Empowering Education and Safety: Knight Frank's CSR Initiative with School Bus Commissioning


May 8, 2024

Empowering Education and Safety: Knight Frank's CSR Initiative with School Bus Commissioning

Knight Frank

Social priority is defined as the responsibilities we should abide by towards nurturing a community. In such a realm, safeguarding the education and safety of children stands at the summit indisputably. Every child has a right to get educated in an environment that enhances intellectual growth and confidence and provides a shield that ensures no harm, physical or mental. Often cases reported of physical abuse or vocal banter against children in public are left unheard. Therefore, not only adequate education but also an educational environment where a child feels secure while learning and far away from physical and mental abuse is an utmost necessity.

The initial responsibility of education and safety empowerment rests on the shoulders of school premises. A school environment should be in such a manner that every child entering the premises bags up with a sense of confidence and security against physical or emotional abuse. School authorities should guarantee protective measures against violence, bullying, and vocal banter. They should have clear protocols regarding any kind of abuse and should ensure abiding by the rules. Further, an environment of respect and inclusivity is essential for a sense of belonging and togetherness.

Beyond the school premises, the parents are liable for every action their child takes. Unfortunately, countless children face various forms of bullying, including abuse and violence. Therefore, parents have a responsibility to teach their children to avoid any physical or verbal banter and be proactive in these situations. Further, a society must prioritize the welfare of children and provide support in such conditions.

Educating children about the pros and cons of the technology advancements is necessary, especially online safety. The surge in cyber crimes against children is not unknown to many. The Internet is an enormous sea of learning and socializing opportunities, but it also exposes children to cases like cyberbullying, online predators, and inappropriate content. Thus, educating them for a responsible dive into the digital world and refraining from the mud of digital litter should be a priority.

Beyond the realm of textbook education, it is crucial to address the ill factors that can surge vulnerabilities among children. Factors like socioeconomic disparity, inequality, and discrimination may impede a child’s emotional journey, derailing a path that may impact adequate education and safety. They should also be educated on the negative impacts of these factors on a community and prevent the creation of future bullies. 


Moreover, until a child enters his teenage, their parents are responsible for every decision for the children’s well-being. Therefore harmonizing a culture where parents actively seek out educational institutes and public sectors can create a comprehensive framework for their child’s future. Actively participating in such collaborative events promotes communication and the creation of effective ideas for a child’s well-being.


Integrating education and safety and realizing the issue, Knight Frank India successfully collaborated with SAMPARC (Social Action for Manpower Creation) in a commitment to provide advanced safety and education to the children of Gramin Vidya Kendra, Bhambarde. The collaboration promises further investments in education and ensures the safety of the students.

Education and Safety Empowerment: Collaboration for the Generation Security: Impact Created

Knight Frank India is a leading international firm in property consultation and as a part of their corporate social responsibility (CSR) collaborated with SAMPARC in commissioning a school bus for Gram Vidya Kendra. Rural areas often lack means of transport serving as an impediment to education for the rural kids. Often children living far from the school premises have to traverse long distances on foot to reach school. By providing school buses for the students, the collaboration of these ventures ensures that children can reach school safely.

Sashir Baijal, Managing Director of Knight Frank India in a recent interview said that every child deserves a chance to educate, grow, and nurture. Hence, investing in empowering education is not just a duty but a privilege to secure brighter futures. He also mentioned that the initiative aims to support education, especially for girl children, and ignite the flame of curiosity and innovation to drive progress in the communities. 

Amitkumar Banerjee, Founder, Director/Secretary, SAMPARC praised the collaboration with Knight Frank and mentioned the importance of the bus donation which will enhance the education and safety of the children. 

The school bus initiative highlights the commitment to corporate social responsibility. The realization of social responsibility and appropriate strides toward the betterment of marginalized communities by leveraging expertise and resources drives a positive framework of empowerment. Through the public and corporate sector collaborations, a sense of urgency can be created among other ventures to step ahead and be keen toward realizing the social issues and providing solutions.  

As the transformative project continues to expand, it highlights the profound role these sectors can play in community empowerment. By integrating education and safety, the collaboration aims to unlock a child’s full potential and refrain them from any negative social element that may hinder their physical and mental growth. The ill sections of the society, if once entered into a system, rot up within the roots. Therefore, adequate knowledge and leveraging methods to tackle such elements will ensure sustainable development for the generations to come. 

The initiative of Knight Frank’s CSR transcends beyond transportation and incorporates an approach towards community development. Collaborating with public sectors and educational institutes and donating school buses tailors broader efforts to empower education and safety. The donation is only a facade for the bigger picture. It is a beacon of hope to all marginalized communities that the transformative power of CSR can advance social growth and foster inclusive growth.




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