RFP invited for Engagement of Agency for Enhancing Coastal & Ocean Resources Efficiency Project

RFP invited for Engagement of Agency for Enhancing Coastal & Ocean Resources Efficiency Project

Organization: Society of Integrated Coastal Management (SICOM)

Apply By: 23 Aug 2019

About the Organization

Society of Integrated Coastal Management (SICOM) has been established under the aegis of the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate change, Government of India with a vision for vibrant, healthy and resilient Coastal and Marine Environment for continuous and enhanced outflow of benefits to the Country and the Coastal Community.

Title: Expression of Interest (EOI) for Engagement of Consultancy Agency for Preparation of Detailed Project Reports (DPRs) including Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIAs) & Bid process management for Enhancing Coastal & Ocean Resources Efficiency (ENCORE) Project for 13 Coastal States/UT’s and National Component

Office name: Society of Integrated Coastal Management, Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change

About the Project

Government of India aims to strengthen integrated coastal zone management in 13 coastal States/UTs through the World Bank supported ENCORE project. The project is focused onconservation and protection of coastal and marine ecosystem and sustainable development of coastal areas of the country. The project will encompass activities related with conservation of coastal and marine resources, pollution management, and improving livelihood opportunities for coastal communities.


The overall objective of the consultancy work is to prepare a comprehensive Detailed Project Report (including Environmental and Social Assessment (ESIA), pre-feasibility studies and Bid Process management for ENCORE Project for conservation and restoration of marine and coastal environment/ecosystems and securing livelihood of coastal community and their sustainable development.

Duration: The total duration of the assignment will be 03 (Three) months.

Scope of works:

  • The Agency shall collect the baseline data as required for the individual interventions for the ENCORE project with focus on resources and livelihoods such as demographic status, fisheries status, administrative information, geohydrology & geomorphology of selected stretch, biological resources (mangroves, corals etc.), water resources, energy, waste disposal [industrial and domestic] etc. that are available already from various government departments and agencies in order to integrate them with the proposed activity/activities for which DPR is to be built.
  • The database development is not limited as cited above but consultant is free to add other data which are essential to understand the status of the proposed location/area/stretch with regard to  decline in ecology and environment and to understand social and/or economic aspects. This needs to be done to integrate the role and importance of the intended project activity in enhancing coastal and marine resources thereby resulting in sustainable development.
  • After reviewing the secondary data as required, the consultant will undertake independent primary surveys to fill-up the gaps. Consultant shall work with State Govt/UTs and other agencies to examine the proposed project activities from all aspects to ensure smooth implementation of every activity.
  • The consultant firm shall prepare 13 detailed project reports consisting of various activities of each coastal State/UT individually. The DPRs shall be prepared on activities based on Preliminary Project Reports of States /UTs agreed to by Govt. of India, State Govt/UT and World Bank. A separate DPR shall be prepared for national component of the Project.
  • An explanatory table with the indicative activities and leading features is attached at Annexure-VI. However, this table is only demonstrative, and activities are not restricted to this.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The Consultant shall have an experience of minimum 10 years as on 31.03.2019, in preparation of DPRs (preferably with rapid ESIAs), pre-feasibility studies & Bid Process Management. However, the experience should be in the areas of Coastal / Marine spatial planning / Environment & Biodiversity Projects including livelihood & conservation and Environmental and Social Impact Assessment or similar/ related assignments. (Firm shall submit Work order along with respective Completion certificate as a proof).
  • The consultants will furnish information necessary to make a broad assessment of their capability to undertake the assignment- like number of similar assignments/ Projects undertaken in past 10 years , their respective values, details of assignment, name of the clients , period of completion and availability of experts with the consultant for undertaking the proposed assignment. A format is attached at Annexure-IV in this regard
  • The Consultant shall have an average turnover of Rs. 20 Crores during the last 5 years i.e. FYs 2013-14 to 2017-18 (this turnover should be on account of Consultancy/ Advisory/ Professional Services only & should not comprise of sale of hardwares/ softwares, membership fees etc.) as certified by the Auditors.
  • The Consultant must not have been debarred or temporarily suspended by the World Bank. A self- declaration in this regard must be submitted.
  • Consultant must have the experience of working on consultancy contract of similar nature not less than the amount of INR 10 Crores in total in maximum up to four contracts herein in the last 10 years i.e. FYs 2009-10 to 2018-19. Similar nature means experience in the areas of Coastal/ Marine spatial planning/ Environment & Biodiversity Projects including livelihood & conservation / Environment and social impact assessment or similar or related assignments. (Please provide information in Annexure -IV)  (Firm shall submit the work order with completion certificate).
  • Consultant should be company registered under Company Act 1956/2013 or a Partnership Firm registered under LLP Act 2008 or in case of a foreign firm, it should be a company registered, under their/ its own country’s Act/ Law.
  • Consultant must have a team of Experts/ Key Persons in the discipline of Coastal Planning, Marine Spatial planning,  Environment & Biodiversity, Livelihood & Conservation Projects, Environmental and Social Impact Assessment, with relevant experience including their participation in similar Projects.  Experience of Consultant in execution of at least 2 environment related projects in the areas of Coastal / Marine spatial planning / Environment & Bio diversity Projects including livelihood & conservation etc. (with Work order & completion certificates from client as a proof) one each of State Government/Central Government of India or multilateral/ bi-lateral agencies like the World Bank, Asian Development Bank/ UNDP/ JBIC/KFW/ DFID.

How to Apply

Interested Consultant may submit ‘Expression of Interest’ in sealed envelopes clearly superscripted as “Expression of Interest For Preparation of DPRs (with ESIAs) & Bid Process Management (Pkg-I/Pkg-II/Pkg-III)” as applicable must be submitted in one original at the below mentioned address by not later than 1700 Hrs. on 23 Aug 2019.

Office Address : SICOM, Ground Floor, B4 Wing, Pandit Deen Dayal Antyodaya, Bhawan, CGO Complex, Lodhi Road, New Delhi -110003

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