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1436774865logo amrf.jpg Arupa Mission Research Foundation
Established : 1998
Organization Type : NGO,CSR Foundation,Academic and Research,Consultancy,Others

N6/23, IRC Village, Jaydev Vihar
About the Organization


Arupa Mission Research Foundation is a change agent empowering people and catalyzing positive environmental changes on one hand as well as facilitating for ‘businesses’  to achieve responsible ‘Environment, Social, Governance’ contributing to inclusive economic growth.


We have developed a platform for tri-color collaboration in global development :  bringing together of Business, Governments, Civil Society to address and resolve barriers  in socio-economic growth; We use participatory approach ( all levels of stakeholders) and scientific methods and tools; We believe in Reflection of people’s voices (including women, children, differently abled, other vulnerable people) in needs and outcomes; Our Activities are supported by  INGOs, Government, Private Sector, Donor organizations, individual donors, volunteers, citizens, corporates etc. The Broad Sectors we work in  include women’s empowerment/gender, social equity,  natural disaster management, livelihoods, , water and sanitation, health and hygiene, child development, education, health, and renewable energy, Corporate Social Responsibility. 

Our objective is: Service to Mankind and Environment

Our Aim: Establishing a people’s organisation that empowers the vulnerable and is a catalyst in environment protection through innovative measures for achieving Millennium Development Goals


Sl. No.




Name of the Firm

Arupa Mission Research Foundation


Registration Details

1729 (Trust Act)


Location of Head Office

N6/23, IRC Village, Jaydev Vihar, Bhubaneswar-751015. Odisha.

Head Office

Phone No:0674-2362519/ 9437019455

Branch Offices

(Particulars of each branch to be given)

a)       Gurgaon (Haryana)/ New Delhi

Arupa Mission Research Foundation

M-94, Ground Floor, Blossoms II, Near Artemis Hospital

Sector-51, Gurgaon-122001, Haryana


b)       Assam and Northeast

Arupa Mission Research Foundation

A.G. Office road, House No-7, Beltola, Guwahati 781029, Assam

Firm Income Tax PAN No.



FCRA Registration


Nature: Social



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Arupa Mission Research Foundation according to its Trust Deed is mandated to operate from anywhere in the Union Territory of India.

  • Head office : Orissa                     
  • Branch office: Haryana , Guwahati (Assam and North East)
  • Field office: set up as per project requirements in different States

Projects are taken up in any part of the country based on

  • situation analysis
  • client and stakeholder requirement

States and Districts worked in:

  • Orissa (Koraput, Cuttack, Jagatsinghpur, Kendrapada, Khurda, Puri, Western Orissa –


  • Rajasthan (Jodhpur)
  • Delhi (Slums of Madenpur Khader and Kalyanpuri)
  • Bihar (Darbhanga)
  • Chattisgarh (Raipur-rural, Jagdalpur)
  • Haryana (Gurgaon)
  • Assam & North East (Guwahati)



  • Situation Analysis, Stakeholder consultations, Participatory Rural Appraisal Methods, Other scientific tools and techniques
  • Research
  • Policy and Advocacy
  • Strategic Planning
  • Capacity Building and Training
  • Implementation
  • Advisory Services
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Strategic Communication including reporting and documentation
  • Baselines, Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Social Impact Assessments
  • ICTs
  • Low cost construction
  • Resettlement, Reconstruction, Rehabilitation
  • Health, Water and Sanitation
  • Gender, Women Empowerment
  •  Child Development
  • Empowering Differently Abled People (Disability )Disaster Management (rescue, relief, reconstruction, resettlement, livelihoods)
  • Renewable Energy
  • Livelihoods
  • Social/ Rural/Urban / Tribal Development
  • Construction (low cost housing/ toilets/ low cost schools/ cyclone shelters / school cum cyclone shelters etc.)
  • Microfinance
  • Literacy and Education, Digital Empowerment and ICTs,
  • Environment and Climate Change
  • Organisation Development
  • Skill development for livelihoods, Soft Skills, 
  • Institutional Strengthening and Capacity Building ( Government/ Non-Government)


