Project SNEH-Empowering the tribal communities of Maharashtra


April 26, 2019

Mumbai, a city known as the land of abundance has plenty of opportunities for all. Basic amenities such as electricity, water and sanitation are easily accessible. However not very far from the city, live the tribals of Bharol who are still deprived of the basic amenities that Mumbai can boast of.

Future Generali India Insurance decided to support the tribal community of Bharol through their project SNEH.

The company discussed the issues faced by the tribals and the possible sustainable solutions with their NGO Partners and subsequently adopted four tribal hamlets. During the research, the company found that the hamlets lacked proper sanitation facilities and regular supply of electricity. Most women were illiterate and had no means of alternate livelihood. The tribals needed a strong support to improve their situation and they were determined to bring possible changes into their lives.

To counter the sanitation issue, the company constructed 123 toilets for individual households. Further they built a well and a borewell for the community. Ashwini Ashok Gawari of Gawari pada says –“Earlier there were no toilets in our village. Women had to go out in the open. We feared getting bitten by the snakes or being attacked by wild animals. Now the company has constructed toilets for us. Women in the village are not suffering anymore”.

The company after seeing the poor lighting condition in the area decided to build sixteen solar street lights and distributed solar lanterns to every household to support the tribal community in dealing with electricity issue. Jairam Bhonge is thankful to the company for distributing solar lantern to every household. The lanterns prove to very useful during power failure. Women use them for cooking and children do not miss their studies anymore.

With an aim to empower women, they introduced skill training and adult education program. The women of the area got training in incense sticks making. Now these women sell their own product in the market and earn some money to support their families.

Additionally the company refurbished school infrastructure and toilets of the area. They contributed for the school library and toys for the little ones in Balwadi. Their employees too came forward and extended their love and care to the 132 families by donating items of daily need.

The top management visited the hamlets and discussed the beneficiaries concern and progress made their effort. They also conducted sessions on health, financial literacy for the villagers.

Through this initiative of Village Adoption, Future Generali India Insurance has enriched and empowered the lives of 132 tribal families. The company will continue their endeavour to support and uplift the society as they move ahead in their journey of spreading joy.  



Future Generali India Insurance Company Limited is a joint venture between Future Group – the game changers in Retail Trade in India and Generali – a 187 years old global insurance group featuring among the world’s 60 largest companies*. The company was incorporated in September 2007 with the objective of providing retail, commercial, personal and rural insurance solutions to individuals and corporates to help them manage and mitigate risks.





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