RFP for ZBNF Digital Communications and Analytics-driven Public Advocacy

RFP for ZBNF Digital Communications and Analytics-driven Public Advocacy

Organization: Rythu Sadhikara Samstha, Govt. of AP

Apply By: 24 Jun 2019

Andhra Pradesh Zero Budget Natural Farming

Rythu Sadhikara Samstha

Inviting proposals for ZBNF Digital Communications and Analytics-driven Public Advocacy

Terms Of Reference

Rythu Sadhikara Samstha (RySS) (corporation for farmers’ empowerment), a not-for-profit organization established by GoAP, is implementing Andhra Pradesh ‘Zero-Budget’ Natural Farming (APZBNF) Programme since 2016. The programme head office is at Guntur. The programme’s objective is to enhance farmers’ welfare, consumer welfare and the conservation of the environment. Its vision is to reach all 6 million farmers in Andhra Pradesh and covert 8 million hectares into ZBNF farms by 2024. The programme has currently reached 500,000+ farmers towards practicing natural farming and moving away from chemical farming. The effort in AP is signifying paradigm shift, beyond expansion to entire AP farming community, for replication in other states, and outside India. Please visit www.apzbnf.in to know more details.

  1. 1.       The Assignment

In this context, realizing the important role communications and public advocacy effort plays, RySS intends to commission a 2-year assignment to strengthen Digital Communications and Analytics-driven Public Advocacy effort. Specific areas of work include:

  1. State-of-the-art website and social media presence for AP’s ZBNF programme, including content development and technical management of the digital assets
  2. Building Capacities of Village Digital Assistant and Digital Community Resource Persons, to meet the digital needs of the programme and farmers
  3. Other public advocacy strategies, including resource mobilization that help in scaling-up and scaling-out ZBNF within and outside Andhra Pradesh
  4. Taking up any other related activities, as assigned, from time-to-time
  5. 2.       Scope Of Work

Area of work



Website and Social Media

Create state-of-the-art website and social media presence for AP’s ZBNF programme including content development and technical management of the digital assets

[Technical Specifications: See Annex 1]

  1. Set-up Domain, hosting and content management system
  2. Create Social Media presence
  3. Content development for web and social media
  4. Maintenance of website and other social media platforms
  5. Train RySS Team

Capacity Building of Digital Assistants and Digital CRPs and other field functionaries.

Build Robust Training Architecture and Trained Trainers’ Pool at district and state level for assessing training needs, imparting required trainings, and building capacities of Digital Assistants and Digital Community Resource Persons (CRPs), and evaluating their learning performance in supporting the work in the field through digital technologies.

  1. Build Training Architecture for training and support on website/social media/ecommerce -
  • Trained Trainers’ Pool
  • Training Framework
  • Materials, Kits
  • Managing training programs and apprenticeships
  • Evaluating learning and performance

IT and Advocacy Support

Support the programme’s public advocacy strategies that help in scaling-up and scaling-out ZBNF within and outside Andhra Pradesh


Analytics/IT related support

  1. Provide support to Advisor’s Office in public advocacy, resource mobilization, new initiatives, programme learning etc.
  2. Document, analyse and present the programme to state, national and global audience.
  3. Support in IT/Data/Analytics on various aspects of programme
  4. Support in making proposals, presentations, Fundraising etc.

3. Duration

2 years and extendable as agreed to mutually on completion of the tenure.

The works in all the above areas need to be taken up simultaneously.

4. Deliverables

  1. A resident dedicated team of 2-3 persons available in Guntur and/or Hyderabad to RySS on full-time basis, from April 2019
  2. State-of-the-art, modern, responsive and fully-functional website, within 6 months
  3. Content development with articles, blogs and videos created as required by RySS from time-to-time, including training RySS staff on developing and managing the content.
  4. Regular analytic reports on website’s performance and social media presence
  5. Fully functional robust Training Architecture for Building Capacities of digital assistants and/or digital CRPs, within 6 months, and regular training
  6. Presentations, documents, concept notes, analytical notes, strategy papers for supporting Advisor’s office, as required from time-to-time

5. Indicative Team Composition

The project shall have the following indicative team:

Sl No


Indicative Profile




Principal Lead and other Senior Consultants as required from time-to-time

Post Graduate with substantial years of leadership experience of not less than 15 years in development sector, particularly in bridging technology gap in development sector. Experience in Communications, Public Advocacy is an added advantage




Principal Software and Content Developers

Substantial experience of not less than 5 years handling ICT projects. Should have experience in developing websites, mobile apps etc.




