FAQs on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by MCA August 2021


September 1, 2021

FAQs on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by MCA August 2021
  1. The broad framework of CSR has been provided in Section 135 of the Companies Act, 2013 (herein after referred as ‘the Act’), Schedule VII of the Act and Companies (CSR Policy) Rules, 2014 (herein after referred as ‘the CSR Rules’). Further, Ministry had also issued clarifications including FAQs from time to time on various issues concerning CSR.

  2. A number of significant developments have taken place since then. The Ministry has notified the  amendments  in  Section  135  of  the  Act  as  well  in  the  CSR  Rules  on  22nd January 2021 with an aim to strengthen the CSR ecosystem, by  improving disclosures and by simplifying compliances. In response to such amendments, Ministry has received several references and representations from stakeholders seeking clarifications on the various issues related to CSR.

  3. Accordingly, in suppression of clarifications and FAQs issued vide General Circular no. 21/2014 (dated 18th June 2014), 36/2014 (dated 17th September 2014),  01/2016  (dated 12th January 2016) ,05/2016 (dated 16th May 2016), clarification issued vide letter dated 25.01.2018 and General Circular no. 06/2018 (dated 28th May 2018), a set of FAQs along with response of the Ministry is provided herewith at Annexure for better understanding and facilitating effective implementation of CSR.

    Please click here to download the ciruclar issued by MCA




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