Project Manager

Organization: Ganga Prem Hospice

Apply By: 12 Apr 2019

Location: Rishikesh(Uttarakhand)




Purpose of Post

The Project Manager will fulfil all the aims and objectives of the Pallium India Ganga Prem Hospice project, and ensure timely, efficient, and productive carrying out of activities to meet the objectives of the project.


This will be achieved by:

  1. Working with stakeholders in line with the principles and aims of the project and organisation. Maintaining excellent communication with them and with your team;
  2. Managing your workload efficiently in accordance with the policies and procedures of the project and organisation;
  3. Planning for the project activities well in advance and preparing a detailed calendar of activities and all work involved thereof, and sharing the plans and information with your team;
  4. Working as an individual but also as part of a team;
  5. Developing your skills on an ongoing basis by identifying opportunities for learning about palliative care;
  6. Promoting and raising awareness of the organisation and its services.


Main Responsibilities

  1. Planning activities of the project in consultation with the project consultant and other members of the Ganga Prem Hospice (GPH) team;
  2. Liaison with the target groups/ individuals, maintaining timely and accurate communication within the GPH team, with stakeholders, and with Pallium India;
  3. Successful setting up of meetings, and training sessions with target audience, and stakeholders of the project; setting up of and maintaining of positive and fruitful relationship with the state government and local administrations, hospitals, medical and educational institutes, nursing schools, individual doctors, nurses, health care professionals, non-government organisations and any other target group(s), to ensure attainment of the goals of the project;
  4. Identification of training centres, trainers and training for trainers for all the required activities in palliative care, under the project;
  5. Eventually working towards setting up of palliative care units in the state of Uttarakhand;
  6. Advocating implementation of the NDPS Amendment Act, advocating development of state palliative care policy;
  7. Ensuring and taking all steps to make sure that all terms and conditions and guidelines of the project are met by GPH;
  8. Maintaining of detailed reports of project activities; timely submission of reports and funds utilisation details by GPH to Pallium India;
  9. Maintaining record of expenditure incurred in the project and ensuring that all expenditure is according to the project budget;
  10. Ensuring that all internal systems of Ganga Prem Hospice regarding reporting and accounting are adhered to, with respect to the Pallium India-Ganga Prem Hospice project;
  11. Ensuring accurate, and wide-spread information dissemination and press coverage of the project. 
How to apply

Please send your updated resume (preferably with a covering letter) to sameer.rana04@gmail.com.

Your application will first be reviewed by Ganga Prem Hospice. Once shortlisted, you will be required to appear for two rounds of interview - with Ganga Prem Hospice and with Pallium India.

Details of the confirmation will be shared subsequently.





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