  • Health, Water and Sanitation
  • Gender, Women Empowerment
  •  Child Development
  • Empowering Differently Abled People (Disability )Disaster Management (rescue, relief, reconstruction, resettlement, livelihoods)
  • Renewable Energy
  • Livelihoods
  • Social/ Rural/Urban / Tribal Development
  • Construction (low cost housing/ toilets/ low cost schools/ cyclone shelters / school cum cyclone shelters etc.)
  • Microfinance
  • Literacy and Education, Digital Empowerment and ICTs,
  • Environment and Climate Change
  • Organisation Development
  • Skill development for livelihoods, Soft Skills, 
  • Institutional Strengthening and Capacity Building ( Government/ Non-Government)


a.       Social Development

Our Mantra for Social Development is inclusive growth, gender sensitivity and poverty focus providing innovative, need based and contextualized solutions through thorough research, assessment and understanding , socio-economic vulnerability and risk assessment, for achievement of Millennium Development Goals and ensuring mitigating undue risks by ensuring social safeguards irrespective of gender, economic class, caste, religion. Our focus is on poor, marginalized, vulnerable people, minorities, and differently abled persons from rural, peri-urban, urban and tribal areas on a wide range of subjects that reduce poverty and influence wellbeing: 

-          Gender and Women Empowerment

-          Child Empowerment

-          Empowering Differently Abled People (Disability )

-          Social Safeguards

-          Livelihoods and Micro Finance

-          Literacy and Education

-          Governance


  • Gender and Women Empowerment: AMRF works on resolving gender issues and empowerment of vulnerable people. Our stakeholders include women, men, children, adolescents and transgender. Violence against Women, Girls and Transgender, domestic violence, cases of trafficking are taken up. We are also working on economic, political, digital empowerment of women and transgender. Measures are being taken up for building capacities of women and transgender and bringing together Government and Non-Government Stakeholders such as people from the administration, police, health, skill development, lawyers and others onto one platform for influencing all stakeholders towards equality and equity.


  • Child Empowerment- Saishav: Children are center to our work. We have been working towards empowering children through Education, initiatives to curb child abuse,  reduce child trafficking, helping children come out of impacts of natural disasters and emergencies as well as child labour. Our initiatives have been participatory with children, parents, teachers and the community participating in such activities. AMRF has made an animation film on child abuse covering all the subjects mentioned here. Our child empowerment initiatives is under the banner – “Saishav”.


  • Empowering Differently Abled Persons: We have undertaken a study on capacity building needs for livelihoods of Differently abled Persons for our client. At the same time we take special initiatives for inclusion of differently abled children in our child empowerment activities as well as during natural disasters and emergencies.


  • Literacy and Education: Our literacy and education initiatives are in both rural and urban areas. These include construction, establishment and running of schools and colleges that are either affiliated to Orissa Boards or CBSE, special literacy initiatives for the elderly and for men and women who are not literate. A special literacy drive is being undertaken for the transgender community also.


  • Governance: AMRF works with both Urban Local Bodies and Panchayats in Rural areas on implementation of various schemes. For projects in interior tribal/rural pockets Gram Sabhas and local tribal councils are also consulted.


  • Livelihoods and Micro Finance: Initiatives towards economic independence, increased participation in household and community decisions, democratic practices and good governance through micro finance, capacity building, and awareness generation have been undertaken. At the same time, AMRF has undertaken evaluations on projects initiated by other organisations and developed roadmaps for course change, reforms and implementation.


b.       Institutional Strengthening, Skills and Capacity Building

One of our core practices is to strengthen institutions at the grass root level (community level), government institutions as well as non-government institutions to catalyze change, for effective management and measurable results and reforms through 

-          Institutional Strengthening and Reforms

-          Capacity Building

-          Skill Development

Assessments, planning, evaluations, monitoring, knowledge uptake are also part of these activities. Starting from Capacity Building and Training Need Assessment (CBTNA) to developing training modules and then training, followed by knowledge uptake, monitoring of impacts of training. Skill Development and Capacity Building are being undertaken for Communities, Community Based Organisations, Non-Government Organisations, Government, Companies.

