RFP - Provision of Professional Services for Video Production and Editing

RFP - Provision of Professional Services for Video Production and Editing

Organization: BharatCares

Apply By: 19 Feb 2024

Request For Proposal

Provision of Professional Services for Video Production and Editing

RFP Issuance Date


Proposal Submission Deadline


Notification of Decision


Contact Details

Adarsh Trivedi (adarsh@csrbox.org);

Abhishek Tyagi (abhishek@csrbox.org


About BharatCares (SMEC Trust)

BharatCares stands tall amongst the Top 50 Social Impact Organizations in India. Operating under SMEC Trust, a group organization of CSRBOX, BharatCares has been specifically established and curated for program delivery. Our commitment revolves around the principles of innovation, technology, and scalability, aiming to address societal challenges comprehensively.

Functioning as a social solution bridge, BharatCares facilitates collaboration among communities, innovators, and funders to get the best implementation models in place. Our flagship initiatives focus on improving education, employability, rural and healthcare infrastructure, entrepreneurship, and environmental sustainability.

Overall Objective

BharatCares is seeking to engage a video production house or agency to produce a total of 4 videos for a virtual road safety awareness campaign.

Scope of Work

The production house or agency will be responsible for all stages of the film production i.e., filming, editing, voice-over/narration, graphics, etc., for a predetermined script and deliver a final product in broadcast standards and full HD with 1080x1920 resolution. The content should be website-compatible and of high quality.

Key Deliverables


Tentative Timeline (Subject to Change)

  • 3 videos of 8-10 minutes, filmed in high-quality
  • 1 animated or stock-footage video of 4-5 minutes
  • Final product with subtitles, complete to predefined standards
  • In constant consultation and communication with BharatCares with regular updates

All deliverables to be ready by 29th February


  • At least 5 years of production work experience in the field of filmmaking especially working with development sector clientele
  • Access to high-quality filming, light, sound, and editing equipment
  • Proficient in Hindi and Marathi content

Contracting Arrangement

  • Successful candidates will be entered into a Contract with BharatCares in video production/editing services for a period of 30 days.
  • Financial proposal (per day/ production rates in INR) provided by the agency is bound to a period of 30 days.
  • Please note that the financial proposal should be all-inclusive and shall take into account
  • various expenses incurred by the agency (e.g. communications, internet and any other relevant expenses related to the performance of services).

Payment Terms

All payments will be made post the delivery of all requirements per quality standards.

Proposal Submission Information

Disclaimer: The final decision on the selection of a firm for this project rests with the BharatCares management team. Only shortlisted and successful firms will be contacted.

Proposal Submission Deadline


Documents to be Submitted for Agency/Production House

  • Company Registration;
  • Company Profile;
  • List of previous or current clientele on similar work;
  • References with email contact;
  • Joint-Agreement (if any);
  • Conflict of Interest Disclosure form;
  • At least one (1) sample work (link or attachments) if any

Method of Submission

Email all documents to adarsh@csrbox.org and abhishek@csrbox.org

Submission of Technical and Financial Proposals

Submit one document with the financial proposal as an annexure to the technical proposal

Evaluation Criteria

Technical proposals will be evaluated primarily, post which financial proposals will be considered.


For queries, please contact:  Aanya Chadha (aanya.c@csrbox.org). 


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