Ambuja Cement Foundation is Transforming education in Chandrapur, Maharashtra


June 10, 2020

Ambuja Cement Foundation is Transforming education in Chandrapur, Maharashtra


In rural India, approximately 31% of families opt to send their children to private schools due to poor infrastructure and learning outcomes in Government schools. But 69.1% of poor families can’t afford or access private schools and they settle for sub-standard Government schools and poor education.


In 2014, the local school in Pimplegaon was graded ‘D’ by the Education Board which prompted Abuja Cement Foundation, the school management and the parents to do something about it. The goal was to achieve ISO Certification for the school. By working together, they introduced Digital Learning and host of other ISO parameters. Slowly, things started turning around. The school started maintaining better records. The beautification of school along with innovative school activities were introduced.


\"When I joined as principal of Zilla Parishad School in Pimpalgaon in 2013, children from the community were mostly going to faraway schools for education. Teachers were even waiting to get their transfer orders and shift to other schools. The school was dead. It seemed hopeless, but I could see so much potential in the place.  I started conducting meetings with teachers and parents and it seemed everyone wanted good education at the school but didn’t know how. 

I knew we just had to work together — and work hard.” says Moreshwar Bonde, Pimpalgaon, Chandrapur, Maharashtra 


As a result, today the attendance and admissions have increased. The school also received ISO certification and now is one of the top 10 schools in the district. After this success, ACF began initiating ISO certifications for other schools and to date 15 schools and aanganwadis have been ISO certified.


Seeing the results, the Maharashtra Government is now initiating ISO accreditation for other schools in the district enhancing the impact of education for rural children.


ACF is leading the way to improved education for India’s rural children.




Ambuja Cement Foundation is a grassroots pan-India implementing organisation that harnesses the power of partnerships –between communities, Government and other like-minded corporates and NGOs – to help solve pressing community problems and to foster prosperity.



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