  • Institutional Strengthening and Reforms:  We specialise in institutional strengthening and reforms. Our work includes but is not limited to working on institutional processes and policies, implementation mechanisms as well as human resources to bring about positive changes.
  • Capacity Building :  Capacity building of institutions, human resources at all levels is an important activity we undertake which leads to training and ensuring there is knowledge and learning uptake as well as a follow up. We specialize in need based capacity building and training measures and are skilled on basing our capacity building and training measures on Capacity Building and Training Need Assessments, developing manuals, working with the Theory of Change to bring about reforms.
  • Skill Development: We facilitate in strengthening and developing the expertise abilities, competencies of people, communities and institutions to overcome the barriers and gaps in developing. A major focus has been on developing skills of vulnerable and marginalized persons for improved incomes and better lives. Skill development has been on various trades , crafts, institutionalization of community based institutions, financial literacy, soft skills, gender, health, natural disaster rescue and relief operations etc., organisation management, development and strengthening among others.


c.        Water, Sanitation, Hygiene, Health

Water, sanitation and hygiene are critical determinants of good health and wellbeing. Access to safe drinking water and sanitation are human rights of people. A lack of equitable access to water impediments growth and development of people, communities and a nation. At the same time, the pyramid of hygiene determines whether people and communities will be healthy even if they have access to safe and clean water and sanitation. The health indicators and disease burden on one hand and access to health services and availability of requisite and adequate health services is also a great concern. Accessibility, availability, understanding for utilization, knowledge and awareness. Keeping this in view we work on:

-          Water Sanitation and Hygiene

-          Health and Nutrition

  • Water, Sanitation and Hygiene:

We play a key role in shaping and implementing initiatives in Water, Sanitation, Hygiene and Health.  We have expertise in analyzing situations, assessing, planning, developing, implementation, advocacy and IEC. Demand responsive community participation and partnerships have been key elements in fostering ownership of implemented initiatives.

  • Health and Nutrition: We have been constantly providing health services to vulnerable and marginalized persons since the formation of the organisation. Since the mid ninety’s our focus has been on general health camps, special health camps for women and children, camps for HIV/AIDS awareness, health camps for identification of cancer patients from among poor families and facilitation in their treatment, treatment of children from poor families. We have also been involved in awareness generation and advocacy. Special health care services and provisions during natural calamities and emergencies. During natural calamities and emergencies provisions are made for a balanced nutritional diet of vulnerable people. During our training programmes for women a time slot is always kept for discussions on reproductive health and child care, hygiene and nutrition.


d.       Environment

-          Climate Change

-          Renewable Energy

-          Natural Disaster Management


  • Climate Change: To identify significant changes in climate that may impact people, livelihoods and environment as such we have been conducting regular awareness and knowledge sharing programmes and working towards developing linkages between farmers and technical institutions for solutions, resilience strategies and research.
  • Renewable Energy: This is one of our core sub sectors and we specialize in it. Advocating and implementing renewable energy resources as an effective and non-conventional means towards bio conservation and better environment management. We take up research, development, implementation, advocacy, capacity building and training on renewable energy.
  • Natural Disaster Management: This includes core activities like socio-economic vulnerability and risk assessment, Natural Disaster Preparedness, resilience, plans, management, rescue and relief operations, post disaster rehabilitation, reconstruction, alternate livelihood plans, knowledge and awareness, bringing people and service providers together.


e.       Information Communication Technology

We have been involved in need based computer aided knowledge transfer since 2004 onwards. Our stakeholders include women, men and children. We will be slowly including transgender in our digital empowerment programmes. Digital empowerment and ICT initiatives have been undertaken in both rural and urban areas to reduce the digital divide. 

