RFP-Selection of communication agency having expertise in developing provider & patient engagement collaterals for JEET project

RFP-Selection of communication agency having expertise in developing provider & patient engagement collaterals for JEET project

Organization: William J. Clinton Foundation

Apply By: 18 Apr 2021

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RFP - Selection of communication agency having expertise in developing provider and patient engagement collaterals for Joint Effort for Elimination of TB (JEET) project

About the Organization:

William J. Clinton Foundation was established in India to promote high quality medical care and treatment for people living with HIV/AIDS, and effective care and treatment of children suffering from malnutrition, diarrhoea, pneumonia, and malaria. WJCF’s solution-oriented approach focuses on improving market dynamics for medicines and diagnostics; lowering prices for treatment; accelerating access to lifesaving technologies; and helping governments build the capacity required for high-quality care and treatment programs.


In order to achieve its 2025 TB elimination target, the country needs to dramatically increase detection and treatment of Latent TB Infection (LTBI). India’s National Strategic Plan 2017–2025 has set an ambitious target of 95% LTBI identified/eligible cases to be initiated on TB Preventive Treatment (TPT). Specifically, the project will address gaps in LTBI care cascade, measure and improve quality of care across the cascade and build NTEP capacity with the following objectives:

1. To address the LTBI burden by establishing mechanisms for household contact tracing of adults and children in contact with PTB patients and ensuring access to quality care

2. To sustain and strengthen the gains under JEET project and provide strategic and operational support to States in transitioning to domestically funded PPSAs (by March 2022)

JEET services:

  • Objective 1: Address LTBI burden in India
  • Objective 2: Sustain and strengthen the gains under JEET project

Activities to be undertaken by JEET for LTBI -

  • Providing counselling to index pulmonary TB patients all notified patients from the private sector and assigned public sector patients.
  • Screening all pulmonary TB contacts (as per the WHO LTBI algorithm for TB screening) .
  • Particular attention will be given to contact with highest susceptibility to TB infection.
  • Providing free Chest Xray test to TB symptomatic, and those suggestive of TB will be referred to the nearest public health facility or their preferred private provider.
  • All asymptomatic households (including children 6 years) and persons having normal X ray in all age groups will be given TPT after ruling out TB.
  • Patients initiated on TPT treatment will be contacted by JEET TC’s for regular follow up till their treatment completion.
  • All contacts on TPT will be evaluated for TB symptoms on every month and other contacts quarterly. If anyone found symptomatic, they will be tested for TB.
  • All activities are documented in special forms and NIKSHAY.

Required Qualifications of the agencies

  • Previous Experience (not more than 4 pages) : The organization should have prior experience of conducting similar assignments.
    • Describe assignments of a similar nature that were successfully completed by the firm in the last three years (maximum of 4).
    • For each of the assignments please mention the title, duration, client, role of the firm and brief description of services rendered by the firm. Add snapshots of or links to different developed collateral/ communication for each client.
  • Experience of working with an international organization and/or government organization is desirable.
  • Availability of team members with medical/ health expertise.
  • Availability of efficient program management with strong internal control mechanism in place.
  • Experience in providing consulting services and excellent track record of completion of tasks according to timelines.
  • In-house expertise or associations with organisations with expertise in translation in Indian languages, image procurement, would be preferred.

If your agency decides to submit a proposal in response to this RFP, please contact us confirming your interest in submitting a proposal, not later than 3rd April 2021 to the email address indiaadmin@clintonhealthaccess.org. The proposal must be submitted electronically at the email id indiaprocurement@clintonhealthaccess.org latest by 18th April, 2021 by 23:59 hours.

For any queries on the RFP, kindly address your mail to: indiaadmin@clintonhealthaccess.org

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