M3M Foundation Illuminates Lives, Providing Warmth to 600 Through Winter Clothing Distribution


February 16, 2024

M3M Foundation Illuminates Lives, Providing Warmth to 600 Through Winter Clothing Distribution

M3M Foundation

As the cold wave swept North India, Gurugram was warmed by the M3M Foundation's heartwarming winter clothing drive in collaboration with The Earth Saviour Foundation. Continuing its annual tradition of distributing blankets and warm clothes to people in need, the Foundation commemorated the birth anniversary of its founder, Late Shri Lal Chand Bansal Ji, by spreading cheer to over 600 people. 


The event, held at The Earth Saviour Foundation's ashram in Sohna, was attended by older people, orphans, mentally challenged individuals and other underprivileged people who received fresh meals and new woolen clothes to help them cope with the dipping mercury.

Continuing a Notable Legacy

The winter clothing distribution initiative held on Late Shri Bansal Ji's birth anniversary was a fitting tribute to the remarkable legacy he left behind. As Dr Payal Kanodia, Chairperson and Trustee of M3M Foundation, highlighted, "Though Dada ji is no longer with us, his blessings resonate among us. 


Finding joy in helping others, especially during challenging times, is truly fulfilling." She emphasized that initiatives like "Share for Care", where clothing and other supplies are periodically distributed to the marginalized sections, are integral to their broader duty program 'Kartavya' that aims to alleviate suffering.


Over the years, this humble initiative started by Shri Bansal Ji to share warmth and kindness became an integral part of M3M Foundation's annual efforts. It aligns seamlessly with the 'Duty' ethos, focusing on empathy, responsibility and uplifting communities. 


As the Foundation representatives personally helped older people wear warm woolens this year, they were reminded of Late Shri Bansal Ji's outstanding vision. They took immense pride in furthering his legacy. The beaming smiles of beneficiaries spoke volumes about the positive impact created and only strengthened the team's commitment to keep this tradition alive.

Collaborating for a Noble Cause

The winter clothing distribution drive was held with The Earth Saviour Foundation, an acclaimed charitable trust focused on serving vulnerable groups. Its founder, Dr. Kailash Bharti, has been working tirelessly for social reform causes, championing ideals of truth, non-violence and justice. The partnership allowed the combination of resources and lending scale to the winter clothing initiative conceptualized by the late Shri Lal Chand Bansal Ji. 


It enabled reaching out to marginalized communities around Gurugram and protecting them against harsh weather when they lack resources. The joint effort allowed the M3M Foundation team to use The Earth Saviour Foundation's expansive Sohna-based ashram to interact with the beneficiaries and distribute woolen clothes in person. The spacious, well-equipped venue proved perfect for elderly attendees with special needs. 


The ashram's kitchens were used for freshly cooking and serving meals to over 600 people present. Volunteers from The Earth Saviour Foundation also helped streamline various aspects and boosted overall productivity. 


The smooth collaboration reinforced that pooling specialized expertise and infrastructure helps magnify impact, especially for social reform initiatives targeted at disadvantaged sections. It highlighted that cross-sector partnerships can significantly aid resource mobilization for humanitarian causes that uplift communities.

Impact Created

The winter clothing distribution drive held on January 2, 2023, made a memorable impact on over 600 beneficiaries who received warm, woolen clothes to brave the cold weather. The annual initiative saw members of the M3M Foundation visit The Earth Saviour Foundation ashram in Sohna, where they helped the attendees wear new sweaters, jackets, shawls and monkey caps. 


The personalized experience allowed the foundation’s representatives to interact with the people and understand their challenges. It enabled forging an emotional connection with the beneficiaries, reassuring them that someone cares. For people battling loneliness, poverty, mental health issues or lacking family support, this gesture helped restore their faith and spread positivity.


The event also made a memorable impact on the M3M Foundation team, which is composed of key leaders like Anika Bansal, Piyush Bansal, and Dr Aishwarya Mahajan. Interacting with the beneficiaries, understanding their struggles and helping alleviate their suffering even momentarily left the team inspired and reinforced M3M Foundation's commitment to this philanthropic initiative conceptualized by their visionary founder. 


As Ms Anika Bansal shared, spending time with the lonely elderly, orphan kids and mentally challenged people made for a significant start to the New Year. It served as a reminder that small acts of kindness can make a monumental difference in people's lives.

Spreading Smiles, Warmth and Hope

The comfortable ashram with lively bhajans playing and the bright winter sun kept the attendees cheerful as they received new woolen clothes and hot meals. Holding the soft sweaters and jackets close, their eyes lit up while mouths stretched into broad smiles brimming with joy. 


Despite the biting cold outside and inside the venue, warmth and positivity permeated all around. Energetic games were also organized to keep the ambience lively, especially for entertaining the kids. Watching the unbridled laughter and cheer filling the air, the M3M Foundation team was overwhelmed, realizing how a small effort could make a monumental difference. The simple gesture of new clothing infused fresh hope and, even momentary, spread immense happiness.


As the event drew to a close, goodbyes were challenging for the beneficiaries as they expressed heartfelt gratitude with moist eyes. Departing with bags full of woolen and stomachs full of hot puri-sabzi, their smiles encapsulated genuine delight and appreciation. For people worn down by life's harsh realities and battles with poverty, disease or loneliness, this show of empathy reassured them that someone cared. It restored their faith in humanity and brought festive cheer amid their bleak realities.


Driving back from the ashram with hearts full, M3M Foundation members were reminded of the Late Shri Bansal Ji's vision of uplifting communities and the youth's role in continuing this noble legacy. The Institute representatives reiterated their commitment to annually organizing this impactful winter clothing drive. 


They understood that such events celebrating giving and sharing are instrumental in preserving the Late Bansal Ji's memory while brightening the lives of many vulnerable people. As the cars exited Sohna, the setting winter sun with its warm amber glow reflected the Foundation's optimism that through this initiative, they could keep spreading smiles and positive change across Gurugram.




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