Grant for Agroecology Program Fund (GAP) Fund CALL FOR PROPOSAL FOR GAP CHALLENGE ROUND - II

Grant for Agroecology Program Fund (GAP) Fund CALL FOR PROPOSAL FOR GAP CHALLENGE ROUND - II

Organization: ACCESS Development Services (ACCESS)

Apply By: 29 Feb 2024

Grant Amount: 20000000 INR

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Grant for Agroecology Program Fund (GAP) Fund


About the Organization

Set-up in March 2006, ACCESS Development Services (ACCESS) is structured uniquely to build evidence, create models and align thought leadership in collaboration with Civil Society Organizations, Governments, Private Sector, Donors and Multilateral / Bilateral Agencies. ACCESS works to enhance income of individual small holder farmers and build the sustainability of FPOs by incorporating value addition of commodities to their existing marketing practices and introduce climate-resilient farming practices through programs. ACCESS creates model FPOs for learning and for providing models of capacity building that could be emulated for other FPO promoters, Govt agencies and funders.

ACCESS is headquartered in Delhi with ongoing operation in 34 project locations in 11 states, viz., Odisha, Madhya Pradesh, Assam, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, West Bengal, National Capital Region, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Uttar Pradesh. The organization has impacted the livelihoods of 410000 households including vulnerable communities like tribal, minority groups, excluded groups, women, small and marginal farmers and artisans.

Grant for Agroecology Program (GAP) Fund

ACCESS is managing an investment fund on behalf of the International Fund for Agriculture Development (IFAD) as part of the Investments in Agroecology Value Chain Projects (IAVCP) that aims to promote agroecology-based value chains. IAVCP focuses on identifying viable business opportunities linked to agroecology clusters and value chains, providing investment support for integrated agroecology-based sustainable production systems by supporting Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs) and Producer Organization Enterprises (POE) through grants, technical assistance, and ecosystem support. The objective is to improve their businesses, enhance their agroecological outcomes, and provide tangible benefits to small producers in the value chain.

As part of the GAP Fund Challenge Round II, ACCESS is inviting Concept Notes from eligible enterprises for grant investments in the range of Rs. 100 lakhs to Rs. 200 lakhs for setting up or expanding high-impact business projects in Agroecology Value Chains.

The objective of the Grant is to assist agroecology-focused MSEs and Producer Organization Enterprises (POEs) to help them become integral part of sustainable food systems. By providing financial support through a competitive grant mechanism, the GAP- Fund aims to empower these enterprises to scale their agroecological innovations and address pressing challenges in their respective value chains, thereby enhancing sustainable livelihoods for small producers through a viable and sustainable business model.

Reasons to participate

Receive a grant of up to INR 2 crore to part-fund your business plan, become part of the GAP Fund community of agroecology enterprise, and showcase your impact.

Pitch your solution to investors/ funders and stand a chance to unlock add-on funding.

Eligible Entities

Producer Organization Enterprises (POEs) involved in Agroecology: These could be Farmer Producer Organizations/Companies (FPO/FPC), Producer Organizations/ Companies (PO/PC), Producer Groups (PG), Producer Cooperatives, Federations of Self-Help Groups (SHGs), and other forms of producer collective enterprises[1].

Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs): For-profit enterprises linked to agroecology value chains, including start-up organizations and individual entrepreneurs, can apply, provided they are registered.

Non-profit organizations/NGOs can assist with the preparation of an application by a Producer Organization or Enterprise, but they cannot apply in their own right.

Project Location: Grant for Agroecology Program (GAP) Challenge is open pan India.

How to apply

Apply by Thursday, 29 February 2024, 05:00 PM IST

Apply Now

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[1] Women’s groups, vulnerable groups, and youth groups that are formalized and made into a collective are also eligible.



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