Training Course On Introduction To Corporate Communications

Organisation:  Datastat Research Center

Event Duration:  27 Nov . 2017--01 Dec . 2017

Last Date To Apply:  Not Available



The landscape of corporate communication has evolved and continues to evolve fast. Companies can now influence consumers with the use of IT. In turn, consumers can influence their fellow consumers at the touch of a button. This web of fast communication creates new opportunities and threats to organizational reputation that need to be approached tactfully. As people become more educated, HR professionals need to explore various ways of communicating with their target audiences. 

This course fulfills this purpose by offering various modules intended to improving the way the organization communicates, both in the internal and external environments. It is most beneficial to middle managers, senior managers, executives, HR, CSR, PR, and marketing professionals who recognize the importance of corporate communications in customer, employee, and community engagement.


5 days (estimated)

Training Objectives

• To understand the scope of corporate communication 

• To identify various internal communication tools, as well as their benefits and limitations

• To understand the role of internal communication along with how it fits into the broader communication mix

• To enable participants to select and maximize the efficiency of techniques for individual situations.

Course content

? Module 1: Business Case For Corporate Communications

? Module 2: development of The Foundations Of An Efficient Corporate Communications Function

? Module 3: Development of  Corporate Communications Strategies

? Module 4: Transfomation of Strategy Into Action – Building Corporate Communications Plans

? Module 5: Management complex and difficult Messages

? Module 6: Your responsibility As the Trusted Advisor To The Business

Course Duration: 5 Days
Training Center: Datastat Training Center, Nairobi, Kenya
Start Date: 11/27/2017
End Date: 11/01/2017
Fee: Ksh 70000, $800

TELEPHONE : +254724527104
















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