-          Digital Empowerment

-          Animation and Videos

-          Booklets and Print

-          Mobile Apps for Social and Environmental Causes


  • Digital Empowerment: We use different forms of information, communication and technology to empower individuals, groups and institutions to have better knowledge, understanding, capacity and access to and control over resources, services and better wellbeing and for reducing the digital divide.  
  •  Animation and Videos: We develop animation films and videos for capacity building and training, knowledge transfer and learning. We also use animation and videos developed by others based on needs.
  •  Strategic Communication: We develop strategic communication documents for organisations as well as newsletters and other important documents.
  •  Mobile Apps and other IT products for Social and Environmental Causes: In partnership with Quadraphic Solutions Pvt. Ltd. we will be venturing into development of mobile apps and other IT products for social and environmental causes and change.


f.        Corporate Social Responsibility

The current business environment indicates a ‘need for businesses’ and a ‘demand from businesses’ to function responsibly through a wholesome, inclusive process of economic growth, extending beyond the walls of their companies and factories down the value chain, right to grass root community. Additionally, there is a growing demand for tri-colour collaboration in global development (the bringing together of Business, Governments, Civil Society) to address and resolve barriers in socio-economic growth. We provide the following services in Corporate Social Responsibility:

-          Advisory

-          Implementation

  • Advisory: Our services include CSR compliance advisory and management
  • Implementation: Our services include end to end implementation of CSR projects


g.       Construction

AMRF is well known for its low cost construction work, post natural disasters- flood and earthquake resilient construction (schools, cyclone shelters, toilets, and houses), construction of low cost toilets and buildings etc. We also provide training on low cost construction, masonry and construction of natural disaster resilient buildings. Our work includes:

-          Low Cost Housing

-          Low Cost Toilets

-          Low Cost and Natural Disaster Resilient School cum Cyclone/Flood Shelters

-          Other Buildings

            A team of experienced engineers specializing in this.

  • Low Cost Housing: Special architecture a, engineering and masonry techniques are used to make low cost houses.
  • Low Cost Toilets: AMRF works with own funds and with the Government for construction of low cost toilets for better health and hygiene outcomes.
  • Low Cost and Natural Disaster Resilient School cum Cyclone/Flood Shelters: We specialize in using special methods and techniques for construction of schools, school cum cyclone shelters that are resilient to floods, cyclones and earthquakes.
  • Other Buildings: Other buildings like schools, Milk Collection Centers for livelihoods using low cost construction techniques are also our forte.





  • Livestock Development Group,
  • School of Agriculture, Policy and Development, Economic and Social Science Division, Livelihood Research, University of Reading, Reading UK
  • Greenpower Canada
  • NR International, UK


 Government of India:

  • Ministry of New and Renewable Energy Sources (Government of India)
  • Central Workers Education Board, Department of Labour and Employment, Government of India
  • Housing and Urban Development Corporation Limited, A Government of India Enterprise


Government of Orissa:

  • Orissa Renewable Energy Development Agency, Govt. of Orissa
  • Orissa Community Tank Management Project, World Bank aided/ Department of Water Resources, Govt. of Orissa
  • Western Orissa Rural Livelihoods Programme, NR International UK/ Orissa Watershed Development Mission
  • Orissa Tribal Empowerment and Livelihoods Programme, FAO/ IFAD/DFID/WFP/ Govt. of Orissa
  • Orissa State Aid Cell
  • Orissa Police (Jail Reforms)
  • Orissa Disaster Management Agency
  • Different District Administrations and Municipal Corporations
  • Orissa Rural Housing Development Corporation


Private Institutions and Companies 

  • Radisson Hotels (New Delhi)
  • T Cube Solutions,
  • KVK Nilachal Power Private Limited
  • Orissa Shipping Private Limited
  • SRF Ltd.


