RFP-Selection of Agency for A high visibility 360 degree campaign to Uplift the Image of Nurses as Health Care Professionals in their own Right

RFP-Selection of Agency for A high visibility 360 degree campaign to Uplift the Image of Nurses as Health Care Professionals in their own Right

Organization: Jhpiego

Apply By: 12 Jun 2021

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RFP - Selection of Agency for A high visibility 360 degree campaign to Uplift the Image of Nurses as Health Care Professionals in their own Right

About the Organization:

Jhpiego is a nonprofit global health leader and Johns Hopkins University affiliate that is saving lives, improving health and transforming futures. They partner with governments, health experts and local communities to build the skills and systems that guarantee a healthier future for women and families. Jhpiego translates the best science and practice into moments of care that can mean the difference between life and death for women and families.  In India, Jhpiego works across various states in close collaboration with national and state governments, providing technical assistance in the areas of family planning, maternal and child health, strengthening human resources for health, and non-communicable diseases.


  • To gather highest levels of political support to move the nursing agenda in the current pandemic and immediate future
  • To improve the public image of nurses and impact factors that influences the development of nurses’ self-concept and professional identity.


  • Production of a series of new articles, write- ups, features, editorials and photo stories for various stakeholders including national population, policy makers, international audience, government partners. Focal areas to include nursing commitment to combatting the pandemic, how nurses contribute to the community during and after the pandemic, mental health nursing in the pandemic
  • Development of repository of case studies and other materials for distribution/engagement on social media ie FB/ IG/ Youtube and other platforms featuring nursing
  • Develop attractive communication materials to increase public focus and awareness on nursing as vital to universal health coverage
  • Compilation of 10 4-6 minute on video documentaries focus in on various aspects of nursing practice featuring introduction / commentary by influential parliamentarians
  • Photo contest highlighting nursing in India

About the consultancy:

Jhpiego is looking for an agency that would work with us for 6-8 months, support us in achieving all the above 5 goals, including the development of case-studies, articles, interviews, photo stories, social media content and other communication pieces which will highlight not just the achievements of nurses but also their challenges in order to attract attention from / and concretize high level support from policy makers, parliamentarians and key stakeholders.


  • Policy makers, Parliamentarians, Civil society, and other key stakeholders who can influence the image of nurses in country
  • It is anticipated that the development of all the collaterals will be a collaborative effort between Jhpiego and Indian Nursing Council.
  • The consultant/ company will fully manage the designated project and produce all content as described. It will consult with Jhpiego on a regular basis and seek approval at specified stages.
  • Jhpiego will review and approve each of the collaterals. Jhpiego retains all rights to use of the product after completion.

Responses to this RFP should be submitted by email to the Jhpprocure30@gmail.com no later than June 12, 2021. Offers received after this date and time will not be accepted for consideration. Any queries must be requested in writing to sudhir.patel@jhpiego.org. Proposals must be submitted in electronic format using Microsoft Office compatible software.

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