How Newgen CSR is Giving Back to Society Through Remedial Education and Mid-day Meal Programs

By- Priyadarshini Nigam

May 4, 2021

How Newgen CSR is Giving Back to Society Through Remedial Education and Mid-day Meal Programs


Since its inception in 2014, Newgen’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative has actively focused on uplifting society and ensuring the social and economic development of our extended community. Our CSR program is focused on providing equitable education to underprivileged children through digital literacy. To further augment our efforts, we have implemented developmental initiatives, in collaboration with our partners, that are geared towards the holistic growth of school-aged students. 

Through our programs, we aim to address two sustainable development goals: ending hunger and providing quality education. This ultimately supports our efforts towards improving the human development index of the nation. Our partnerships with The Akshaya Patra Foundation and Kinship for Humanitarian Social and Holistic Intervention in India (KHUSHII) have helped us scale up our initiatives in support of these goals.


Delivering Nutritious Meals for Children Through the Mid-day Meal Program 

At Newgen, we believe that healthy and nutritious meals are a must for children, especially in their formative years, to drive their physical and mental growth. We partnered with The Akshaya Patra Foundation in 2018 to help support their mid-day meal program. Since then, we have been providing healthy meals for students attending the government schools of Vrindavan, Jhalawar, and Guwahati. We have reached over 9,000 children through this initiative and continue to work actively towards their overall development. 

During the pandemic, we continued to deliver mid-day meals to students. Additionally, Newgen sponsored “Happiness Kits” for children, distributing them in two cycles, in collaboration with The Akshaya Patra Foundation. The kits contained monthly rations of non-perishable, nutritious food items for our students and their families. Through this meal distribution drive, we have supported 17,378 children across Vrindavan, Lucknow, and Jhalawar.

Our partnership with The Akshaya Patra Foundation furthers Newgen’s vision of holistic development for children. The children we work with have experienced an improvement in their overall nutritional status, in large part due to the wholesome, nourishing meals provided. Better nutrition has allowed students to focus more and perform better in their studies. 

Notably, the structure of the mid-day meal program also provides employment opportunities for women in the community.


Providing Equitable Education Through the Remedial Education Program

In 2018, Newgen partnered with the NGO KHUSHII, with the aim of providing remedial education to students in four government schools—Harkesh Nagar, Tekhand, and Sangam Vihar K-2 Block schools in Delhi, and Nandambakkam school in Chennai. The program focuses on providing supportive education to students from underprivileged communities and enhancing their learning level.

Our CSR team, in collaboration with KHUSHII, conducts remedial classes for nearly 6,000 students, from 1st to 5th classes, in the core subjects of Hindi, English, Mathematics, and Social Sciences. We follow a child-based pedagogy, centred around the learning capabilities and academic standard of our individual students. Furthermore, we keep our teachers up to date through various capacity building and skill enhancement sessions.

We rely on innovative and interactive teaching methods to keep our students engaged. Our teaching strategies include worksheets, digital sessions, group discussions, practical-based learning, art-integrated learning, and more. These methods have been fruitful in delivering effective outcomes and empowering our students to grasp the concepts taught in class. As a result, our students actively engage in productive discussions with their teachers, share relevant information with their peers, and perform better on their exams. We have also been conducting individual and group counselling sessions to guide students and answer their queries regarding higher education and career choices.

During the pandemic, we have continued our remedial education classes online, partially online, and offline, depending on the availability of digital mediums and connectivity for each student. In the online model, we are leveraging virtual learning to conduct sessions, share questions, discuss classwork, and assign homework. We also conducted rigorous training sessions with teachers and parents, along with facilitating regular parent-teacher interactions, to ensure comfort with the online platform. For the partially online and offline models, we provide assignments, worksheets, and easy-to-understand resources. Students are able to ask questions and get their doubts addressed through follow-up voice calls from their teachers. 


Creating a Better World for Tomorrow

Our partnerships with The Akshaya Patra Foundation and KHUSHII have helped us accelerate our vision of building a better society through education and nutrition. Our combined goals are aligned towards ensuring the holistic development of children, thereby strengthening the future of the nation.

We are proudly enabling students, from all walks of life, to gain digital knowledge and promote educational inclusivity in Indian society.


Priyadarshini Nigam

Priyadarshini Nigam is Head CSR at Newgen Software.





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