Donor Organizations

  • Oxfam
  • Red Cross
  • Rotary
  • GTZ ( German Technology Zone)


Educational Institutions:

  • Akhil Bharatiya Siksha Sansthan (200 + schools)
  • BJB Friends
  • Gautam Nagar Municipality Girls High School, Bhubaneswar
  • Shantanu English Medium School, Bhubaneswar
  • ME Highschool. Tarapur, Jagatsighpur
  • Swami Arupananda National College, Jagatsinghpur


Other Organizations

  • Discipleship Center (New Delhi/Rajasthan/Bihar)
  • Natural Resource Management Consultants
  • Indira Colony, Gurgaon
  • Center for Environment and Science
  • Asha Kiran Trust
  • Gurgaon Municipal Corporation- Municipal Corporator, Sector 51
  • Municipal Corporation of Kendrapada

Private Institutions and Companies

  • Radisson Hotels (New Delhi)
  • T Cube Solutions
  • KVK Nilachal Power Private Limited
  • Orissa Shipping Private Limited

Donor Organizations

  • Oxfam
  • Red Cross
  • Rotary
  • GTZ ( German Technology Zone)


Dr. Swami Arupananda, Chairman:

He is the founder of Arupa Mission Research Foundation which is now 16 years running and prior to that had established the Swami Arupananda Mission in the early 1990 which was associated primarily with health and education. Having a PhD in alternate medicine and D.Sc. in environmental sciences, the Chairman has been directly looking into all projects relating to health, environment, disaster management, and education and has been a guiding force for designing projects in the socio-economic sectors. A notable achievement has been the jail reforms undertaken under his supervision in Orissa. A believer in sustainability and ethics.


Gp. Captain B.P.Patnaik (Retd), Vice Chairman Administration and Finance:

Associated with Arupa Mission Research Foundation since its inception in 1995, he is responsible for the administration and finance management of the trust. His expertise has shaped the various educational programmes undertaken by the Trust a, as well as the projects relating to Disaster management.


P.C.Dash (Er. Retd.), Vice Chairman, Projects:

 Having expertise in Renewable Energy Sources and Low budget construction, Mr. Dash has been looking into all of Arupa Mission Research Foundation’s projects relating to Renewable Energy, climate change, disaster management and low cost construction, Corporate Social Responsibility etc. He has been associated with the trust for 16 years and has also been involved in various research projects and capacity building and training initiatives undertaken by the Trust.


Sonali Patnaik, Director:

She is a technical expert from the Social Development sector with 14 + years of experience, specializing in bringing together Government, Business and Civil Society through CSR initiatives;  Project Strategy development, designing, HRM, Monitoring, Evaluation, Learning, ICTs, Documentation, Strengthen/ build grassroots networks/ partnerships/ alliances creating positive impact in the lives of the vulnerable (women, children, disabled, aged, the poor and others) ; Design, support, appraise rural/ community development projects/programmes (multilateral, bilateral, donor supported, State/district level) for poverty alleviation, gender issues, livelihood promotion, micro credit, business development service provision to rural communities, education and natural resource management; Strategic programme & organisation management engaging multiple stakeholders towards impact oriented programmes; policy and advocacy, Organization/institutional development , capacity building of poverty focused micro finance, livelihood promotion organizations &programmes; Strengthening Community Based Disaster Preparedness programmes; post disaster rehabilitation;  Designing and evaluating Resettlement packages and projects, Tribal and Community Development plans/ projects; Socio Economic Vulnerability Assessment, Strategic Environment and Social Assessment.


Chitaranjan Sahoo, Field / Project Director

He has over 10 years of experience in managing field work and projects.


Anita Das, State Head, Women Empowerment:

Anita Das is textile and fashion designer working with rural and urban artisans and weavers over 15 years. She is associated with all programmes linked to women empowerment and skill development undertaken by AMRF as part of alternate livelihood activities to reduce poverty.


Gautam Daniel Roy Chawdhury, State Head, Assam & North East:

Mr.  Chawdhury is manages projects in Assam & North East. He is also the Political Advisor to Garo Nation Council (Apex Body of 300,000 Garo Tribals of Assam thus supporting AMRF’s projects relating to tribes of Assam, especially in Forests and hilly areas. He has also been the State Level Coordinator (Ministry of Minority Affairs) Govt. of India, Ex- Member, Assam Minorities Development Board, Kamrup (Metro), Ex- Joint Convener, Corporate Affairs Department and has served as Liaison Officer in Bodoland Territorial Council.


