Catalyzing change in lives of underprivileged girls and women through 'Damini'

By- PNB Metlife

December 24, 2019

Catalyzing change in lives of underprivileged girls and women through 'Damini'

PNB Metlife

‘Our nation progresses when the women in the community progress along’. At PNB, they truly believe empowered women not only encourage growth in the household but also impact the community at large. Aligned to PNB’s overall brand ethos ‘Milkar Life Aage Badhayein’, their CSR initiative ‘Damini’ focuses on creating interventions across various life stages from a girl child to a women.

Through a series of initiatives under ‘Damini’, they have been sensitizing the communities about education, health and sanitation, and skill development. For bringing ‘Damini’ to life, PNB Metlife joined hands with NGOs like Nanhi Kali, Goonj, Drishtee, etc that support underprivileged girls and women.

Even today, across India, 63% of girl’s dropout of school even before reaching standard 10. PNB Metlife, in partnership with Nanhi Kali offers quality education to girl child from economically disadvantaged families as a part of this ongoing initiative of building the future of young girls through free education. School kids are provided education at zero-cost.

Taking the torch of enlightenment forward, PNB Metlife along with Goonj is creating more awareness about women’s health across India’s hinterland. Educational courses on epidemics and fatal illnesses and free distribution of mypad dignity kit are all a part of this endeavour.

PNB Metlife along with Drishtee Foundation share a common vision of enabling underprivileged women from the villages secure their livelihood and a steady source of income.

In association with Child Rights & You (CRY), PNB Metlife provides training to young aspirants from weaker sections of the society and has already awarded numerous scholarships.

Empowered by the philosophy, ‘Milkar Life Aage Badhayein’, PNB Metlife has been catalyzing change in lives of underprivileged girls and women, making them prosperous and fearless.



PNB Metlife

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