Director – Programs

Director – Programs

Organization: Amnesty International

Apply By: 25 Jul 2019

Location: Bengaluru(Karnataka)

About the organization

Amnesty International (commonly known as Amnesty or AI) is a London-based non-governmental organization focused on human rights. It has more than seven million members and supporters around the world. The stated mission of the organization is to campaign for "a world in which every person enjoys all of the human rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international human rights instruments."

Annual Salary (CTC): INR 2153545

Job Purpose

  • The Director – Programs will provide strategic leadership and vision for IAIT’s research, campaigns, advocacy, media, communications and mobilisation activities centred on human rights work in India.
  • Develop an integrated strategy on the country’s human rights agenda, overseeing its application, and ensuring consistency between IAIT’s policies and strategies for work in India with those in other global regions;
  • Ensure the application of IAIT standards of work throughout the department, particularly in campaign strategies, research methodology and communications outreach using traditional (print / TV) and digital media. Represent IAIT at senior levels, alongside others, with government, media and other key stakeholders.
  • Lead on the development of an integrated political and institutional advocacy strategy, and to ensure that IAIT maintains a prominent role in advocating for swift, decisive and rights respecting actions to address human rights situations and crises.
  • Grow the global human rights movement in India by maintaining and increasing the existing supporter base.
  • Manage the human and financial resources of the department ensuring integrated working of the office.

Job Responsibilities

  • As a key member of the senior management team, contribute to the development of an effective strategic plan to deliver IAIT’s vision.
  • Exercise strategic leadership and provide sound political judgment and expertise in relation to IAIT’s work in order to lead the development of integrated and coherent country, regional, and thematic strategies, operational plans and responses to crisis situations which deliver tangible human rights impact. Such a strategy is undertaken in collaboration with other key stakeholders within and outside IAIT, and ensures coherence with global strategies and priorities;
  • Scan the external world for opportunities, threats and trends, maintain an overview of political, civil society, human rights and other relevant developments in the country and region, and undertake/lead fieldwork in order to ensure informed direction and risk management of the department’s work;
  • Provide sound, timely political advice including on emerging issues and trends, particularly crisis situations and political/economic trends that impact human rights, in order to ensure a continued strategic focus at the country level and contribute a relevant regional perspective to the setting of IAIT’s overall directions for human rights work at the global level;
  • Build strong relationships with relevant external actors (including government, intergovernmental fora, civil society organizations) who play a relevant role at national and regional level in human rights promotion and protection, strengthening IAIT’s reputation as an authority on human rights analysis and effective intervention;
  • Ensure integration at the national level of research and campaigns in order to provide an effective, coherent programme of work which delivers tangible outcomes for human rights in conformity with IAIT’s mission and consistent with its priorities, strategies and standards;
  • Oversee quality assurance for research and related outputs at country level, ensuring accurate and ethical research aimed at effective human rights action, and strategic coherence, consistency and alignment with global standards. To this end review research plans and mission proposals. Maintain oversight of, and have final responsibility for, approval of reports and high-profile and/or sensitive research outputs delivered through IAIT;
  • Deliver impactful and fully integrated campaigns (national/regional/global) including overseeing integrated planning and delivery for all campaign projects, ensuring that the national section delivers a coherent suite of campaigning projects that reflect organisational priorities;
  • Use campaigns, communications, activism, movement building and media to increase activist and public engagement in IAIT’s campaigns and support both growth and human rights impact;
  • Promote innovation in campaigning and activism including trying new tactics, techniques and methodologies to deliver effective campaigns;
  • Build the IAIT’s brand as a credible voice on human rights
  • Represent IAIT at senior levels, including in the field, with government officials, international organizations, civil society organizations, at public events and in the media, ensuring that IAIT’s  position is communicated effectively including through developing and communicating messages crafted at influencing the appropriate audience;
  • Manage the staff and other resources of the department, including remote management, to ensure their most effective use, in line with agreed priorities and policies. Manages risk assessments and oversees the implementation of security procedures for programme staff;
  • Set, monitor, manage and report on budget and expenditure for the work undertaken by the team;
  • Write and publish articles/outputs on human rights issues from a national, regional and global perspective.

This is not an exhaustive list of duties.  The need for flexibility is required and the post holder is expected to carry out any other related duties that are within the employee’s skills and capabilities whenever instructed.

Skills and Requirements

  • First-hand expert knowledge of, and ability to analyze, political, civil society and human rights issues in India;
  • Excellent understanding of human rights work, including the international legal framework, human rights architecture and the requirements of campaigning work, with a proven record of success in using these tools to change policy;
  • Strategic thinker with a developed capacity to build and convey the “big picture” while enabling others to identify the implications of this for their daily work;
  • In-depth experience of research for advocacy purposes, including field research, and a demonstrated ability to assess human rights research;
  • Excellent political judgment and the ability to spot both risks and opportunities;
  • Proven ability to negotiate, challenge and confront conflict, brokering solutions to achieve goals;
  • Proven ability to develop strategies and plans, and review/adapt them to fast changing political situations, exercising and promoting creative thinking;
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in English and Hindi and other relevant regional languages preferred;
  • Ability to represent AI India in difficult and high-profile environments;
  • Experience of working in a team and understanding of the importance of efficient communications for the coordination and effective functioning of teams; Ability to inspire and motivate a wide range of people;
  • Well-developed communication, presentation, spokesperson, advocacy and representational skills appropriate for diverse audiences and the media, including the ability to make and win arguments;
  • Proven ability to work under pressure including the ability to cope with and manage conflicting demands, meeting deadlines, managing budgets and adjusting priorities;
  • Demonstrated willingness to be accountable for actions and decisions, and to receive and give performance related feedback;
  • Ability to lead and manage staff and financial resources;
  • Able and willing to work in a manner that is consistent with the organisation’s core behaviours and competencies.
  • Personally credible, with a professional demeanor that generates the trust and confidence of managers, staff and external stakeholders;
  • Committed to collaborative working in matrix relationships and in an interdisciplinary team;
  • Leads by example and possesses a high degree of integrity;
  • Possess a high level of resilience, initiative and drive, able to be flexible and change orientation as required;
  • Set themselves and others challenging but achievable targets;
  • Look to the future – is able to see links and opportunities that others might miss;
  • Use new approaches, theory and technologies to develop innovative solutions;
  • Apply concepts and learning from outside own field/environment, looking ahead over the long-term to deliver improvements and avoid problems;
  • Able to engage and influence, utilizing a challenging but respectful approach;
  • Politically aware and emotionally intelligent
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