RFQ-Research Firm to conduct Qualitative Research among Low-Income Populations & Women Entrepreneurs in India

RFQ-Research Firm to conduct Qualitative Research among Low-Income Populations & Women  Entrepreneurs in India

Organization: Women's World Banking (WWB)

Apply By: 19 Oct 2020

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About the Organization:

Women's World Banking (WWB) is a non-profit organization that provides strategic support, technical assistance and information to a global network of 40 independent microfinance institutions (MFIs) and banks that offer credit and other financial services to low-income entrepreneurs in the developing world, with a particular focus on women.

RFQ: Research Firm in India

Women’s World Banking seeks an experienced research firm to conduct qualitative research among low-income populations and women entrepreneurs in India to address access to and utilization of financial services.


Depending on the needs of the project, the Consultant will be responsible for some or all of the following:

  • Conducting quantitative surveys or studies
  • Execution of qualitative research
  • Ensuring flawless execution of research logistics

The agency should be capable of conducting the research through multiple modes such as in person interviews, telephonic surveys, focused group discussions and customer panels.

The following details out the various aspects which the research agency may have to undertake as part of the project. Depending on the individual projects, the scope of the work may be subsequently extended or limited.

Conduct quantitative surveys or studies:

The agency may be asked to conduct the following with respect to quantitative studies:

  • Collaboration on survey instrument creation, methodology development and analysis
  • Field testing of survey instruments, piloting questions
  • Executing the survey
  • Overseeing data collection activities
  • Entering, cleaning and/or coding data
  • Analyzing findings
  • Designing and submitting final reports in written document or slide decks

Qualitative Research Execution:

The agency may be asked to conduct and/or moderate qualitative sessions which incude responsibilities such as:

  • Participate in regular discussions with the WWB to discuss emerging themes and reflect on the research approach.
  • Undergoing training of a particular methodology
  • Conducting interviews, focus groups or other types of sessions
  • Synthesize results of discussion in written document or slides deck

Research logistics:

The agency will be expected to carry out certain logistical functions necessary for conducting the research:

Participant Recruitment -

  • Successfully recruit appropriate number of participants for research sessions, per agreed criteria
  • Depending on the project, customers would either be recruited from lists provided by the institution, or from the open market

Venues -

  • Identify and secure research venues for sessions. Venues should be neutral, quiet locations that offer privacy and are easily accessible by participants, for example a spare room in a hotel or restaurant.
  • While preferred venues will have electricity, two-way mirrors are not required. In some cases, a separate room with audio will be required, to allow team members to listen to sessions as they are held


  • Arrange for light refreshments (snack and drink) and financial compensation (travel reimbursement) for all participants

Interpretation -

  • Identify and hire one or two interpreters for simultaneous translation to participate in all research sessions.
  • Women’s World Banking may also occasionally request interpreters for field activities

Other Logistics -

  • Be present at research sites to ensure logistics of participant arrival and criteria confirmation, as well as facilitate logistics of research venue, refreshments and financial compensation.
  • Provide all raw notes and transcripts from the interviews, including any audio or video recordings

Preferred candidates:

Ideal respondents to this RFQ include research organizations with skills and competencies in the following areas:

  • Experience conducting individual-level quantitative and qualitative surveys, including ability to conduct and complete large sample phone surveys within time frames. Ability to train enumerators and test pilot surveys
  • Experience conducting different types of qualitative research, including focus groups, individual interviews and behavioral narratives; ability to train enumerators and field guides for interviews
  • Ability to conduct analysis of data and development of report on results with recommendations
  • Ability to conduct quantitative and qualitative interviews in local and regional languages of India
  • Experience conducting research with low-income participants, and participants with limited to no literacy, particularly with a focus on women.


  • Deliverables to include fully developed research design, sampling strategies and workplan, analysis and report. The final deliverables will be detailed out depending on the scope of the projects.

Timelines expected:

  • The selected consultant will be placed on a retainer contract for multiple engagements for one year, to be extended at Women’s World Banking’s discretion

Deadline: Monday, October 19, 2020 at 11:59 PM EST

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