Applications Invited for Special Edition Covid-19 Call For Proposals Global Best Practice Programme

Applications Invited for Special Edition Covid-19 Call For Proposals Global Best Practice Programme

Organization: Expo 2020 Dubai

Apply By: 31 Dec 2020

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About Expo 2020 Dubai:

A World Expo is a global celebration of human ingenuity and progress, where millions of people come together to learn, innovate and have fun, while sharing ideas and working together. As the first ever World Expo to take place in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia (MEASA) region, Expo 2020 Dubai is guided by the belief that innovation and progress are the result of people and ideas combining in new ways.

EXPO 2020 DUBAI: Special Edition Covid-19 Call For Proposals Global Best Practice Programme

Within the spirit of the overall programme, calling for best practices related to COVID-19 for projects and initiatives delivering robust and sustainable solutions to address the global pandemic and achieve Agenda 2030. This call for proposals is aimed at highlighting the importance and enhancing the visibility of cross-sector integrated solutions, helping people prepare, respond and recover from the effects of the COVID-19 global pandemic.

This Special Edition COVID-19 Best Practice Call is aimed at recognising and promoting the visibility of integrated development best practices for a better 2030 with a particular view on building back better and moving towards a “better normal” as we come out of the ongoing crisis. The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development serves as an urgent and constant reminder that a more equitable, just and green world is a top priority for all. It is even more pressing than ever before to come together as a global community to push the needle forward on the SDGs for more resilient people and the planet.

Expo 2020’s Global Best Practice Programme, ‘Small Steps, Big Leaps: Simple Solutions for Sustainable Impact’, is a platform to showcase projects that have provided tangible solutions to the world’s biggest challenges. It will gather and spotlight simple but effective initiatives for localising the SDGs, which can be adapted, replicated and scaled for enhanced worldwide impact.

Best Practices for a Better 2030

As per the definition shared by the international community, “best practices” are initiatives which have consistently shown results superior to those achieved with other means, and which are used as a benchmark or are setting a benchmark. In addition, best practices:

  • have a demonstrable and tangible impact on improving people’s quality of life
  • highlight the interconnected nature of interventions and how ripple effects play out
  • are the results of an effective partnership between multiple actors on the value chain (the public, private and civic sectors of society)
  • can be transferred, adapted, replicated of scale in other places

Solutions Streams for Bp2030

Initiatives recognised under the Programme should relate to one of the following five solution streams and focus on one of the five topical pillars. Solution streams:

  • Unsung heroes (individuals)
  • Community in solidarity
  • Campaigns
  • Creative partnerships
  • Government responses

Topical Priorities

Solutions can cover any of these five topics:

  • Health & wellbeing
  • Water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH)
  • Education and skills development
  • Protecting livelihoods
  • Digitalisation


To provide support and visibility to awardees, Expo 2020 Dubai will offer:

  • Opportunities to showcase projects through content or programming within the Opportunity Pavilion (1 October, 2021 to 31 March, 2022)
  • Exposure for projects on the official Global Best Practice Programme ‘Small Steps, Big Leaps’ webpage
  • Visibility at the Expo site’s Global Best Practice Area (a dedicated space will house selected projects on a rotational basis)
  • Opportunities to disseminate specific promotional materials during the World Expo (a select number of awardees will receive video coverage and others may be featured in print media)
  • Potential communications support and media coverage before and during the World Expo
  • A paid visit to the Expo 2020 Dubai site during event time for one project representative to showcase and programme around the best practice project (includes flight and accommodation for the duration of participation)

Where will Best Practice Projects be showcased?

  • Selected best practice projects will be integrated into Expo content or programming within the Opportunity Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai. A separate dedicated space will also house selected projects on a rotational basis.
  • Selected best practice projects from the Special Edition call for proposals related to COVID-19 will be displayed alongside projects chosen from the 2019 call and Untold Stories stream.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Participation will be based on principles of inclusion and diversity.
  • Eligible candidates include governments of all nations, corporations and businesses, international organisations, public organisations or associations, universities and educational institutions, public-private partnerships, communities, individuals, entrepreneurs and inventors.

Admission Conditions

  • Completeness of application – duly completed applications with all supporting materials
  • Eligibility – has to come from one of the solution streams and relate to at least one of the 5 topics
  • Coherence and convergence – a solution from one of the 5 streams, responsive to one of the 5 topics being spotlighted, and responsive to the current state of the world within the COVID-19 context
  • Localisation – delivery and implementation of the SDGs

Selection Criteria

  • Impact – demonstrates sustainability (solution viability), tangible impact (across social, economic, environmental dimensions) and reflects the integrated nature of development challenges and solutions/touches upon more than one SDG
  • Transference – potential for adaptability, replicability and / or scalability
  • SDG Alignment – exhibits an innovative response approach and can be developed further to assist in effective recovery in line with the 2030 Agenda

Deadline:  2359 (UAE time) on 31 December, 2020

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