CSRBOX and MICA collaborate to offer a 6-month certificate course on ‘Strategic Communication and Partnerships Building’ for social sector


September 4, 2020

CSRBOX and MICA collaborate to offer a 6-month certificate course on ‘Strategic Communication and Partnerships Building’ for social sector

Analyzing the importance of effective and strategic communication skills in social impact settings, CSRBOX, in collaboration with MICA, a premier institute dedicated to creating leadership in strategic communication, management and marketing, is set to launch a 6-month online certificate course on Strategic Communication and Partnerships Building for Social Impact. This is customized for social sector professionals and CSR teams to delve deeper into the hidden opportunities for NGOs in businesses and securing partnerships between various stakeholders, businesses, and nonprofits. The course will be delivered online, through 8 comprehensive modules, covering various aspects of the changing means of communication and importance of data & research; canvassing the emerging platforms and ways to successfully engage donors and other stakeholders in an increasingly mediated and networked world; the significance of communication for successful partnerships and resource mobilization; and, the trends and future of strategic communications for development professionals. The sessions are scheduled to start from 17th October 2020 and finish by 27th March 2021, and will be delivered every alternate Saturday. The registration for the same closes on 14th October. 

The inspiration behind the course is the previous partnership between CSRBOX and MICA which offered a 3-day long virtual masterclass on Development Communication Design for Social Impact and CSR Partnerships. This has been delivered to 200+ participants so far in 3 batches and another batch is scheduled for 14th to 18th September. “Really engaging and insightful sessions by the MICA faculty. The sessions were case studies-driven, which amplified understanding and interest and gave a good overview of CSR communications” said Mrinalini Prasad, IDH, The Sustainable Trade Initiative. 


Impact Academy by CSRBOX

Impact Academy is a learning and knowledge centre for impact sector professionals including CSR Heads, CSR Managers, Impact Investors, Philanthropists, Non-Profit leaders, Fund-Raising teams etc. The academy hosts periodic boot camps, meet-ups, networking sessions and exclusive courses for the impact sector professionals. With a motto to collaborate, capacitate and create impact, the Academy bring to you some of the best innovators, professionals and change makers from the Social Sector to share knowledge and insights regarding the latest trends, and help you build your capacities and stay abreast in a fast changing world.

To know more about Impact Academy, visit https://impactxpa.in/impact-academy-events 


Centre for Development Management and Communication (CDMC), MICA

MICA (formerly known as Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad) is one of the premier institutes of the country, dedicated to creating leadership in strategic communication, management, and marketing. MICA's unique pedagogy draws from research and experiential learning, and equips organizations and their personnel with new thinking and experiences, tools and techniques, knowledge and skills. MICA’s Centre for Development Management and Communication (CDMC) is a center of excellence that leverages MICA’s expertise in strategic communication and information and communication management to strengthen development programs across sectors.

The Centre meets current and impending demands of social development systems in government, academia, civil society, and corporate sectors by designing innovative solutions and best practices driven by research and grounded in socio-cultural and economic realities. It strives to bridge the gaps in the areas of development management and social impact communication, ultimately contributing to the last mile coverage of development initiatives.





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