation of the school toilets, playgrounds and anganwadis, there is a need to understand and thereby develop a detailed project report. This report has to be based on a detailed survey of all the selected areas of intervention along with specific notes related to dimensions, sizes, and other requirements of the aforementioned areas of intervention.
  • Photographs along with report will be a key necessity.
  • The conditions of the toilets across all the 6 selected high schools under the project are in dilapidated condition. Unhygienic toilets and urinal with no running water facilities is a common scene across all the high schools. Dropouts amidst the girls within these schools is somehow a result of poor and unhygienic sanitation facilities. Based on the submitted inception report, the activities related to the upgradation of 16 toilets across the 6 selected high schools under the project needs to be initiated.
  • Almost all the six schools have a field, right next to their school campuses. However, none of the fields can be regarded as a suitable playground. Also, these field are used for various social gatherings and functions, thereby being an integral public property. Hence, there is an immediate need of upgrading the fields into proper playgrounds. All on-field activities related to the upgradation of 3 school playgrounds has to be initiated simultaneously.


Detailed Inception Report

Complete upgradation of the toilets and urinals with all basic necessities of the toilets, as per the gender requirement;

  • Upgrading the drainage system with proper outlets and tanks, and adequate running water supply;
  • Provision of dustbins inside the toilets;

Upgradation of two playgrounds into proper Cricket and Football grounds (1 Cricket ground, 1 Football ground)

  • Provision of properly fenced boundary around the playgrounds with proper gates;
  • Proper levelling of the entire playground as per the sport;
  • Seating arrangement for 50 people along the boundaries of the playground;
  • All basic requirements of a football ground (dimension of ground, boundary size, goal posts, etc.);
  • All basic requirements of a cricket ground (dimension of ground, boundary size, central pitch, practice pitch, etc.);
  • Providing an adequate number of dustbins around the playground;
  • Provision of the proper drainage system around the playground to avoid water blockage

Desirable experience

  • The agency participating in the bidding process should have an active engagement in Northeast India.
  • The agency should have experience of providing similar and relevant services to government and nongovernment agencies, previous relevant UN projects/similar or equivalent organizations
  • The agency should have an expert team of engineers, technicians, team of local masonry, etc. which would support UNDP in implementing the targeted project activities

Criteria for Preliminary

Examination of Proposals

Technical proposal is submitted separately from Financial Proposal

Financial proposal must be password protected. If not, proposal will get rejected.

Latest Certificate of Registration of Business submitted

Is the Offeror, or any of its joint venture member, included in UN Security Council 1267 List and List of Suspended and Removed Vendors

Criteria for Essential


  • The agency should have at least three years’ experience of working on community development.
  • The agency should have experience of activities related to construction/ upgradation of public spaces

Who can apply?

Proposals are invited from the institutions/organizations only. Proposal submitted by Individuals will not be accepted.

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Submission of RFP and Closing Date

RFI must be submitted in the online e-tendering system: https://etendering.partneragencies.org  by the closing date indicated on the portal, using your username and password. If you have not registered in the system, you can register, using below mentioned generic User ID and password:-

Username: event.guest

Password: why2change

For e-portal login click on the given link: https://etendering.partneragencies.org    

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For any other queries Contact: Surjit Singh

Email ID: surjit.singh@undp.org       





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