Dr. Sridhar Seetharaman (Retd.), Gender and Rural Development Advisor:

Advisor to AMRF and a retired Associate Professor from the National Institute of Rural Development, Dr. Seetharaman has been awarded with the Best Citizens of India Award 2014 for work in Rural Development and Gender (Mainstreaming and Auditing and Justice) and for assisting Northern Eastern States to adopt Gender Budgeting as a strategy for Women’s Empowerment. He has been associated with AMRF’s gender and women empowerment, micro-finance and livelihood projects.


Amarendra Sahu, HR Consultant and Advisor:

Amarendra Sahu comes with more than two decades of substantive business experience within the Indian corporate sector. He has successfully partnered with internationally competitive clients in the infrastructure and environment, EPC, energy and natural resources sectors for executive search and recruitment over the last nine years in advising organizations on talent strategy to help them meet their business objectives. As a domain specialist for these sectors he focuses in identifying, assessing and recruiting human resources, management experts and functional specialists by developing a deep understanding of fitment parameters on a range of social and cultural issues with employment branding. He is actively into behavioral assessments. He is a Law Graduate and an alumnus of XLRI Jamshedpur.


Dhananjay Bhaskar Ray, Advocate and Policy expert:

A dedicated advocate associated with AMRF for all work relating to policy, advocacy, and cases relating to gender violence, anti-sexual harassment etc. Dhananjay is a B.A. LL.B. from Symbiosis Law School, Symbiosis International University, Pune, and Maharashtra and graduated in the year 2009. He is enrolled with the Bar Council of Delhi in the year 2009 and is also into litigation practice.

Mohan Bhagwat, Environment Expert

A certified Lead Environment Auditor and certified in EMS/ISO-14001 with M.Tech. in Environment and Pollution Control, Mr. Bhagwat is our technical advisor, who assist AMRF with technical assessments as well as project designs.


Dr. Hara Prasad Parichay Patnaik, Educationist and Media Facilitator:

A renowned educationist and author and media person, Dr. Hara Prasad Parichay Patnaik has been associated with AMRF since 1998 for all its education related programmes in rural and urban areas.


Dr. Devi Prasad Mohapatra, Health Expert:

Dr. Devi Prasad Mohapatra, is a leading doctor working with JIPMER Puducherry and associated with AMRF since 2005 for all health projects undertaken.


Dr. Dr. Sakti Mishra, Health Expert:

Dr. Sakti Mishra, is a leading doctor associated with AMRF since its inception for all health projects undertaken, especially health camps and HIV/AIDS, RCH related programmes.


Dushmanta Kumar Swain:

 A well know urban architect, associated with AMRF since its inception and associated with all construction related projects undertaken by AMRF.




Our Website:






Arupa Mission Research Foundation

Bhubaneshwar (Head office): N6/24, Nayapalli, Bhubaneshwar 15, Orissa, India


Gurgaon Office: M 94, Ground Floor, Blossoms 2, Sector 51, Gurgaon, India


Assam & North East office: A.G. Office road, House No-7, Beltola , Guwahati 781029, Assam


Contact Person

Sonali Patnaik:                                            9310143331/ 9937207349

Gp.Capt. B.P. Patnaik (Retd):                   9437019455






Thematic areas

Agriculture,food and nutrition ,CSR and Sustainability ,Community Development ,Disaster Management ,Education/ Skill Development ,Energy, Environment and Climate Change ,Microfinance ,Healthcare ,Human Rights ,Livelihoods ,Social Entrepreneurship , ,Water and Sanitation ,Gender studies ,Cross-sectoral/Others

Operations in State


Chief Functionary

Name : Dr. Swami Arupananda
Designation : Chairman
Email :
Project Type : CSR Projects,Government funded,Collaborative projects with multiple partners


Name : Sonali Patnaik
Designation : Director
Email 1 :
Email 2 :
Phone : 9310143331
Address : N6/23, IRC Village, Jaydev Vihar

Implementing projects of

  • Projects
  • CSR Projects
  • Portfolio


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