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Nandurbar district lies in the north-west corner of Maharashtra state. The population of Nandurbar is predominantly Tribal consisting of 64% of Scheduled Tribes. It is among 4 districts in M....
By NSE-Foundation
April 1, 2020

The word drought creates a picture of shattered condition in our minds. One such worst condition had arrived in Marathwada during 2013-2015. Since the beginning it being aware of its social ....
By ACC-Trust
April 1, 2020

Jindal Stainless Foundation and Gram Unnati Foundation started a project ‘Krishi Unnati’ in order to achieve the mission of ‘Doubling Farmers’ Income’. They sta....

Odisha was becoming a climate hotspot in more unprecedented way the state was hit by a severe cyclonic storm ‘Fani’ with speed of more than 200 km/hr hitting the prosperous coastal region ....
By Tata-Trusts
March 19, 2020

Nearly nine-tenths of Bihar’s population lives in its villages. And these villages are filled with hope. Hope for better tomorrow, hope for change. At HDFC Bank, it has always been their endeavo....
By HDFC-Bank
February 24, 2020

The journey of Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology (Kiit) Deemed University, from a humble and modest industrial training institute to being an Institution of Eminence with overwhelming global ....
February 19, 2020

At JSW, the empowerment of women has been treated as an integral issue in not only determining the status of women, but also impacting the development of the family as a whole and society at....
By JSW-Foundation
February 10, 2020

With access to free electricity, farmers in Punjab have never really faced a water problem and is leading the agricultural sector of the nation. 73% of the cultivated land is, in fact, dependent on tu....
By Ambuja-Cement-Foundation
February 7, 2020

Professional and personal lives demand interaction with fellow humans, which underlines the need for interpersonal and intrapersonal relations, the vortex of which revolves around conflict management.....
By Sarah-Berry
January 27, 2020

Godavari Tanda is situated in the draught affected Parbhani district of Maharashtra. The total population of the village is approximately 1000. The villagers belong to Lamani Banjara community. Until ....
By Reliance-Foundation
January 21, 2020

The Anganwadi system forms the backbone of India’s integrated child development services. It is world’s largest community-based programme to holistically address health, nutrition and educ....
By UN-Women
January 15, 2020

Today, technology, in terms of computers and mobiles has become a basic need for everyone. Be it a school or an IT professional. Humana India, in partnership with Microsoft and Rajiv Gandhi Shiksha Mi....
January 8, 2020

Every year, on the beautiful beaches on the east coast of India, one of the most magical natural events takes place. Hundreds of thousands of baby Olive Ridley Turtles pop out of sand and crawl toward....
By Infosys-Foundation-
December 31, 2019

‘Our nation progresses when the women in the community progress along’. At PNB, they truly believe empowered women not only encourage growth in the household but also impact the community ....
By PNB-Metlife
December 24, 2019

In India, as in other parts of the world, children still fall victim to sexual abuse. Because this topic is still considered a taboo, abuse often gets reported, leading to lifelong trauma. Pooja Tapa....
By Arpan
December 17, 2019

Rural India still suffers from inadequate and inaccessible primary healthcare services. Rural Health centres are critically short of trained medical personnel. According to the data available, 39% PHC....
By Wockhardt-Foundation
December 11, 2019

It was a sultry Sunday afternoon. I was sitting in the living room, fiddling with my laptop and going through the same website which I had visited several times now. I looked at the deadline....
By India-Fellow
December 7, 2019

Chakhaji in Samastipur is the only village to be 100% solar irrigated in Bihar. More than 550 farmers irrigate about 200 acres of land. In 2016, IWMI developed a business model tailored to the needs o....
November 26, 2019

Natiya, a young girl who had been a city dweller her entire life and dropped out from her corporate life in Goldmann Sachhs and started to study Anthropology to find a meaning to her routine....
By SBI-Foundation
November 20, 2019





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