Request for proposal for an evaluation and impact assessment and scheme for Para Legal Volunteers

Request for proposal for an evaluation and impact assessment and scheme for Para Legal Volunteers

Organization: National Legal Services Authority

Apply By: 18 Apr 2019

RFP title: Request for proposal for an evaluation and impact assessment and scheme for Para Legal Volunteers

Deadline: 18th April 2019

Background and Context of Evaluation

Towards fulfilling the Preambular promise of securing to all the citizens, Justice – social, economic and political, Article 39 A of the Constitution of India provides for free legal aid to the poor and weaker sections of the society, to promote justice on the basis of equal opportunity. To achieve the said vision of Access to Justice, the Legal Services Authorities Act, 1987 was enacted by the Parliament of India. It came into force on 9th November, 1995.

Objectives of Evaluation:

The main purpose of the evaluation and impact assessment is to examine the framework of Para Legal Volunteer Scheme with the view to know as to whether the said framework of Para Legal Volunteers for all outreach activities is  appropriate, effective and meaningful for rendering legal services to marginalised and weaker sections of society. It is expected that evaluation will identify the gaps and make recommendation for making improvements and restructuring the existing framework or propose a new framework in place of the present scheme with an aim to formulate effective mechanisms of rendering legal services.

The evaluation and impact assessment has seven main objectives:

  • To evaluate institutional and operational framework of Scheme for Para Legal Volunteers.
  • To assess and evaluate the existing practices in selection and capacity building of Para Legal Volunteers.
  • To assess the existing practices with regard to engagement of Para Legal Volunteers in various legal services activities.
  • To assess the adequacy of existing monitoring and reporting mechanism relating to Para Legal Volunteers.
  • To assess the relevance of the present scheme in the existing framework of Legal Services Authorities.
  • To evaluate results and impacts, including an assessment of sustainability.
  • To assess the effectiveness and efficiency of resource use.

Scope of the Required Work:

The scope of the evaluation and impact assessment is closely related to the objectives mentioned above. The evaluation and impact assessment shall be conducted in about seven districts selected out of 36 State Legal Services Authorities. The evaluation shall particularly assess the following:

  • Approach in selecting the Para Legal Volunteers.
  • The factors which are kept in view for maintaining a panel of particular number PLVs.
  • The quality and the quantity of capacity building programmes for PLVs.
  • The suitability of PLVs for preventive, strategic and outreach access to justice programmes.
  • Approach in engaging them in Front Offices and Legal Services Clinics.
  • Assessment as to the suitability of PLVs in Front Offices and Legal Services Clinics.
  • Approach in ensuring and maintaining dedicated and committed PLVs.
  • Expertise and experience of PLVs in rendering legal services.


The Evaluators are expected to deliver the following:

  • The Report should objectively evaluate the relevance and the role of Para Legal Volunteer in delivery of legal services to with specific findings and evidence.
  • The evaluation is also expected to assess the impact made by Para Legal Volunteers in meeting the legal needs of such sections of society.
  • Recommendations are expected to suggest course corrections, additions or any other improvements to the existing operational framework with regard to Para Legal Volunteers.
  • Recommendations on best practices followed by various legal services authorities to further strengthen the rendering of legal services in an effective and competent manner through this human resource of Para Legal Volunteers

Submission of Bids

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The bidder has to digitally sign the required bid documents and upload them one by one as indicated in the tender document.

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