Request for Proposal for Development of Integrated Solid Waste Management through Public Private Partnership

Request for Proposal for Development of Integrated Solid Waste Management through Public Private Partnership

Organization: Directorate of Urban Local Bodies

Apply By: 22 Apr 2019

RFP title: Request for Proposal for Development of Integrated Solid Waste Management through Public-Private Partnership

Deadline: 22nd April 2019

Project Background

The Directorate of Urban Local Bodies, Haryana (the “Department”) has initiated the online bidding process for selection of concessionaire (“Concessionaire”) for undertaking the integrated solid waste management project for the Punhana Cluster and for providing the services detailed in the Concession Agreement (hereinafter referred to as “Project”).The Punhana Cluster comprises of the Urban Local Bodices (“ULBs”) operating in Punhana, Palwal, Hodal, Hathin and FerozpurJhirkaof the State of Haryana. (Hereinafter referred to as the “PunhanaCluster”).

The Selected Bidder would be required to provide the undermentioned Project related services including interalia the following, within the jurisdiction of the Participating ULBs:

  • Door to door collection of MSW in segregated manner from Waste Generators of Punhana Cluster (including Participating ULBs of each cluster);
  • Transportation of street sweeping waste from the designated points established by Participating ULBs in Consultation with Concessionaire.
  • Transportation of MSW from secondary collection points to the Processing Facility. Concessionaire will make best endeavour to use and deploy underground bins at appropriate places for efficient storage and collection of solid waste
  • Setting up and managing transfer station(s) to facilitate transportation of MSW to Processing Facilities of Punhana Cluster.

General Information

The statements and explanations contained in this RFP are intended to provide a proper understanding to the Bidders about the subject matter of this RFP and should not be construed or interpreted as limiting in any way or manner the scope of services and obligations of the Concessionaire set forth in the Concession Agreement or Department’s right to amend, alter, change, supplement or clarify the scope of Project, the concession to be awarded pursuant to this RFP or the terms thereof or herein contained.

Eligibility of Bidder:

Basic pre-qualification criteria:

The Bidder for pre-qualification may be a single entity or a group of entities (the “Consortium”), coming together to implement the Project. However, no Bidder applying individually or as a member of a Consortium, as the case may be, can be member of another Bidder. The term Bidder used herein would apply to both a single entity and a Consortium. A Bidder may be a natural person or a body corporate including but not limited to a company incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956/2013 or under the applicable laws of the jurisdiction of its origin or a society registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 or any other applicable governing law or a trust registered under the Indian Trusts Act, 1882 or any other governing law for public trusts or a partnership, limited liability partnership or a sole proprietorship registered under the relevant applicable governing law or any combination of them with a formal intent to enter into a Joint Bidding Agreement or under an existing agreement to form a Joint Venture/ Consortium

Other Documents

The Bidder shall enclose with its application, to be submitted as per the format mentioned in 2.9, complete with its Appendices and Annexes, the following:

  • Certificate(s) and/or agreement(s) and/or executed work order(s) and/or Letter of Award from its concerned client(s)in support of above work undertaken clearly stating quantities collected /transported /installed capacities of the processing plant designed, operated and maintained/installed capacities of landfill designed, operated and maintained.
  • Certificate(s) from its statutory auditors/Chartered Accountant in support of its Financial Capacity

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