Applications Invited for 2025 RISK Award

Applications Invited for 2025 RISK Award

Organization: Munich Re Foundation

Apply By: 13 Oct 2024

Grant Amount: 100000 Euro

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About the Organization

The Munich Re Foundation was set up as a non-profit organisation in 2005. At the heart of our Foundation is Munich Re’s commitment to act responsibly and share knowledge. Based in Munich, our activities span the globe, primarily in emerging and developing countries.

Our purpose and vision:

We tackle pressing global challenges and develop solutions for people at risk. At the core of our Foundation lies a responsibility to enhance the well-being of communities through a deep understanding and adept management of risks. It’s not just about mitigating threats – it’s also about utilising the wealth of knowledge within Munich Re for the benefit of society.’

About the Grant

Recent decades have seen a significant increase in the number of catastrophes with devastating consequences. Disaster prevention is more vital than ever, and local projects show particular promise. The RISK Award, launched in 2012, will award up to €100,000 every two years to fund groundbreaking projects. It is jointly organised by Munich Re Foundation and the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR).

The risks posed by population development, environmental and climate change are increasing. Complex technical systems and infrastructure are additional risk factors. The Award partners recognise the need to address this development. The RISK Award has been set up to help improve risk reduction and disaster management by providing financial support to projects dedicated to this topic.

We want to support innovative ideas, develop them further and help to scale them. Visibility, impact and enthusiasm should be embodied by the projects. Climate change, disaster risk reduction and sustainable development must go hand in hand to secure the future. For this reason, our projects are in line with the 2015 Paris Agreement, the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and the Sendai Framework for Action.

The RISK Award, endowed with €100,000, is assigned to operational projects in the field of risk reduction and disaster management. The prize is awarded every two years. The endowment for the RISK Award is provided by the Munich Re Foundation. We use UNDRR's networks and platforms to inform on the topic, select winners, and organize the awarding ceremonies, – on site and online. Together, we can provide the winners the visibility their outstanding project ideas deserve.


  • The proposal must address the specific annual RISK Award topic.
  • The proposed project must include an implementation part (action), a proposal solely based on research is not sufficient.
  • The risks must be related to climate change induced or natural hazards.
  • Risks due to social turmoil, war, chemical disasters, and/or political crises are not in our scope.
  • We appreciate ideas to involve people at risk (people centred approaches).
  • We appreciate proposals which combine bottom-up approaches with top-down frameworks.
  • We encourage project teams which are engaged in multi-stakeholder partnerships (different sectors, different sizes, different organisational background, PPPs).

Who can Apply

  • It is expected that the successful project will be carried out by a team of people who have complementary skills.
  • It is perfectly legitimate to involve participants from partner institutions, but it is not advisable to form too large consortia for the purpose of submitting a proposal.
  • Research institutions, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and non-profit organisations (NPOs) are especially encouraged to submit.
  • The RISK Award mainly addresses projects in developing and emerging countries in the Global South. We therefore exclude projects that are positioned in high-income countries according to the World Bank classification.
  • The proposed projects must serve a non-profit or charitable purpose. For-profit initiatives are not eligible for selection.
  • The RISK Award is given to institutions or organisations. Unfortunately, individuals cannot be considered.

How to Apply

End of the 2025 RISK Award application phase: 13 October 2024.

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