RFP Invited for Preparation of Functional Plan(s)

RFP Invited for Preparation of Functional Plan(s)

Organization: National Capital Region Planning Board (NCRPB)

Apply By: 12 Jul 2022

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About the Organization:

National Capital Region Planning Board (NCRPB)Act was enacted in 1985 by the Parliament of India with the concurrence of the constituent States to provide for the constitution of a Planning Board for the preparation of a plan for the development of the National Capital Region (NCR) and for coordinating and monitoring the implementation of such plan and for evolving harmonised policies for the control of land uses and development of infrastructure in the NCR so as to avoid any haphazard development of the Region. The mandate of the NCRPB is to systematically develop India‘s NCR. The present NCR covers 55,083 Sq. Km. spanning 24 districts in three states (Haryana, Rajasthan, and Uttar Pradesh) and the National Capital Territory (NCT)-Delhi. The NCR‘s population was 58.16 million in 2011, as per the Census of India.


National Capital Region Planning Board (NCRPB), New Delhi invites sealed bids from national and international consulting entities / organizations/ joint ventures/ consortiums etc. for undertaking works relating to preparation of Functional Plan(s) as per Regional Plan-2041 proposals for National Capital Region Area.


(i) The objective of consulting assignment is to prepare Functional Plan(s) for NCR. Functional Plans would be elaborations of different aspects of the RP-2041 that can then be implemented through projectization. The indicative guidance note on functional plans to be referred for overall assignment is in Attachment 2.

(ii) The Functional Plan preparation exercise would include studies, collection of primary and secondary data for required sector, data analyses and interpolation, formulation of strategies, proposed interventions and identification of projects at regional, sub-regional and local level, as deemed fit, within the coverage and overall framework of NCR RP2041. The Counter Magnet Areas (CMAs) may also be touched upon in the identified Functional Plans. The Functional Plans will include the identification of associated infrastructure and other investment projects for the NCR.

(iii) The assistance that shall be required, broadly covers providing consulting services support by a reputed bidding entity, having it’s registered office in India, for:

  • Preparation and finalization of Functional Plan(s) including related studies.
  • Exposure to national/ international good practices and global experiences.
  • Identifying investment requirements based on recommendations of Functional Plan(s)
  • Compilation of features of the Functional Plan(s) as knowledge products.

Scope Of Work:

a) The approach to prepare the various Functional Plan shall be broadly including

  • Existing situation analysis and assessment
  • Assessment of the potential which should include primary and secondary data collection, study assessment; required workshops/brain storming; studies etc.;
  • Marketing Strategy to sell the product i.e. the projects envisaged are taken up for implementation by concerned department /agencies considering and adopting the 5 Ps of marketing i.e Product, Place, Price, People And Promotion.
  • Have stakeholder consultations and build stakeholder consensus on the devised proposals, projects, strategies etc.

b) The scope of work towards the preparation of the various functional plans for planning and development of a future ready NCR, would accordingly broadly cover following activities and aspects:

  • Primary data and Studies as will be necessary for detailing of respective functional plan
  • Determination of a list of identified infrastructure projects and resultant downstream investment project proposals with preliminary/ block-cost estimates (based on life-cycle cost approach) and investment planning for implementation of functional plans in a phased manner.
  • Adoption of Social inclusiveness approach and citizen centric aspects, etc., based on national/ international good practices and global experiences and futuristic technology application.

Earned Money Deposit: Rs. 1,00,000/- (Rs. One lakh) for Functional Plans for Dairy, Tourism and Heritage, Health, Education and Skill Development, and Smart & Digital Sector and Rs. 2, 00,000/- (Rs. Two lakh) with regard to Functional Plan for Urban Regeneration, Housing and Slum Free NCR.

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