Organization: PRO India

Apply By: 30 Nov 2019

Location: Gurgaon(Haryana) New Delhi(Delhi) Mumbai(Maharashtra)

We are looking to hire interns for our organization - PRO India Recycling. Pro India is an integrated National Waste Management Consulting firm, a one stop shop for all things plastic. Our services include Extended Producer Responsibility ( EPR ) – Comprehensive Legal Compliance & Audit, Logistics documentation, Waste Collection Centers, Recycling of plastics. We work with PIMBOs to audit, collect and recycle plastic waste, achieving EPR compliance in accordance with the Plastic Waste Rules of 2016 as well as the Amendment of 2018, 2019. 


Internship projects:


  1. Solid Waste collection / segregation / management with specific focus on plastics fraction. This would require understanding of practices in cities (including smart cities) , understanding Plastics waste rules ,EPR first. Participating in real waste segregation and collection infrastructure to generate sustainable business models for inclusion of all stakeholders. The real action on ground would be creation of collection and recycling infrastructure in – Delhi / NCR . We have our own collection center model, pilot and working which we demonstrated in video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J6UpztUgsfU .

  2. Integrating the bottom of the pyramid and improving livelihood . It would be fruitless to establish the waste collection and management without the 30 lacs waste pickers in India. These WP live 17 years less (on average) due to poor, unsafe, dangerous working condition so that we can live comfortably. At Pro India we plan to conduct programs to integrate and improve the livelihood of such section of our society. 

  3. Deep Dive on Technologies for plastics waste recycling – true business models in plastics circular economy needs to be developed for using waste plastics in Mechanical or Chemical Recycling. Technologies are now getting developed for bringing back used plastics to Olefin stage ! Then there are opportunities to UPCYCLE products from used plastics – T shirts /Tiles /Roof Sheets/ PlastiWood etc . We would need a team of multi specialty students ( for techno commercial models & products) Mtech+ Engineers to work on the same. One such work done was in plastics exchange model - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VHqBH2LLz4w . Another is Plastics T shirt - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UJ_hoZ4EIRk&t=8s.

  4. Advocacy towards better policies in Plastics -  By working with Governments at national level ( MOEF / Jal Shakti / MOUD/ MOUSA / NITI / NSDC) we have realized a deep need for industry connect and ideation by them. Plastic models of technology , sustainability ,circularity ,integration, inclusivity can appear in business models though enabling policies which Govt is working on. Pro India works with Govt either directly ( pro bono ) or though Industry Associations(like CII / AIPMA / FICCI etc) with the purpose of challenging the status quo, helping govt to build enablers to improve plastics management in India. We need students to work on Advocacy / Industry interaction ( part of task force) / and conferencing with multiple stakeholders towards the cause. One such way is our work though association, conferences, thinktank and task force work - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cuRbsqzImEg

How to apply

The positions are open for full-time/ remote internships. The internships start ASAP, as well as summer internships for 2020. Please send over CV/Resume and Cover Letter to anupama.saha@india-recycling.com


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