FMC - Uplifting health standards of the communities with 'Project Samarth'


July 30, 2020

FMC - Uplifting health standards of the communities with 'Project Samarth'


The soul of our sustenance. The elixir of life. Fundamental to our survival. Yet in many parts of India there is no access to safe drinking water even today. The United Nations highlighted these concerns on quality of water available to its citizens. India ranked 120th among 122 countries in the water quality index. Over 69.14 million cases of waterborne diseases were reported between 2012-2017. Diarrhoea remained the leading cause of an alarming 60% deaths. Uttar Pradesh recorded highest deaths due to the diarrhoea in the country.


Virender Teja, Doctor, Faizpur says - ‘Our location is in between the two rivers with Yamuna on one side and Hindon on the other, and both the rivers have polluted water. The water here was quite saline too.’


FMC is an agricultural sciences company, providing innovative crop protection solutions to the farming communities. Water being at the heart of the issue, FMC took the greater challenge to provide safe drinking water to the farming communities of Uttar Pradesh, the most populous state in India. And with ‘Project Samarth’ was born. A modest step to help the farming community fulfil their dream; a dream of safe drinking water.


Raagnarayan Singh, Farmer, Beejapur says - ‘FMC company has installed the water plants. By Project Samarth, we understand that when people drink clean water from these plants, they will be less prone to diseases and this will help them save money spent on healthcare.’


Taking forward FMC’s core value of sustainability to drive all stakeholders to progress, and improving the quality of life of the farming community, Project Samantha established community-level water filtration plants in 15 village clusters across Uttar Pradesh. The first community water filtration plant was inaugurated in Beejapur, Haidergarh Dist., Barabanki in 2019. Each plant can provide 48000 litres of filtered water per day and together these 15 plants can provide water to 40,000 families across these villages.


Manikant Mishra, Villager, Ramnapur, says - ‘After installation of the water plant, almost 50% of the people have been relieved of diseases.’


While promoting sense of leadership in the community, the project also has positive socio-economic impact and potential to generate employment. A lot of people come to the plant from far off villages for water.


FMC, always embracing opportunities to better the living standards and supporting Government’s commitment to uplift health standards of the communities. FMC, ‘Pragati Aapki, Prakriti Humari.’



FMC Corporation is an American chemical manufacturing company headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, which originated as an insecticide producer and later diversified into other industries






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