Applications Invited for The MEDfOR Programme

Applications Invited for The MEDfOR Programme

Institute Name: MEDfOR

Apply By: 31 Dec 2021

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About the Organization

The Master Degree Mediterranean Forestry and Natural Resources Management (MEDfOR) is a two-year world-class International Programme on the field of Forestry and Sustainability, implemented in 2012.

It is the only program in Europe that simultaneously addresses the economic, ecological and social challenges of sustainable Mediterranean forestry and natural resources management.

MEDfOR also address specific topics on the field of forestry, with particular emphasis on the Mediterranean area such as:

  • forest as a unique world heritage,
  • forest management and conservation
  • forestry role in the welfare of the society.

Our purpose is to educate the next generation of leaders in forestry and natural resources, and public and private land management, with a special focus on the Mediterranean region. We wish to provide our students with tools to contribute to the solutions of forestry, natural resources and environmental challenges throughout the region and the world.

For that we brought together the best expertise, human resources and facilities of the Mediterranean region.

The Programme is offered by a Consortium of top ranked Universities supported by a consultation panel with several associated partners and stakeholders that come from leading international research and outreach organizations in all scientific areas of interest to Mediterranean Forestry and Natural Resources Management.

About the Course

The MEDfOR emphasis is on educating the leaders of the future generation of engineers, managers, researchers, and teachers involved in Mediterranean forestry and natural resources management.

MEDfOR equips students with a solid scientific habilitation and the competences for careers in innovative fields of work within the Mediterranean forestry supply chain. It will both provide the basis needed for students to pursue academic opportunities (e.g. PhD program) and the qualifications needed to fill positions in all Mediterranean forestry supply chain segments (e.g. forestry and natural resources organizations, either public or private, either national or international).

Students can study in two or three of the 7 universities of the Consortium and may also have the opportunity to do internships with our Associated Partners.


Students will have to spend, obligatory, their first year of studies in one of the three Universities: University of Lleida, Padua or Lisbon. In the second year they may move to any other university of the consortium according to their interest in the different specializations - except back to their first year institution. Then, they may stay in their second university during the entire second year, or still move to another University in the second semester – including going back to their first year university. Notice that in order to obtain the title of Erasmus Mundus students have to study at least in two countries different from the one where they took their previous degree.

1st Year

The first year is spent at the University of Lleida, Padua or Lisbon where the student will acquire knowledge in the full range of disciplines essential to the use and management of Mediterranean forests. These courses have a solid anchor on the scientific areas of (i) earth sciences (ES), (ii) biology and ecology (BE), (iii) mathematics (M), (iv) forest engineering (FE) and (v) social and management sciences (SMS).

During the first year the students shall have two online courses: the first "Introductory Course: Introduction to Mediterranean Forestry and Natural Resources" offered by U of Valladolid in the beginning of the first semester; and the 2nd "E-learning - Research and project development methodology – applications" offered by U of Padua during the 2nd semester. These courses are done by the whole cohort at the same time, and students have to interact with each other.

2nd Year

On the first semester of the 2nd year students have to choose a specialization, among the 7 topics offered by the consortium, where they will acquire cutting edge knowledge in a specialized field provided by one of the consortium universities.

  • Multiple criteria decision support systems for Mediterranean forest management planning in ULisboa
  • Social and Environmental responsibility in Mediterranean forestry in U Padua
  • Addressing risks in Mediterranean forest management planning-the case of fire in U Lleida
  • Adaptive forestry strategies to provide good and services while coping with global change challenge in U Valladolid
  • Advanced tools for sustainable management of Mediterranean forests in U Tuscia
  • Ecosystem based multi-use forest management planning in Mediterranean forests in U Karadeniz
  • Mediterranean Sustainable Forest Management - An Institutional Economics Approach in U Catholic Porto

During the 2nd semester students will develop their thesis. Students are encouraged to develop an important fieldwork component taking advantage of on-going projects being carried out by members of the MEDfOR consortium as well as internships provided by stakeholders. All Associated Partners as well as relevant stakeholders may serve as hosts for the thesis work.

Admission Criteria

The MEDfOR Programme is open to candidates from all over the world, so everyone can apply. However, two basic criteria need to be met:

  • The candidate needs to have at least a bachelor degree on the field of economics or sciences;
  • The candidate needs to have at least an English level of B1 (CEFR).

If you don't fulfil those two basic criteria, your application will be immediately dismissed.The MEDfOR Consortium has developed a common set of admission criteria as well as a joint application procedure.

The list of specific documents you will need to submit for your application can be found below on the section.

Please notice, that upon submission of your application, you will not receive a confirmation of the submission. The Secretariat of the Programme will contact all candidates when the deadline is closed to confirm the reception of the documents, and in case its necessary ask for additional documents.

Applications will be closed at 10 pm of the last day of application (CET time).

How to Apply

In order to apply you have to:

  • fill the application form (online)
  • submit the documents listed below
  • Provide two reference letters from referees

 List of documents to Upload:

  • Copy of Passport (as proof of Nationality)
  • Copy of certificate of the place of residence (e.g. residence certificate or certificate from the candidate's place of work, study or training)
  • Original or certified (translated) copy of university diploma or degree certificate. Certified translation into english.
  • Original or certified (translated) copy of transcript of study results. Certified translation into english.
  • Certified copy of language test results: TOEFL, IELTS or Cambridge English Examinations (CAE) or other official certificate - which clearly grades the English level of the candidate (a)
  • CV - Curriculum vitae - European format is preferable. Make sure you describe your work experience.
  • State of Motivation - Please mention on the Motivation letter: i) your academic and professional background and how it fits in the MEDfOR programme; ii) why you chose the above mobility track and how it relates with your professional plans. It is advisable that the letter is one page long.
  • Names and e-mails of the referees who will provide the reference letters. Referees should be from different institutions, and one should be academic (b).
  • Reference letters - only accepted if they are signed and headed letters (b).
  • Declaration and signature 

English Level

Native speakers don’t need to present any English certificate. Please check the list below:

  • Antigua and Barbuda
  • Australia
  • The Bahamas
  • Barbados
  • Belize
  • Canada*
  • Dominica
  • Grenada
  • Guyana
  • Ireland
  • Jamaica
  • New Zealand
  • St Kitts and Nevis
  • St Lucia
  • St Vincent and the Grenadines
  • Trinidad and Tobago
  • United Kingdom
  • United States of America

If they wish non native speakers with a first degree from a university using English as a medium of instruction can include written confirmation from the university stating that the first degree has been conducted in English. However, to that statement we will attribute the English level B1 (CEFR standard).

Recommendation Letters:

In addition to your application you should upload  two different recommendation letters, being at least one from an academic referee. Upon appliction you should also provide us the Name and address of the referee. Please take into consideration that the members of the consortium may decide to contact the referees during the application period to verify the validity of the letters. Letters can be addressed to the MEDfOR Comission.


31st December 2021

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