TOR - Community Video Glow Puppet

TOR - Community Video Glow Puppet

Organization: Water For People India Trust

Apply By: 27 Oct 2021

About the Organization: 

Water For People India Trust (hereafter referred to as Water For People – India) came into existence in 2008. WFPIT aims to improve water, sanitation and hygiene conditions in rural areas and urban slums under the impact model - ‘Everyone Forever.’ 

Amravati Water Initiative programis a collaboration of Colgate-Palmolive (India) Limited, the market leader in Oral Care and non-profit organization, Water For People India Trust, to provide availability and accessibility of water, awareness towards hygiene and sanitation (WASH program), and other initiatives, such as water conservation and rainwater harvesting. Reaching out to 50 villages in Chikhaldara block, the initiative will construct/rehabilitate water facilities in 34 villages in collaboration and convergence with government. The initiative is also ensuring water for drinking purpose, handwashing and sanitation in 50 schools, 50 Anganwadi Centers and 5 ashram Shalas. In addition to supporting the availability and accessibility of drinking water, and water for sanitation[1] in Anganwadies centers, schools and ashram Shalas, an information, education and communication (IEC) program covering aspects of safe water handling practices and hygiene promotion is also being implemented

Purpose of the ToR:

Social Art is the use of art forms as tools to address social issues. The use of Social Art is a creative and participatory process that aims at facilitating and encouraging positive individual and collective change. “Arts can not only stimulate, mobilize and entertain people, they can also very effectively trigger them to think, feel and act differently (Adison, 2014)”. Project Water Initiative will apply Social Art as a powerful and engaging medium to catalyze behavior change and strengthen positive social norms around WASH

Social Art Behavior Change strategy includes ongoing and repeated activities at three levels. Each project includes at least one of each of the following elements as a “minimum package” of delivery:

INSPIRE! - an initial launch activity geared to the entire community and focused on awareness and education around the focus WASH themes of the intervention.

ACTIVATE! - several targeted activities tailored to specific behaviors and corresponding target groups as specified in the Project Implementation Plan, and;

SUSTAIN! - products (also called “documedia”) and processes that will live on long after the intervention is completed, such as short films made by adolescents, and not least of all, ongoing training and capacity building to create community change agents versed in Social Art for Behavior Change for WASH

Water For People India will engage consultant/organization, to lead the creation, development and production of community video and glove puppet show with the help local artistes and project team.

The purpose of this engagement is mainly intended to create awareness and inspire rural audience (including children and adults) of district of Amaravati, Maharashtra by sharing some key messages through Community Video Production and Glove Puppet Show on the following behavior.

  • Safe storage of water and its handling practices
  • Handwashing with soap at 5 critical times
  • Usage of toilet by all the family members all the time
  • Menstrual hygiene management at school and household level  
  • Develop kitchen garden at household and community level
  • Construction of soak pits at household and community level
  • & M of toilets in schools and public institutions 

Key Tasks:

The key tasks for this initiative will be undertaken in close collaboration with project team, SBCC officer and SBCC Specialist of Water For People India.

Community Video:

  • Develop concept note of community video in Amravati.
  • In coordination with Project management team, help in identification, listing and final selection of community video volunteers in selected villages of Amravati District.
  • Develop community video training manual to be conducted for the selected volunteers in close coordination with frontline staffs of Water For People India.
  • Organize 10-day capacity building training on video production for selected 2 groups in consultation with Project Management team.
  • Provide handholding support to each participant during community video training for video shooting at community level to do shooting work effectively.
  • Produce 2 community videos on water behaviours of duration about 5 to 7 minutes as final product of this 10 days community video training.
  • At the end of each training, organise screening of community video with the help of frontline staffs of Water For People India to facilitate the discussion around the massage of the community video.
  • Assure quality of community video production process to initiate dialogue at community level in 2 selected villages on decided massages which will lead Social Behaviour Change.

Glove Puppet Show:

  • In coordination with Project management team, help in identification, listing and final selection of Glove Puppet artists/team in Amravati District, through the audition processes.
  • Do the desk review on water behaviours and develop script/storyline on key water behaviours, in close coordination with the project team.
  • Organise 10-day capacity building training on pupprt production for selected group (one group) in consultation with Project Management team.
  • Facilitate practice/rehearsal rounds with puppet show group for final puppet show and give constructive feedback to make the puppet show ready to present in the community.
  • Produce one puppet show of the duration of 20-25 minutes as final product of this 10 days community video training.
  • Organize preview show of the puppet show  for the project management team of Water For People  for their review and feedback before the final roll out in field.

Feedback Process:

  • Design pre and post test questioner for Community Video and Puppet traning participants to collect their feedback before and after training .
  • Monitoring Process:
  • Design dissemination process of Community Video and Puppet show and explain this in the final report of Community Video and Glove Puppet training for monitoring purpose of Community Video screening  and Glove Puppet shows.


Community Video:

  • Concepts note of the processes of community video, and training manual of the 10-day training.
  • Production workshop report along with list of volunteers and photographs of Community Video Production process.
  • Two videos produced by volunteers of community video.
  • Pre and post test questioner of training.

Glove Puppet Show:

  • Script/storyboard of glove puppet on key water behaviours, along with pretesting report.
  • Production workshop report along with list of artists/team and photographs of Glove Puppet training process.
  • Pre and post test questioner of training.


  • To be proposed by the agency.
  • The ideal timeline for the Community Video production and Community Video Screenings will be Oct-21 to March 2022.
  • The ideal timeline for the Glove Puppet production and shows will be 31ST March, 2022.


To be outlined in the proposal for each component, aligned to the tasks (stages) and timelines outlined in the proposal

Terms of Payment:

Payment schedules to be included in the proposal and should be linked to deliverables with timelines. 

Proposal Submission Details:

Proposal (technical and financial) to be sent at Indiacareers@waterforpeople.org. Proposal to be received within 7 days of sharing of ToR.



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