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EOI -End Term Evaluation of the Project Titled “Women In Food Security” in two districts of Bihar and One District of Jharkhand

EOI -End Term Evaluation of the Project Titled “Women In Food Security” in two districts of Bihar and One District of Jharkhand

Organization: Professional Assistance for Development Action (PRADAN)

Apply By: 24 Sep 2020

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EOI for the End Term Evaluation of the Project Titled “Women In Food Security” in two districts of Bihar and One District of Jharkhand

About the Organization:

PRADAN (Professional Assistance for Development Action) is a non-government, non-profit organisation that works with India's rural poor. Across seven of the poorest states in the country, PRADAN professionals engage with disadvantaged communities to help them emerge from poverty and lead a life of dignity. They aim for a holistic and positive change in their social, psychological and economic condition so they can take total charge of their lives and engage with the world around them.

Assignment Title: End term Evaluation of the project titled “Women in Food Security” in two districts of Bihar and one district of Jharkhand”

Objective of the End-term Evaluation:

PRADAN has been implementing the project titled “Women in Food Security”since October 2016 with the support from LWR (Lutheran World Relief) and there is a need of doing End-term evaluation of the project to understand the impacts and learning from the project.

The objective of the evaluation is to assess:

  • The project performance based on a number of OECD-DAC evaluation criteria and the achievements of targets of the project’s key indicators. The midline evaluation questions are to be referred for the endline assessment around key indicators.
  • Analyze issue and challenges faced by the major components of the project and provide recommendation for future

Evaluation Methodology

Consultant should consider the baseline survey and Midline evaluation reports of the project while designing the End line evaluation matrix and doing the analysis for end line report. Also collect the primary and secondary data from project sites and other relevant sources in-consultation with PRADAN.

The evaluation process includes, but not limited to:

  • Desk Review of project documents: The Consultant will complete a desk review of key program documents including project design documents, monitoring and progress reports, and other relevant publications. The purpose of the desk review is to better understand the program operations on the ground and to get familiar with existing analytical frameworks used to evaluate such types of programs. The consultant will use both qualitative and quantitative methods in this study.
  • Collection of relevant data and information from concerned sources through field visit and interaction with community and users’ group. 10% of the total 4,000 project Participants, that is 400 participants  would be identified through Simple random sampling method  across the project area to collect data
  • Meetings with project participants/SHGs/farmers groups.
  • Conduct interview and Focus Group Discussions (FGD) with stakeholders.
  • Data triangulations

Qualifications and Experience:

The consultant/evaluator must have the following qualifications and experiences for the task:

  • The individuals / consulting firm should have expertise in project evaluation particularly of women empowerment, livelihood and nutrition.
  • The Team Leader/evaluator should have Master’s Degree in Agriculture /Food and nutrition Security / in social sciences.
  • The Team Leader/evaluator should have sound knowledge and skill on research methodology, data analysis and report writing.
  • Minimum 5 years’ experience in projects evaluation in the realm of agriculture, livelihoods / value chains. Report writing and communication will be in English, and the team leader must have excellent communication skills in English. The consultants  should also be able to communicate in local language (Hindi) while collecting data in the project villages
  • Ability to deliver quality report within the given time frame

Time Period for Evaluation: The project end term evaluation shall be completed in one month, which means the final evaluation report will be submitted within 30 Days from the date of award of contract. The duration may be extended if required with mutual agreement of both the parties.

The Interested firms/ candidates should send their EOI and Resume (Mentioning Qualification, evaluation experience and expertise) to the project office at PRADAN, Deoghar, Jharkhand at the email ID - deoghar@pradan.net by 24th September, 2020.



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