RFP-Hiring Agency/Individual to conduct Baseline Survey for project on Sustainable Livelihoods through Value Addition of Agricultural Produce in Maharashtra

RFP-Hiring Agency/Individual to conduct Baseline Survey for project on Sustainable Livelihoods through Value Addition of Agricultural Produce in Maharashtra

Organization: PRIDE India

Apply By: 05 May 2021

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RFP - Hiring an agency/ individual to conduct baseline survey for the project on Sustainable Livelihoods through Value Addition of agricultural produce in 40 villages (9700 households and population of 40000) from Lanja and Sangameshwar blocks in Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra

About the Organization:

PRIDE India (Planning Rural-Urban Integrated Development through Education) is a Non-Governmental Organization, registered under Societies Registration Act 1860 in the year 1982. The mission of the organization is to facilitate the process of empowering the marginalized communities, to lead a life with dignity and self-respect.

Specific objectives project envisages to achieve in span of four years:

  • Increasing the income levels of the 2300 farmers through value addition of the naturally growing products.
  • Increasing value addition of Cashew and Mango resources in the region through processing
  • Increasing production area under through promotion of multiple crops like Ragi/ Nagli and Turmeric
  • Forming and strengthening the farmers collective for negotiating a better return of the farm produce
  • Federating the collective at regional level to form Farmers Producer Organisation for financial access to improve the income levels.
  • Promoting Kitchen gardening among 4000 families supporting their daily consumption requirement of nutrition.

The study intends to understand the demographic, socio-economic (production of existing crops, scope of expansion of land under agriculture, current income levels, scope of value addition of produce and market arrangements) and current status and governance system of the existing farmers producer’s groups etc. The community needs assessment survey also intends to identify the existing horticultural farmers, opinion leaders in the community and farmers with progressive outlook in the intervention area.

Objectives of the Assignment:

  • Develop need assessment survey tools with clear set of variables to understand the farming community as a whole and identify the needs of the farmers with regard to agriculture/ horticultural improvement required to enhance their income levels.
  • Conduct the survey as per design and report the results along with recommendations.

This survey is expected to provide information on vital indicators like:

  • Community social and demographic variables such as age distribution, gender characteristics, literacy levels, housing pattern, caste & religion, educational levels etc
  • Economic variables like income levels and sources, land holding pattern in the community, number of small and marginal farmers, number of farmers with details of area under mango, cashew, Paddy, Nagli, Turmeric and other crops, current production and processing of products if any, other source of income, scope of enhancing the production or value addition etc.
  • Details on women and youth groups or existing farmers groups and their current status.
  • Community and social institutions such as Agriculture Circle Office, Sub-centres, and other NGO’s etc.
  • Relevant stakeholders such as agriculture department officials, Horticultural Officials, Members of Existing FPOs,
  • Government schemes and services available and availed by the population in the intervention area


  • The overall assignment includes the following deliverables and milestones. 
  • Inception Report (5 days from start of consultancy)
  • Draft Report (50 days from start of consultancy)
  • Final Report (within 10 days after the feedbacks from Pride India)

Suggested Expertise:

The Consultants should have:

  • Understanding of thematic areas related to agriculture, horticulture, marketing, economics and community development and other socio-economic issues.
  • Appropriate experience of conducting research in rural areas of Maharashtra
  • Experience and knowledge of qualitative and quantitative research methods and sampling strategies

 Submission of Proposal:

Interested agencies/ Individuals are invited to submit their proposal. The proposal should be submitted in English and be set out in two main parts:

  • Part A - General and Technical
  • Part B – Financial

Part A – General and Technical Proposal

  • This should be a brief overview of your proposal covering how you intend to achieve the outputs. Provide your qualifications/ comments to Terms of Reference. Provide your technical response including study design, sampling plan, tools and method of data collection, proposed work plan in the form of a Gantt chart showing activities, milestones, deliverables etc. against time. Please mention prior experience of research.

Part B– Financial Proposal

  • Your financial proposal should include cost of consultancy and travel and logistics etc.

 Please note community needs assessment has to be done for targeted households based on the vital indicator mentioned above

Please submit your technical and financial proposal by e-mail at the following e mail address. e-mail: contact@prideindia.org by 5th May’ 2021 at 12:00 pm (IST).



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