National Program Manager - Health and Nutrition

National Program Manager - Health and Nutrition

Organization: Project Concern International India (PCI India)

Apply By: 24 Jan 2020

Location: New Delhi(Delhi)

About the Organization:

Project Concern International (PCI) has been working since 1998 to improve a broad range of integrated health and development outcomes and now has a presence across 10 states. PCI mobilizes communities in a way that effectively leverages, strengthens and builds ownership in local community groups, resources, and structures, particularly those consisting of women and other marginalized populations. PCI has expertise in effectively integrating a gender perspective into its work and promoting women’s economic, social and political empowerment. PCI has vast on-the-ground experience in transforming women’s collectives

Position: National Program Manager - Health and Nutrition – Technical Assistance to Deendayal Antyodaya Yojana - National Rural Livelihoods Mission (DAY-NRLM)

About The Project:

The project aims to provide strategic and responsive support to DAY-NRLM’s central unit to successfully integrate Health and Nutrition (HN) and Agriculture (Ag) interventions in several SRLM’s organizational and community reach (women collectives or institutions of poor) leading to impacts in the lives of ~60 million women across India. The overall approach entails, working with DAY-NRLM in co-creating HN and Ag strategy as an integral part of the overall DAY-NRLM strategy and designing critical interventions on HN and Ag building upon learning from successful models being implemented within the DAY-NRLM system and elsewhere; strengthening DAY-NRLM’s internal system, structures, institutional mechanisms and concomitant processes for HN and Ag integration and building techno-managerial capability to support SRLMs in implementation of HN and Ag integration; demonstration of implementation of HN and Ag strategy of DAY-NRLM through successful operationalization in select SRLMs by providing support in customization of materials, developing implementation plans, strengthening capacity of DAY-NRLM and SRLM staff and resource persons through mentoring and handholding, and, support in creating review mechanisms; and, creating mechanism to co-create and mentor innovative solutions to address the needs of rural poor, and, sharing best-practices with a focus on developing peer-learning and synergies across DAYNRLM verticals at NMMU level and across SRLMs through an-in-house "Innovations and Knowledge hub".

Position Brief:

The National Program Manager-Health and Nutrition (HN) will be a part of the national team of the project for creating an overall vision for the integration of HN and Ag strategy in DAY-NRLM. S/he will support the Lead, HN in providing strategic direction, and guidance to DAY-NRLM and strengthen capacities of State Rural Livelihoods Mission (SRLM) across the country in planning and implementation of HN strategies. S/he will work closely with the HN team of DAY-NRLM in providing technical assistance and guidance to the selected SRLMs on HN. S/he will support select SRLMs in implementing HN strategies and interventions through community institutions in a defined geography, and, support in strengthening the capacity of staff and cadres of those SRLMs on HN through cascade model of training.

Major Duties & Responsibilities:

Technical Assistance for assimilation and dissemination of learning

  • To effectively provide technical assistance to DAY-NRLM and SRLMs on HN; which will encompass strategic planning, developing operational guidelines and training materials related to HN interventions through the SHG platform.
  • To understand and garner existing best practices, learning, body of work, evidence and experience from Community platforms and SRLMs related to HN and develop a national package of interventions and materials for roll out across SRLMs.
  • To contextualize learnings and experiences from different situations into a range of SRLM contexts, and to constantly innovate new approaches for HN integration in DAY-NRLM with increasing efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Periodically review program progress and interim results to ensure alignment with the overall vision of the project and DAY-NRLM

Team and Capacity Building

  • Support DAY-NRLM to effectively build a common vision on HN with SRLM leadership by learning about different contexts and situation of various SRLMs and then contextualize the integration of HN mandate into the mainstream work of the SRLMs.
  • Identify with the SRLM leadership the lead persons and teams within SRLMs for HN, and build their capacity, through constant mentoring and technical assistance, in steering the HN mandate in their SRLMs.
  • Review the existing policy, guidelines, manuals, etc. of various SRLMs on HN and co-create a detailed plan for action on HN with the leadership and HN team of various SRLMs.
  • Provide technical guidance in terms of the implementation strategy, protocol and operational plan for the roll-out of core HN package in select SRLMs and pilots/ innovations
  • Work closely with DAY-NRLM leadership, HN team, SRLM leadership and HN teams to build capacity of a core group of trainers and managers at State and District levels for planning and implementing a range of HN interventions through the platform of SHG and Community based organizations.
  • Work closely with the senior leadership team to design and develop HN strategies, and, contextualize HN interventions to be rolled-out through SRLMs across the country

Program Management

  • Provide continuous input and guidance to the team of SRLM managers for operationalizing the core package of HN through their implementation system and framework.
  • Work in tandem with SRLMs to develop annual action plans for HN and enable them to ensure that milestones and deliverables as per the action plan are achieved within stipulated timelines.
  • Periodically review program progress and interim results to ensure alignment with the overall strategic vision of the project
  • Consolidate learnings and experiences from SRLMs to make relevant changes in intervention sets, operational procedures, and implementation modalities of HN interventions through various SRLMs.

Managing Partnerships and Relationship Building 

  • Maintain excellent relationship and meaningful association with the DAY-NRLM leadership and team, SRLM leadership and teams to ensure excellent buy-in of HN within various SRLMs in taking forward the HN agenda
  • Have excellent communication and strong working relationship with the leadership and functionaries of different related Government departments (Health, ICDS, etc.), other key players at the national level such as CARE, World Bank, UNICEF, and other NGOs and civil society organizations.
  • Support building new technical partnerships with different national and international technical organizations and academia to improve the overall technical capacity of PCI and providing quality of support to SRLM
  • Assist the Project Head and Lead, HN for coordination and appropriate linkages with various development partners and stakeholders.

Other Responsibilities:

  • Work closely with the leadership team of other related projects to disseminate learnings and generate innovative solutions to augment HN strategies
  • Support the DAY-NRLM HN leadership team in the development of annual work plans, budgets, annual reports, and financial reports
  • To carry out any other relevant duties as required by the supervisor and the organization

Qualifications and Experience: 


  • Post-graduation in Social Sciences, Management, Health, MD in Community Medicine or MBBS
  • At least 10 years of experience in providing Technical Assistance in large scale HN programs at National or State level
  • Substantial experience of working in the development sector as a part of community/social mobilization programming in rural areas in India
  • Significant experience in implementing and managing programs related to HN in rural India
  • Significant experience of working with the Government (specifically, with senior bureaucracy) at the state as well as national level
  • Strong understanding and perspective on gender


  • Experience of working with DAY-NRLM/ SRLMs and their community structures – SHG platforms Understanding and familiarity of development communication challenges and solutions
  • Demonstrated ability to create and maintain effective working relationships with national-level agencies, NGO partners and additional partners and stakeholders at all levels
How to apply

Application Process:

  • All applicants to send their updated resumes along with the subject line: National Program Manager- Health and Nutrition – TA to DAY-NRLM
  • Share the application and cover note on pciindiahr@gmail.com by 24th January 2020, 5:00 pm.



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