Applications Invited for One-year Master’s Programmes

Applications Invited for One-year Master’s Programmes

Institute Name: Sciences Po

Apply By: 07 Apr 2024

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About the Organization

Sciences Po is an international research university, both selective and open onto the world, ranking among the finest institutions in the fields of humanities and social sciences.

Sciences Po was created because its founder, Emile Boutmy, wanted to build from scratch an institution of higher education that the elites of the time lacked. One hundred and fifty years later, Sciences Po has become an international research university with 14,000 students. But the foundation of our education remains driven by the same vocation: to better understand the world in order to change it for the better.

Sciences Po stands out for combining approaches and confronting different worldviews. This tradition of diversity and multidisciplinary approach makes Sciences Po an active participant in public debate, a forum where thought meets action.

About the Program

One-year master’s programmes at Sciences Po deliver an intensive curriculum designed for young professionals seeking to take their career to the next level.

Programmes differ from Two-Years Master's programmes by their duration (one year instead of two). They are intended for young professionals eager to develop the expertise they need to boost their careers. These programmes are taught entirely in English.

  • Master in Public Affairs
  • Master in Advanced Global Studies
  • Master in Corporate Strategy
  • LLM in transnational arbitration & dispute settlement

Why join a one-year master's programme at Sciences Po:

  • Boost your career with a degree from a world-renowned university
  • Grow in a unique multicultural community bringing together top international students
  • Learn from the best academics and professionals
  • Build an international network of reputed practitioners
  • Meet some of today’s most influential figures
  • Join Sciences Po’s international 65,000 alumni network


Admission to a One-Year Master's programme is based on the evaluation of the candidate's academic background, combined with his/her professional experience. Eligibility is therefore based on these two criteria.

Academic Criteria:

Admission to a One-Year Master's programme is open to applicants having completed their university education in France or abroad and holding any of the following diplomas:

  • an undergraduate degree (Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Sciences/licenciatura/licence) at the time of entry to Sciences Po;
  • a minimum of 180 ECTS credits;
  • a Master's degree (magister or magistracy, for example) from universities which do not award undergraduate qualifications.

Professional Experience:

Paris School of International Affairs: Master in Advanced Global Studies

  • To be eligible, candidates must be able to demonstrate, in addition to academic criteria, at least five years of post-graduate professional experience (internships during your studies not included).

Sciences Po Law school: LLM in Transnational Arbitration and Dispute Settlement

  • To be eligible, you must meet the academic criteria, hold a law degree (Master 2, JD, LL.B. or equivalent) and demonstrate a minimum of 18 months of cumulative professional experience.

School of Management and Innovation: Master Corporate Strategy

To be eligible, applicants must be in one of the following situations:

  • Hold an undergraduate diploma (see "Academic criteria" section) and demonstrate at least three years of professional experience (internships during your studies not included).
  • Currently preparing a Master degree (year one) or currently attending their fourth year of higher education and, ideally, doing an internship.

How to Apply

Admission to our one-year Master's programmes is based on an assessment of the applicant's academic background and professional experience. When making its decision, the selection committee will also consider the applicant’s motivation, the coherence of his or her project, and the references provided.

Please note: The one-year Master’s programmes admission procedure is exclusive of any other procedure. Applicants must therefore choose whether to apply to a 2-year Master’s programme (regular Master's and/or dual degree) or to a one-year Master's programme.

Final deadline to submit your complete application: 7 April 2024.

Admission decisions are given at the latest:

  • 21 March 2024, for complete applications received before 14 January 2024
  • 30 May 2024, for complete applications received between 15 January and 7 April 2024

Create an account, log in and fill out your application. It may take up to two hours before receiving the activation link.

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