Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Manager

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Manager

Organization: Hummingbird Foundation

Apply By: 03 Jun 2019

Location: Kolkata(West Bengal)

About The Organization:

The Hummingbird Foundation was established in 2014 by the Mathias family to support innovative community action in preventing human trafficking in West Bengal, India. Hummingbird’s aim is to reduce human trafficking by targeting the systemic attitudes and processes that create or exacerbate vulnerability. This aim is embodied in the creation of a Prevention of Trafficking (PoT) Model as a key methodology to evolve and replicate Humming bird’s work. With dedicated teams in India and the UK, Hummingbird’s approach is to foster robust partnerships with non-governmental organisations, community-based organisations and relevant government bodies.

Job Description:

Prevention of Trafficking Model:

Hummingbird and its seven field-based Partners in West Bengal are co-developing a PoT Model comprising three distinct yet mutually supportive pillars. Through a series of deliberations and workshops, Hummingbird and its Partners identified three programmatic pillars that form the foundation of the Model, which Partners are implementing as of January 2017. Through the initial project cycle, Hummingbird’s Partners are developing programmatic content and training programmes around these three pillars, building evidence of good practice and analysing implementation effectiveness in a rapid manner that promotes adaptability and responsiveness.


Monitoring and Evaluation - Evidence Building:

  • Lead the development of the Theory of Change, Logframe and MEL Framework (which includes Baseline, Mid term Review, Pre-Validation and Validation process) in alignment with Hummingbird’s guiding principles and the Board’s vision
  • Work closely with the programme development teams (Programme Manager and Task Forces) to develop appropriate MEL operational systems, indicators and tools to build an evidence base for Hummingbird’s prevention model
  • Manage, validate, clean data; Periodically visit the field for data verification, quality control and monitor progress as per the Log frame milestones, consult partners, communities and other stakeholders to assess progress and effectiveness of the Model
  • Maintain record of evidence
  • Track monthly progress and effectiveness of programme implementation against Logframe Milestones and evidence building, compiles information in line with expected deliverables under the project –supporting the Programme Manager who oversees the process


  • Conduct rapid analysis of incoming implementation data to support the agile methodology of programme development; liaise with Programme Manager to work with Task Forces to ensure that the data supports the programme design
  • Model development related analysis, learning and documentation
  • Support routine annual review and planning process of programmes implemented by partners• Provide support in exploring the secondary information from various sources for Model Development

Capacity Building:

  • Build the capacity of the implementing Partners by ensuring clear understanding of correctly implementing the MEL systems and utilising the MEL data to inform programme implementation and development
  • Draw on knowledge, networks and best-practice approaches to innovate the way in which the programme effectiveness is measured


  • Provide accurate and timely internal reports - Quarterly Reports, Annual Reports and Reports for the Board, Case studies – analyse the MEL Data to facilitate effective oversight and organisational decision making for Hummingbird’s management team and the Board
  • Develop external reports in appropriate format and disseminate programme results and impact to programme stakeholders (including beneficiaries) at national, state and district levels, as and when required

Qualifications and Experience:

  • Master’s Degree in Social Work or Statistics or PGDRD or equivalent
  • 8 to 10 years of proven in-depth work experience in development sector with particular focus on MEL, data collection, management, analysis, interpretation and report writing
  • Knowledge of Computers: MS Office and SPSS- Knowledge of other quantitative as well as qualitative software would be an added advantage
  • Ability to communicate effectively – speaking, reading and writing in English and Bangla
  • Team player with an ability to play a proactive role and work with multiple stakeholders in a collaborative and agile environment and ability to build capacity of teams
  • Understand privacy and confidentiality of the information of the project and ensure it through out
How to apply

APPLICATION PROCESS : To apply for this position, please follow this Google Form Link. The deadline to complete this form is June 3rd 2019, 11.59 PM British Summer Time. Please note: applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis, so please apply at the earliest.

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