RFP from agencies for food processing and value chain development for agriculture commodities in Thoothukudi district

RFP from agencies for food processing and value chain development for agriculture commodities in Thoothukudi district

Organization: HCLFoundation

Apply By: 30 Jun 2024



HCLFoundation, under its flagship programme Samuday, invites proposals from agencies for food processing and value chain development for agriculture commodities in Thoothukudi district of Tamil Nadu.

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Thoothukudi, Tamil Nadu

About HCLFoundation  

HCLFoundation delivers the corporate social responsibility agenda of HCLTech in India through its flagship programmes and special initiatives. It is a not-for-profit organisation that strives to contribute towards national and international development goals, bringing about lasting positive impact in the lives of people, through long-term sustainable programmes.

HCLFoundation aims to alleviate poverty and achieve inclusive growth and development through life cycle based, integrated community development approach that focuses on Education, Health, Skill Development and Livelihood, Environment, and Disaster Risk Reduction and Response. Child protective strategies, inclusion, and gender transformative approaches remain central in all initiatives, thus ensuring comprehensive development. At present, it is implementing five flagship programmes, Samuday and HCLTech Grant (Rural Development); Uday and My Clean City (Urban Development); Harit (Environment Action) and four special initiatives - Power of One, Sports for Change, Academy, and My E-Haat.

For more details, please visit our website – https://www.hclfoundation.org

Description of RFP

HCLFoundation’s Samuday programme is being implemented across Pudur and Vilathikulam blocks of Thoothukudi district in Tamil Nadu. With focus on areas such as water resource management, agriculture, health, education, malnutrition management, and better income for underserved families, it is expected to impact 140,000 individuals.

To develop a source code of rural development for Thoothukudi district, Samuday by HCLFoundation has conducted extensive need assessment in these two blocks of Thoothukudi district. The team has identified the need to create value chain of existing crops grown in the region to create value and employment opportunities.

Major crop being grown in Pudur and Vilathikulam blocks are Chilli Mundu, Samba Chilli, Black Gram, Green Gram, Cumbu, Sorghum, Maize, Pearl Millet, Sunflower, Cotton, Coriander. Additionally, crops such as moringa is native to the region and related value chain can be created for value addition.

Submission Process

  • Submit the proposals as per the formats given in Section A and Section B
  • Submit the Gantt chart as per Annexure I
  • Submit the financial proposal separately as per Annexure II with the specified Microsoft Form
  • Geography: Vilathikulam, and Pudur blocks of Thoothukudi district in Tamil Nadu
  • Additional documents could be submitted to substantiate the project proposal The evaluation of the project would be basis the submitted details as per the Section A and Section B of this document.

Evaluation Criteria

The evaluation process for projects with a single project code involves two main phases. First, there is a Qualifier phase where organizations must score a minimum of 50% in two key areas: Past experience and capacity (50% weightage) and Financial capacity (50% weightage). Only those that meet this threshold move on to the next phase.

In the second phase, the Technical Proposal is assessed with a 60% weightage, including criteria such as Project Strategy, Operational Plan, Sustainability Plan, Monitoring & Evaluation Plan, Uniqueness/Innovation, and Applicability to Project Location. The Financial Proposal carries a 40% weightage and is evaluated based on the ability to achieve scale within the prescribed budget, the proportion of the budget allocated to community-focused initiatives, and overall budget prudence.

Who Can Apply       

Non-for-Profit organizations with valid 12A & 80G & CSR 1 certificates are preferred but the application is also open to business firms / for-profit organizations. The organization should have prior expertise in the thematic area of the work.

Submission Details

Interested organizations may submit proposal plan as per their strength and expertise. Applicants are requested to share proposal along with duly fill in Budget Costing sheet, as per below mentioned submission details and deadlines.

Submission Details & Deadlines

  • Please submit proposals (Technical & Financials/Budget) by 30 June 2024 as per mail to:
  1. Technical proposal with organizational details (as per template) to be submitted to -drmukul.k@hcltech.com
  2. Financial/proposed budget (as per annexure II) to be submitted to - vaibhav-c@hcltech.com
  • Please send in your submissions with Subject Line in the given format: HCLF/RFP/Samuday/TN/10062024_<Name of Organization>
  • All enquiries regarding this RFP clarification should be shared before 20 June 2024 via email to drmukul.k@hcltech.com
  • Proposals received after the due date will be liable for rejection
  • Proposal must include all the components mentioned above
  • We will adhere to strict activities-timeline listed as per Annexure 01. We encourage organizations to submit proposal and deliver the said work keeping the defined timelines as per the HCLFoundation’s Gant Chart in Annexure 01.

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