Newgen Digital Discovery Paathshala - Digitally Empowering Children with Lesser Means

By- Priyadarshini Nigam

August 16, 2022

Newgen Digital Discovery Paathshala - Digitally Empowering Children with Lesser Means

Newgen Software

According to redseer Strategy Consultants, “The online education market in India is expected to reach $5 billion by 2025”. 

Digital education will revolutionize education in India the way green revolution changed the agriculture sector and created food security in our country forever. In an endeavor to take digital education to lesser-privileged children, Newgen started Newgen Digital Discovery Paathshala (NDDP)—a flagship initiative designed to promote digital literacy, equitable education, and quality learning. NDDP is currently helping the lesser privileged students of classes 6th, 7th, and 8th, studying in government girls’ schools of Harkesh Nagar and Tekhand. 

Under the aegis of NDDP, Newgen Software makes education very simple and interesting by engaging students through role-plays, quizzes, movies, presentations, audio-visuals, iPads, and other digital mediums. Newgen encourages students to do research and create content using iPads. They also distribute gifts, happiness boxes, and appreciation prizes regularly, encouraging students to participate actively in the class. 

Once students graduate from NDDP, they become a part of our NDDP alumni—classes 9th to 12th—where Newgen focuses on their personality development and career counseling. The current batch of NDDP alumni has 400+ students.

Career Counseling

Newgen guides students of classes 9th to 12th in selecting the right stream and identifying their career goals. The counselors guide the students through complex admission procedures and ensure that the children make the right career choice. Professionals from various disciplines are invited to share their knowledge and experience while encouraging students to follow their dreams. They also give tips to NDDP students to do well in their exams. 

Personality Development

Its personality development program is geared towards grooming these students for a better future. The sessions are conducted along with the project implementation partner I-AM Wellbeing. The motto is to bring out the capabilities and strengths of children to make them more confident in facing the outside world.

Self-development and Self-motivation Program (SDSMP)

This program focuses on the holistic development of the students. It helps students attain basic skills right from an early age, thereby inculcating appropriate behaviour and attitude. We aim to create a prosperous and independent future for the children so that they can have sustainable growth as responsible individuals. SDSMP covers various topics like time management, critical thinking, problem-solving, health and hygiene, and ethical behavior.  

How have our programmes helped children?

Though the children are still in the process of building their life and career, the development in their personalities and clarity in their thought processes is clearly visibe. Here are a few examples:

Mohini, a student of grade 10th at Government Girls Senior Secondary School, Harkesh Nagar, and a part of NDDP alumni, says, “History has become my favourite subject, and now I can memorize all the events because of the real-life examples and videos used during the NDDP sessions\". Initially, Mohini was underconfident, but today she is ready to take the world. She has actively participated in the sessions as a quizmaster and newsreader. She wants to become a teacher and role model for other children in her community. \"You will witness a new version of me,\" says Mohini.

Roli Yadav, a student of grade 12th at Government Girls Senior Secondary School, Tekhand, and an ex- NDDP beneficiary, appreciates the NDDP sessions\' innovative activities. She mentioned that news reading and submitting assignments in the PPT format have helped her hone her research skills. In addition, the personality development sessions have boosted her confidence. Her remarkable performance in the sessions enabled her to become the group\'s monitor, which boosted her self-belief. She aspires to be a lawyer and is working hard to attain her dreams. 


In a Nutshell

Like Roli and Mohini, NDDP has touched and is in the process of transforming the lives of many other underprivileged children. The program has benefited 15,000+ direct and indirect beneficiaries so far, including their parents, siblings, friends, and the community. 


Priyadarshini Nigam

Head CSR at Newgen Software.



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