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Travel Agency (International & Domestic Air Ticketing)


Handicap International (HI), India is undertaking a solicitation of request for proposals from Travel Agencies who are interested to provide International & Domestic Air Ticketing Services regularly when required by the HI as mentioned in the scope of work below.



The objective of this proposal process is to obtain the air ticketing services from a reputed, experienced, and qualified Travel Agent that can provide efficient and cost effective service to HI. The contract will commence from 1st October 2023 and will be valid for a period of one year upon successful completion of three months’ trial period.



The travel agency shall provide full, prompt, accurate and expert international & domestic air ticketing services to HI. The services include, but not limited to, the following:


  1. 1.      Regular Service
  • Booking, issuance and delivering of air tickets
  • Apply necessary discount and service charge as per quotation.
  • Travel agency shall propose fares/airline routings and guarantee that it shall obtain the lowest available airfare for the journey concerned. Such journeys shall be the most direct and economic routing.
  • Travel agency shall inform travelers, upon booking confirmation, of flight/ticket restrictions, involuntary stop-over, hidden stops, and other inconveniences of the itinerary and provide required information for travels;
  • Travel agency shall provide travelers with online and offline relevant information on official destinations, i.e. visa requirements, security procedures, airport transfers/land transportation facilities, etc. and
  • Travel agency shall promptly notify travelers of airport closures, delayed or cancelled flights, as well as other changes that might affect or will require preparations from travelers, sufficiently before departure time.


  1. 2.      Extensive Service Includes
  • Taking full responsibility of issuance of air ticket only upon the request of the authorized person.
  • Responsible of providing regular feedback on status of flight for wait-listed bookings.
  • The travel agent shall accurately advise HI of ticketing deadlines and other relevant information every time the reservation is made.
  • Travel agency shall clearly mention about discount, service charge and services provided by airlines.
  • Provide information regularly about fluctuation on air fare, taxes if any changes occur due to airlines or government policy.
  • Travel agency will provide 24-hour hot-line telephone service 7 days a week to all travelers. The Travel Agency also will provide hot-line international telephone service or accept/collect calls from travelers anywhere in the world. All applicable telephone numbers will be included on travelers’ itineraries.
  • Travel Agency should arrange the boarding passes before travel for each of the booking.


  1. 3.      Emergency Service
  • Emergency call shall be attended within 1 hour.
  • Provide facility of emergency booking during off hour.


  1. 4.      Additional information
  • Travel agency shall mention their additional facilities.
  • Travel agency shall mention the number of airlines services in India (domestic & International), their route and facilities they provided.
  • Travel agency shall mention payment mode clearly.




  1. 5.      Additional backup support
  • Qualified and experienced person should be available to provide additional support.
  • Backup manpower should be available in case of absence of regular person.
  • Facility of accepting payment in Indian currency only, even though the ticket has been issued in any other currency.


Qualification of the successful Travel Agent

The successful travel agency who will be contracted to serve the needs of HI shall have the following minimum qualifications:

  • Should be GST, PAN and other registration details with concerned authorities of Government of India/Aviation or tourism Department.
  • At least three years’ experience in the related work/services.
  • Valid IATA accreditation and possess appropriate licenses and software required for processing travel reservations and ticket issuance.
  • Maintains facilities of on-line booking / airline reservations international ticketing facilities.
  • Having tie up with different airlines and having support available at airport.
  • Able to generate MIS along with bills and keep track of all bookings


The proposal should include with the following documents:

  • Company/firm profile with relevant experience
  • A copy of firm/company registration with renewal document
  • A copy of GST, PAN company registration, ITA and/or other certification
  • Reference document - minimum 3 references working with other organization like HI.
  • Other relevant documents, if any.
  • Agreeing with HI Policies and compliances. 


The signed and stamped proposal can be submitted in the given below email or hard copies to be submitted in a sealed envelope and marked with “Proposal for Travel Agency (International & Domestic Air Ticketing)” at the below address no later than September 20th 2023 (Wednesday). Proposal submitted without following scope of work as specified in “Terms of Reference Form” and after the submission deadline will not be considered.


Handicap International India Programme

B17, Sector 72, Noida 201013, Uttar Pradesh, India

Tel: +91 120 2960609

Email: a.rawat@hi.or

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