RFP for providing Skill Training under Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana 2016-2020.

RFP for providing Skill Training under Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana 2016-2020.

Organization: Government of India

Apply By: 07 Jul 2019

RFP title: RFP for providing Skill Training under Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana 2016-2020.

Deadline: 7th July 2019


Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (hereafter referred as PMKVY) 2016-2020 is a flagship scheme of Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurships (hereafter referred as MSDE) was launched in year 2016 with an outlay of Rs 12000 crore to train 1 crore youth of the country. PMKVY Scheme is being implemented by the state governments along with central government through two components – CSSM and CSCM. A target of 20.5 lakh was allocated to states under the CSSM component wherein the SSDMs are responsible for the formation of institutional capacities at state/ local level and working as the implementing agency in entire scheme. Under the CSCM component, the target of 79.5 lakh candidates was assigned to NSDC.

Key features

The vision of the RFP implementation approach is to increase the capacity and capability of the scheme to deliver quality skill training and placement to the youth of the country and thus meet the growing demand for skilled human capital in various economic sectors.

The major steps involved in the selection of Training Providers in the project mode as per this RFP are summarized below:

  • PMKVY RFP mode focuses on the inclusiveness of Training Providers in the form of employers, government and private institutions, small companies, start-ups, NGOs, and others.
  • Along with this, the RFP puts emphasis on quality of Training and placement. Training organizations that wish to train candidates in aspirational districts as identified by NITI Aayog / underserved districts are encouraged to apply.
  • The organizations that have existing centers where the trainings may be conducted are encouraged to apply. NSDC does not guarantee target allocation to any organization applying through this RFP.
  • The onboarding of centers on SMART portal is not a necessary criterion before applying in this RFP. However, all training centers allocated target through under this RFP need to comply with all PMKVY guidelines including Accreditation and Affiliation for all centers before starting training.
  • Only eligible Institutions and organizations are invited to submit proposals for allocation of targets through this RFP. The applications will be accepted only during a fixed time period.

Invited Proposals

Proposals are invited to train candidates across the states and Union Territories as per priority order in annexure 17.4 and 17.5. The total number of targets under RFP route are dynamic in nature and will be decided at the time of target allocation based on funds availability for the scheme. Applicant organization would submit proposals training center wise. Multiple training centers can be submitted by the applicant organization. Underserved districts would be given preference. Proposals shall be evaluated on a pre-defined criterion which includes but not limited to eligibility, due diligence and scoring matrix.

Additional Eligibility conditions applicable to all categories:

An applicant organization should be eligible to work in a region and not be blacklisted by any donor agency/ State Government/ Central Government/competent authority 2 An entity or any TC of the Entity should not be blacklisted for any project implemented by NSDC/MSDE

Submission of proposals

The proposal should be submitted online by visiting proposal management system at pmkvyofficial.org that would be accessible to training provider as per the dates provided below. In case the eligibility conditions of the applicant organization do not suffice the condition set by this RFP, the applicant organization will not be allowed to submit proposals and in case applicant submit the proposals, the proposal fee paid by the applicant will not be refunded.

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