Developers and Programmers (including web designer)

Hands-on experience in coding both server-side and client-side languages. Ideally full stack developers with experience in offering end-to-end solutions from design to database.





Senior Trainers/ Facilitators

Knowledge, 3+ year experience in training community cadres, farmers, women institutions etc., on technology,




Support Staff




A resident dedicated team of 2-3 persons consisting of Coordinator, Developer/Programmer, and Trainer/Facilitator in Guntur and /or Hyderabad for the entire duration.

5.  Estimated Costs

All costs of hardware, software, licenses etc., will be borne by RySS and they will be owned by RySS itself. The proposal needs to only indicate the costs of HR for the assignment. No other costs will be considered. All inclusive estimated cost is about Rs.70 lakh for two years.

  • Estimated cost includes about 144 person-days/year of the Principal Lead/Other Senior Consultants.
  • The scope of the work entails additional time of Principal Lead/Other Senior Consultants, beyond the above indicative person-days. However, it will not be part of the estimate. This additional time will be paid additionally as per the unit rate(s) and travel and related costs agreed.
  • The scope of work is also open to taking up additional related items of work, with proof of concept established. Payment will be additional, based on the HR effort estimated and the unit costs for the level of HR.

6. Selection Criteria

Interested registered organizations with HR with experience/expertise in the areas of work as above may submit their proposals:

  1. Principal Lead/Team Lead (relevant qualifications and expertise) (20%)
  2. Other Senior Consultants (number, relevant qualifications and expertise) (10%)
  3. The Resident Team (number, relevant qualifications and experience) (20%)
  4. Other Team members (number, relevant qualifications and experience) (10%)
  5. Commitments, Methods and Approach (15%)
  6. Financial bid (25%)

Technical proposal and financial proposal shall carry a weightage of 75%, 25% respectively. Only qualified organizations with 60(out of 75) Technical Score will be consideredforward.


 Please submit signed detailed proposals (about organization, team details with CVs of key members, methodology, approach and timeline, detailed cost estimate etc.) to tsu.apzbnf@gmail.com with subject line: Proposal for ZBNF Digital Communications and Analytics-driven Public Advocacy on or before 24 June 2019

Annex 1: Technical Specifications (Minimum, Indicative) of Website

Domain Setup

  1. Registration apzbnf.in domain (or any other domain as may be advised by RySS from time-to-time) through appropriate registrars
  2. Determining nameservers of hosting providers and configuring the domain to point to the appropriate nameserver and other services such as emailing, file management, file transfer protocols (FTPs), etc.
  3. Create and manage automatic redirects emerging from known sources such as from existing domain ryss.gov.ap.in
  4. Provide ability to manage Domain Administration Tools for creating new users and managing existing users, maintaining domain security through security certificates

Hosting Setup

  1. Create a hosting space with unlimited space (sufficient enough to host all relevant content) on a single domain - apzbnf.in with an assured 99% uptime
  2. Hosting configuration shall have the following indicative specs:
    1. Bandwidth: 1 tera byte
    2. Cloud hosting platform: Faster, secure and reliable servers using multiple load-balanced clusters with high performance fibre channel SAN fabric
    3. Database: MySQL
    4. PHP version: 4.4 to 7.1 and updated continuously
    5. Control Panel: Customized cPanel
    6. Mailboxes: 50
    7. Web Email: Round Cube
    8. Email features include secure, IMAP support for configuring into Gmail, Outlook or any email client, Email Backup in Encrypted formats and ability to create mailing lists or groups

Content Management System Setup

  1. Content Management System powered by WordPress will be installed and configured
  2. Design using Bootstrap 3 or other popular css framework and customized themes
  3. Provision for creating a recruitment solution for accepting applications
  4. Provision for creating various forms for event registrations, contact forms etc.
  5. Ability to host files, including photos, videos and audio files, documents, etc.
  6. User management with various abilities to create and modify content
  7. Search Engine Optimization and Analytics
  8. Social Media Integration
  9. Ability to host a simple directory of ZBNF farmers




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