United Way Delhi invites proposals from reputed NGOs working under Skilling and Education thematic areas only with a non-negotiable girl child/women focus

United Way Delhi invites proposals from reputed NGOs working under Skilling and Education thematic areas only with a non-negotiable girl child/women focus

Organization: United Way Delhi

Apply By: 30 Jan 2020

REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL (RFP Code: UWD/RfP/Gender focussed Partnerships/2020-21/Del)

United Way Delhi invites proposals from reputed NGOs working on the following thematic areas only with a non-negotiable girl child/women focus:

  • Education
  • Skill building/Vocational training

Implementation Locations: Delhi and Gurugram only

RFP released by

United Way Delhi

Program Name

UWD Gender focussed Partnerships

Date of RFP

Friday, 10th January, 2020

Last date for  submission

Monday, 20th January, 2020

About Us

United Way of Delhi (UWD) is an independent local not for profit society affiliated to the United Way Global Family one of world's largest leadership and support networks with 1800 affiliate members across 41 countries. UWD is one of the 7 independent United Way’s operating in India under the United Way of India network. We manage several innovative programs in education, health, environment, livelihood, women’s empowerment and disaster response.

With the vision to be a leader in creating and supporting strategic initiatives, convening partners to generate systemic and sustainable improvements in the communities. UWD is working towards bringing about sustainable change in the communities through partnership with NGOs, Foundations, Corporate bodies, Government and Volunteers. In collaboration with community, we identify critical issues and develop implementable strategies and work towards eliminating the root cause of the problem and not just the symptoms to maximize the returns on investment and to achieve specific and measurable results

Mission: To improve lives in a measurable, scalable and sustainable way by mobilizing the caring power of Delhi.

This Request for Proposal is towards shortlisting from old and new partners for low cost programs with high impact value (Low per beneficiary cost) in the area of skilling and education with specific focus on women and girls and award support for project implementation for 2020-21.


Purpose of this RfP

United Way Delhi, through this RfP, wishes to invite proposals from small or big organisations that propose either support for existent programs where donors have discontinued or a completely new implementation site for a program that has been successfully implemented at other locations (Proof of concept) which use innovative methods of outreach and education allowing for high beneficiary nos. without losing quality of service (Eg. Reach of 2000 beneficiaries on a project value of 20-25L). Respondents are requested to submit their proposals on the basis of detailed instructions given below to set up high impact projects in partnership with UWD in the proposed locations (Delhi and Gurugram) using innovative and sustainable models in the given thematic areas.

United Way Delhi intends to works in alignment with the following Sustainable Development Goals through this RfP:

  • SDG 1(No Poverty),
  • SDG 4 (Quality education),
  • SDG 5 (Gender equality) and
  • SDG 8 (Decent work and economic growth)

It would also be an essential requirement to build in sustainability in the projects through community ownership/ support and behaviour change and ensure leveraging the existent government schemes to enhance the benefits of the proposed project.

Reputed NGOs/agencies may submit proposals as per their strength and area of expertise. Existent partners of UWD may submit proposals up to the value of INR 40 Lakhs and new partners are requested to submit proposals of maximum INR 25 Lakhs.

Scope of work

Reputed NGOs may submit proposals for the pillars above as per the scope defined below:

Sl No


Proposal Requested

Target Group


 Delhi and Gurugram

 Education, Holistic development, Skill building/ vocational training.

 Major focus (if not complete) on women and girl children

The proposals have to be sent to: procurement@unitedwaydelhi.org in prescribed format by 18th January, 2020. All enquiries regarding this RfP should be made before 15th January, 2020 via email to greeshma.uwd@gmail.com

Proposal: Proposal and Gantt has to be submitted in the attached template.  Please give explanation if any of the columns are being left blank.

Budget: Budget must be submitted as per the attached template. Please provide detailed break-up of each line item and all sub-line item costs with clear budget explanatory notes. Any taxes including Service Tax, Sales Tax, Value Added Tax or any other applicable tax, duty, cess or levies, must be quoted separately from the price of goods and services. The budget has to be for 1st year in detail with cash flow. A tentative projection for further 2 years (if required) also needs to be built into the budget.

Negotiations: The most competitive proposal/budget is requested. It is anticipated that the contract will be awarded on the basis of merit of proposal. However, UWD reserves the right to request responses to questions and conduct negotiations with any potential agency prior to awarding a contract. The Negotiations and clarifications requested during the process of whetting the project are in no way a guarantee of project grant approval.

Gantt chart: The Gantt Chart must detail the comprehensive list of activities proposed in the proposal along with a monthly timeline (April 2020 onwards).  

Please send in your submissions with Subject Line in the given format:

UWD/RfP/Gender focussed Partnerships/2020-21/Del: Name of proposer NGO

Please find the formats here at https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1fbQ8KnUaGTljZmy29XgleJpj9noBmEb3?usp=sharing

Terms & Conditions

Deadline: 20th January, 2020.

Duration of the project: Duration of the project will be 12 months

Validity: Your proposal must remain valid for a minimum of six (6) months from the date of receipt by UWD.

Negotiations: The most competitive proposal is requested. It is anticipated that the contract will be awarded on the basis of merit of proposal. However, UWD reserves the right to request responses to questions and conduct negotiations with any potential agency/consultant prior to awarding a contract.

Rejection of proposal: This document is a request for proposals only, and in no way binds UWD to make an award. UWD reserves the right to reject any and all offers received and/or to cancel the RFP. UWD will not be obliged to either inform or provide a justification for rejection of proposals.

Incurring costs: UWD will not be liable for any cost incurred during preparation, submission, or negotiation of an award for this RFP.

Financial responsibility: Proposals must certify the financial viability and adequacy of resources of the agency/organization to complete the proposed assignment within the agreed time frame and in conformity with the agreed terms of payment. UWD reserves the right to request and review up to the last three financial statements and audit reports including schedules and annexures, as part of the basis of the award if required.

Branding alignment: UWD has set brand guidelines that should be incorporated and followed while demonstrating the UWD’s brand in relation to the project, if taken up.

Copyright and Patents: UWD shall be entitled to all copyrights, patents and other proprietary rights and trademarks with regard to the products or documents and other materials which bear a direct relation to or are produced or prepared or collected in consequences of or in the course of the execution of the contract. All plans, reports, recommendations, estimates, documents and data compiled by the service providers under the contract shall be the property of UWD.




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